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    For the Love of all that is Binary!

    Could someone please make a Paper2D Tutorial that is similar to your Side Scroller Paper2D tutorial, except using the Isometric and Staggered Isometric Tilemaps?

    With the following:

    1. Importing a 64x64 Tilemap made from TILED properly, with atleast 4 Layers, offset for Z axis, (Z axis offset being enough for atleast a cube to fit between each layer).

    2. Creating a simple Stick man or using the 3D rendered doll turned Sprite, in Isometric 8 direction movement (walking/running)[Doesn't even have to be 8 directions, even just one or 2, to figure out the process] Flipbook and Character with the proper camera settings for a 2.5D Isometric linear perspective, with 3 set zoom levels, close, mid and far.
    (Though for myself I am using SPINE2D and will be figuring out how to import those on my own, if I can see how getting an Iso/Dimetric sprite/flipbooked character in there properly, it will help, plus it will help everyone else too!)

    3. Moving that character between layers, as in up a slope tile/actor such as stairs or a sloped entity/tile, to the next layer/floor.

    4. How to add gravity to an Isometric Map.

    I have tried and succeeded getting a TILED JSON imported into the editor, but for some reason it flips the map 90 degrees to the left and somehow (not really sure how it does this) but the graphics for slopes I added to my map were rotated and actually rendering rotated at a different angle. I am not sure how that is even possible but it happened, I'll get a screenshot up soon to show what I mean. For some reason my character that I added in won't render either.

    What I originally did was just follow the video tutorial, then did it again, except this time setting things for isometric... I'm having varying success, except for what I mentioned.

    Anyway if someone can make this I will pay for someone to make a similar 10 video tutorial that can get those basic things working. Plus it will help others, I can only pay so much of course though. Struggling indie dev here.

    But I will pay some if it's reasonable.

    If someone can make that I can figure out how to set up the basic level, then I can get working on my Trilogy, and make you your 5% royalty fees and me some money for food.

    Thanks for your time if you read this.

    PS. I will make basic prototyping Isometric graphics for the character, ground tiles and slope tiles if you need. I just need to figure out how to get things working in the engine.

    Also, in the editor views the Layer Z offset doesn't show up. That's a pretty big deal.
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