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    [BLUEPRINT] Predefined Parameter List

    Hey there. I think it would be great to have some kind of a List of Values you can select as an Input.
    We already have a Default Value, which is automatically inserted in the Function call.
    However, if you build a Blueprint Framework, you sometimes want to allow only certain values as an input (FName/FString Inputs for example).
    A predefined List of possible input values would be great.

    A Drop-down list like we have for enums would be great.

    Hi Raildex_,

    Have a look at gameplay tags, which are basically 'smart names' and can be used as extensible enums.

    Michael Noland


      That's not exactly what I request.

      I want the Parameters of my functions to be FName.
      The Call Function Node however should show a List (similar to when having an Enum input ) of available FNames.

      Now imagine this Dropdown List containing FNames instead of Enum values.

      There are many use cases where you have to make sure that the input has a specific value.
      (Socket Names or Particle Parameter Names come into my mind)

      You can avoid a Switch on FName by this (because the Value is always correct(provided the creator isn't brainless))


        Enum converts to name:

        Click image for larger version

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          ^First, This shouldn't be usable for FName only. A generic solution should be implemented.

          Second, Enum to (String,Name or Text) is not reliable and can be broken.

          Third, if the values are already specified, the input is guaranteed to be correct and you can easily use "Set Scalar parameter Value" for example, without any conversion, if's or Switches

          My Issue is targeted at framework creators, who know which inputs are expected.
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