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Change the way we create textures for landscape

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Change the way we create textures for landscape

    Dear Epic,

    Been playing with Unreal for awhile now and i love it.
    But when it comes to putting textures on your landscape, especially when you want to create one yourself is dramatic.
    I gave this feedback before and doing it again now, you should really change this, it is very depressing to put all those nodes with wires on it,creating a huge chaotic blueprint sight to have 3 layers.
    Then when you use some more quality textures on a bigger landscape the shader compile times are insane high, and sometimes will even eat up all your memory, its demotivating.

    Why not implement a sort of photoshop style-ish idea, where you can drag your textures in.. your normals, diff, height etc?, some of the free materials i use will layer perfectly on every landscape i use, so at default it calculates everything just fine.
    Save us the time and hassle to "program" your landscape textures, and give us a more designer / artist way of coloring our worlds.

    This is also better for artists in any team, because normally they dont drag nodes to create landscapes.. right?

    Anyone can correct me if i am wrong, but nobody cant deny that it is somewhat over the top the way it is now.