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Auto-generate matching editor module template for C++ projects

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Auto-generate matching editor module template for C++ projects

    Hello Epic,
    just went through this wiki entry on creation of Game Editor Module for my project (made some updates to it along way).
    What I would personally welcome is if matching editor module for game project could be generated when I generate new C++ project as ready-made solution that is easy to extend with project specific factories, asset actions etc.. Or at least be available in form of checkbox on project creation so I can opt in if I like. You get the idea...

    The reasoning behind this is most often you do not need to separate this custom stuff to plugin as it is very project specific so it could happily live in game editor module. And as described in wiki by compiling it out you do not lose anything in terms of gameplay, only that extra editing functionality which you can't do in game either way.
    Plugins are nice for things that are universal and project independent.

    Consider this to be way of encouraging people to reach to deeper ends of API and really leverage engine potential. By having this thing auto-generated on project creation you do open doors to many new improvements. Not everyone is ready to customize engine core directly but most users would for sure take advantage of this if it would be present as default solution for code based projects!

    Thank you.