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Support for new iPads scalability settings

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Support for new iPads scalability settings

    UE4 has a list of known iOS devices which can be used for setting up scalability and some other things e.g. default screen positions of controls.
    The good reason of using this list is that you can configure those settings for each device independently, without recheck every other device.
    As the amount of iOS devices is pretty limited this become very handy, you can provide the best experience of your game for every user.

    But since the last update of the list, some new devices came to release:
    • iPad 9.7 (2017) - it's something like a cheaper version of iPad 9.7 Pro (
    • iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation - a new device from 2nd generation of iPad Pro that has 12.9-inch screen
    • iPad Pro 10.5 - a new device from 2nd generation of iPad Pro that has 10.5-inch screen

    I request to add those devices to the list of iOS devices:

    I also made a pull request:
    That changes were tested with iPad 9.7 and iPad 12.9 2nd generation and this two devices were recognized well. I'll test iPad Pro 10.5 the next week but I'm pretty sure that it will be recognized too.

    You can see all the devices and their technical ids here:
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    I've tested iPad Pro 10.5 few weeks ago and it's also recognized correctly with these changes:

    Patch for a custom engine version based on 4.16 (probably will conflict with 4.15 and earlier):