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    [EDITOR] Counterproductive 4.16/4.15

    This isn't a gripe post, but a feedback post for productivity when working on anims inside editor.
    The save button is gone for retargeting skeletons. I now have to go through the drop down menu, and select "modify" use "current pose."
    When working with different animations. I can no longer have multiple tabs on one window? These both were really a nuance to get used to
    I think I probably spent an extra hour, or two than normal playing with animations, and retargeting options.
    If retargeting we really want things to be absolutely perfect, and going through every finger for a pistol grip took forever with having to click this drop menu, and then find "use current pose."
    Not to mention that some will just get frustrated, and have to keep re polishing their anims over time.
    This really killed my day. Honestly. I have 35+ animations in a folder, and everytime I click to preview one the other disappears from the tab, and i'm forced to work in a minimized window so that I can continually see what I'm working with.
    Rather than just switching tabs.
    So I moved those two animations to a clean folder, and then copied, and pasted them into the original.
    The above two details makes me regret updating.

    You can still open an animation in a new window by holding Shift when you click, or choosing that option from the context menu.
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