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[FEATURE REQUEST] Give the Comment Bubble Some Love

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Give the Comment Bubble Some Love

    So we have colors already, but here are some Things that would be easy and usefull to add:

    - A checkbox to display the text bubble or not.
    For some comments or grouping nodes together with the comment node, just the title of the header is enough. So it doesn't messes everything up when zooming out.

    - A textarea inside the node.
    For empty comment nodes explaining a bit more, todo reminders etc.
    Last edited by FrederickD; 03-16-2017, 01:55 PM.

    It seems other nodes have the ability to add a comment bubble, which already has the ability to enable/disable zoom or toggle it's display... Why not add this already existing functionality to the comment node ?


      Please add the ability to disable comments if zoomed out. Amazing Epic can work this way...

      Comments auto-default to 'Group-Movement' which is not terribly helpful when pasting code!

      Comments don't appear to wrap while they're being edited, but what about proof-reading etc!


        Man, pure comment nodes with actual formatted text areas would be awesome.