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Reset text selection upon start of dragging string

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Reset text selection upon start of dragging string

    This happens a lot when I'm working on shaders and naming parameter names. I copy something, let's say a parameter named Layer1Specular. It then turns into Layer1Specular_1 (instead of Layer2Specular, but whatever, not the point of this post). I then click and start dragging the left of the first "1" and drag it so I actually select the "1" character. What happens next is that on the click all of the text is selected which is fine. Maybe you wanted to delete it. But when you move the cursor something strange happens, you end up selecting "Layer1" because all of the text to the left of the cursor gets selected when you start moving the cursor.

    What I would expect to happen is for the text selection to get reset (after the initial click when selecting everything) when actually moving the mouse cursor so you can easily select parts of strings. Right now the editor kind of expects that you want to select everything to the left of where you clicked which isn't always the case. I guess you can double click and then select and it works, but it just feels weird. If this is intended behavior (as in the way everyone at Epic wants it to work) I'll work around it but if that isn't the case I would be happy if this gets changed.

    Edit: there's also a weird bug where sometimes the field turns gray instead of blueish and you can't enter any values, no idea how to reproduce it but I would be glad for a fix for this as well.

    Edit2: Strangely the Group parameter already works like this, the Parameter Name has the problem. Why do these have different behaviors?
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