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UE4 Opening SteamVR home

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    UE4 Opening SteamVR home

    SteamVR recently added a "home" that you load into when you first start up VR. It looks like

    I've been having a problem with UE4 starting up SteamVR without me wanting to. First I told SteamVR to not open when I open VR applications. I also disabled SteamVR from the plugins menu in UE4. I'm having a weird problem though. When I start UE4 now, SteamVR doesn't open, but the home application does. I can hear the birds chirping from the home environment in the background but SteamVR isn't open and my HMD isn't on. "Steam tours" (the VR home) is open on processes along with a few other related processes (addons that start when SteamVR starts).

    Idk how to keep them from opening.

    Have been having the same issue - constant ghost birds!