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Transform Control handles - world vs screen space behaviour

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    [EDITOR] Transform Control handles - world vs screen space behaviour

    I was wondering if there was any option to change the Transform Control behaviour in the viewport.

    Currently it works like this:

    When I want to increase an object's scale uniformly, I have to drag in the direction of the positive world/object coordinate space. This means, when looking at the object from one side, this could mean, dragging to the right, but when I tumble the camera around to the other side, I would have to drag left to increase scale.

    When I want to move an object on two axis (e.g. the ground plane x and y), I need to select the connecting handle plane between the two axis. Again, if I'm on the "correct" side of the object, this is nice, but when I'm working from the other side, the handle plane is now behind the z-axis arrow and I can't select the gizmo to move on the ground plane anymore.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	NiceTransformControl.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	NotSoNiceTransformControl.jpg
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    In the second image it's much harder to select the ground plane handle.

    It seems the concept is to always work relatively to the world or object coordinate system, no matter the camera rotation. However, to me this feels totally unpractical. Maybe I'm spoiled because I come from Unity, but I'm used to having the Transform Gizmo adapt to my viewing position, so no matter my camera angle, I can always select all handles equally well and when dragging or scaling, the directionality is always coherent (right/up = positive/increase, left/down = negative/decrease), when scaling uniformly.

    Is this already an option I can configure? If not, this would be my feature request. I can't be the only one feeling that way, although my search didn't return anything.

    Thank you!

    Seems reasonable, you can edit your post and change the prefix to Feature Request. There's an option to change from world to local transforms but not changing the gizmo location, I'm guessing it's locked to positive coordinates right now.