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[Compatibility List] Unreal 4 - Hardware Feedback

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    Hey DotCam,

    Thanks it makes my life a lot easier (I work from home as a software developer, I compile... a lot..) I researched it pretty heavily before doing it, and I did see some old information about some of the first/second gen SSDs that had a bit of a problem (I'm not sure what the specifics were, it's been a while) in RAID 0. I've noticed the expected significant increases, when I built the rig originally it tested very well - before I ever got my work software installed I spent a few weeks tweaking the various overclocks and memtesting/cputesting/benchmarking. The I/O benchmarks were where I expected or I'd of broken up the array. Here's an article about RAID 0 on the EVO 840's if you're interested in seeing some benchmarks (I don't have any of my benchmarking software installed still, and I didn't save any screenshots or anything as I'm not really that sort of enthusiast, it was just to get everything set up and tweaked properly.)

    edited to add: it might be relevant to include that my benchmarks focused on the type of heavy I/O use that my real life job uses most, they may not get as major of an increase as platter drives, but it's worth it - my cold boot time in win7 from off to desktop (and all apps finished loading) is about 2.4s, which was also important to me. However the type of work I do means that I often (as in several times a day) am doing very heavy I/O (as in, very big and long continuous read/writes). It's probably not worth it on a machine where you're not doing that, you could probably find some reviews of RAID 0 for SSDs that would echo that sentiment. If you don't have massive I/O needs, it's not worth the cost and won't give you the increases benchmarks indicate. (sidenote: when I talk about massive I/O needs, while my 'working' drives only have 500GB~, I've got around 72~TB of storage on my network at home - that should allow you to infer that my requirements tend to be kind of extreme, but hey it's the job.)
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      Cool man, sounds good, I read that a while back, so whatever the issue was is probably no longer relevant, just wanted to make sure you had heard.

      My system is around 5 sec to boot, which is nothing for me, we really have it too good... I remember when I was younger talking to a friend about how it only took a minute to boot windows and how awesome that was (now I can play x/y/z game in only 2 minutes of loading time!! haha good times!

      It's really crazy how far they have come!
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        ======= Galeon=========
        OS: Windows
        Type: PC
        Processor: i3-4130 3.4 Ghz
        Memory: 4go
        Graphics: Radeon 6700 Series
        Average fps: 70 in simple level, 35 in complex level with medium to good setting
        Settings: Desactivate almost all fullscreen effects, keep tonemapping , disable on lightening system SSAO, Global illumination if i need hight frame rate.
        Notes: Better performance is always welcome. Would be great to be able so save and load all editor settings, like fastConfig, MediumCongif etc ...
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          OS: W7
          Type: Desktop
          Processor: AMD X4 640
          Memory: 8GB
          Graphics: GTX 660TI 3GB OC
          Average fps: 40
          Notes: If only I had a I5 I'd be getting prob 60+ ;'(


            Hi everyone.

            Thank you so much for your participation in this thread. It has helped to provide some insight into the user experience on various hardware.

            We have just created a new "official" hardware performance survey, which uses a single, standardized test for all users. I would like to ask everyone to please provide their results on the new post.


            This post here has been very useful, but we are going to close and retire it to drive users towards the new one.

            Thanks again!
            Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator