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UE4 Needs a more friendly Modding System

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    The process for supporting mods is still the same as before I believe.

    Either you create your own in-game tools for creating new content, or you speak to Epic about hosting your games' mod kit on their launcher (head to the modding tab to see what I mean - most users have modified the engine etc. so users can more easily create mods. Robo Recall includes the source so you can see how this could be done).

    There are ways to support mods without doing this, like using some kind of external data storage and have your game parse game configuration from those files (like JSON etc.) - but that's up to you to include. The bottom line is that you cannot distribute the editor and/or it's source to your steam users, so you have to either talk to Epic or add some kind of custom external file support to your game.



      try telling Unreal not to use a 'pak' file: (Edit/Project Settings/Packaging/No Pak File)