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    Originally posted by TheJamsh View Post
    You can still make and sell online games in Unreal without paying for Dedicated Servers.

    Unless the fundamental networking layer of the engine changes (which it likely won't), clients will never be able to talk to other clients without going via the server. If you want real Peer-To-Peer networking, you'll have to write it yourself or find some other API (there are a lot out there).
    By saying without paying, you mean self-hosting or Steam, right? Indeed, the way UE4 replicates now does not support any peer to peer at the moment unless I am missing out something. Since you know some API out there, would you care to share in case some of us never know what you have known there?


      Dedicated server is an option, and not a requirement to create networked games. The closest you can get to P2P is the basic network model unreal implements, called Listen server, where the hosting client will be the server. This is very well documented, and you should read the docs. As for the security it is very important to stick to the server authorative model, otherwise the gameplay will literally be destroyed by the cheaters.

      The default client -> server -> all clients model is the prefered model on networked gameplay and it should never be changed. But you can change the way the engine works, and you can implement whatever model would you like to use. It is only possible thru c++ and by using coding you will have the better understanding of the consequences when trying to implement any direct client-to-client data replication, at which point you will likely dismiss this model, therefore it really is not required to add this feature to the engine, so to avoid any misunderstanding by the lack of knowledge on the game designer's part. Just imagine the situation where an artist creates a game that is client authorative, and upon realization of the mistake he/she have to redesign the entire game. This would be disasteorus, and a very possible scenario to happen in the vast majority of the cases.

      It really is not that big of a deal to put one or two extra nodes to your blueprints graph by following the server authorative model, and it makes it better to understand what is actually happening, not to mention the fact that the blueprint's space is endless and you can collapse sub-graphs, so you can put your nodes wherever you just want, doesnt necessarily have to be in the middle of your graph.
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