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Amazon have free SpeedTree modeler for Lumberyard

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    Originally posted by iniside View Post
    It's like telling than modeling clothes in ZBrush+Maya is better than using Marvelous Designer. It's just ridiculous.
    Hmmm that's a wrong comparison. You can't really compare Zbrush vs. Marvelous Designer to SpeedTree vs. Manual work. Just because a tool is designed to produce a certain type of assets it doesn't mean it's perfect nor superior compared to manual workflows. SpeedTree in particular works amazingly well for film industry where there's virtually no limitations for artists. On the other hand, when it comes to games and optimization becomes a thing it works really inefficiently. Still, my personal opinion as someone who has tried different workflows. You're free to believe what you want.
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      Originally posted by iniside View Post
      No you don't.

      That's poor example. You just as well can end up with bad tree by modeling it manually, you just waste 10x times more time on doing it.
      You can just as well create optimized tree using SpeedTree. You are just cutting yourself from very powerfull, specialized tool, which when used properly will always deliver better and quicker results than modeling by hand.

      It's like telling than modeling clothes in ZBrush+Maya is better than using Marvelous Designer. It's just ridiculous. You will get better results in specialized tools, you just have to learn them first.

      Either way SpeedTree 8 will be available for Unreal.
      Exactly. You understand.


        With so many options available I do not think Speed Tree is a fundamental Middleware solution nowadays.

        They will never provide the tool for free, everything they do is promotional.
        You will never have a free Speed Tree for ever. This will always be for a limited time ever.

        But with so many wonderful procedural vegetation assets in the marketplace using only blueprint.
        I think speed tree is becoming increasingly worthy of better promotions to attract buyers' attention.
        And there are many other options without subscription like the plantfactorie.
        Anyway, the only interesting thing in speed tree is its integration with the Unreal Engine LOD system using billboards sprite sheets.
        But nothing impossible for a probable procedural tree plugin that can be fully integrated within Unreal Editor.


          Originally posted by SaxonRah View Post
          Epic doesn't have the capital that Amazon has, Amazon paid allot of money to allow all of its developers to use ST8 for free for a year. Speed Tree doesn't play around, they like to get paid. It would be exorbitantly expensive to do so, so expensive it doesn't outweigh the benefits of ST, imo.

          " SpeedTree® 8 for Lumberyard was released today under a free license provided by Amazon to all Lumberyard developers. This version of SpeedTree is free for Lumberyard developers, and includes updates over the next 12 months. "
          If Amazon really wanted to increase interest in their engine by getting version 8 first and offering the modeller for free, perhaps they should have gone one more step and arranged to have at least 1 free Speedtree 8 model available. Because as far as I can tell, with me not wishing to try to create a Speedtree from scratch at this point, but just see how a version 8 Speedtree looks in Lumberyard, I cant actually do so without having to buy a model right now. I much preferred what happened with the previous version of Speedtree for Unity & UE4, where there was at least enough free content to be able to drop something into the editor and see how it actually looked before spending money. And I certainly did spend money on both modeller subscriptions and tree packs. But only because I could see for myself the sort of results possible in game without spending up front first.