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    Originally posted by cyaoeu View Post
    Because feature requests weren't really issues that could be tracked and fixed. For example a bug is reported with a bunch of steps in order to reproduce it. Then the devs can see what's wrong in the code and fix it. For feature requests it's different, the code doesn't even exist. Thus feature requests didn't really fit into the issue tracker (it wasn't called a feature request tracker) and were removed so there are only bugs left on the issue tracker. The feature request part of the issues is now replaced with creating threads in this forum and selecting the Feature Request prefix (which the OP should do too btw). That way people can throw ideas back and forth and really explain why the feature is needed and how it should work, the issue tracker only had one page and you couldn't fit a lot of information.
    I agree that would make sense, if they used the forum more than looking over it once a week.