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[FEATURE REQUEST] Change the way Collapsed Nodes look

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I've found the gradient design of the nodes to go against the minimalist flat design the rest of the engine has.
    The Engine has a minimalist flat design? Where?


      Originally posted by Raildex_ View Post
      The Engine has a minimalist flat design? Where?
      The engine can be much flatter for me, but still, the gradient is far more gradient based then anywhere else in the engine and feels misplaced.


        I think Collapsed Graphs could look like normal Functions or Macros if you ask me.
        In the end they are just like that minus the reusability.


          Originally posted by fpwong View Post
          Found a place where you can change this: In your ue4 install folder under "\Engine\Content\Editor\Slate\Graph" change the "CollapsedNode_Body_ColorSpill.png" image to a full white image. You might also want to round the corners with transparency. Still having a look at adding colors to all nodes, will post here if I find a way (it will likely be part of my Blueprint Assist Plugin).


          Oh wow!! This is even more minimalist than I had in mind! Thanks!
          And double thanks for showing me where I can change a bunch of other images around too (;