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[ Node Change ] Ability to Change A Node or Socke to the Obvious Opposite Node or Usual Node

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] [ Node Change ] Ability to Change A Node or Socke to the Obvious Opposite Node or Usual Node

    Hi. It's good if the developers don't need to delete nodes to change them. It should be able to change nodes with a shortcut or via context menu to the opposite or the closest obvious node that's usually changed to (or one can cycle through the related nodes- you get to see the nodes change in real time as you cycle through related nodes).

    For example you wanted to change the Get Actor Forward Vector Function node, you just change it by right click or a menu or via shortcut key to the obvious or opposite node that's usually changed to. So for that vector which is forward the most obvious is the right, left ones, the Get Actor Right Vector function node.

    This helps things flow smoothly. So you don't need to delete the node you wanted to change and then context menu to find the closest node change to it. Even better: if you can copy paste and it smartly sees that there's forward vector, the engine would be smart enough to know that you mean to do controls for the player, so it automatically changed things to opposite or the closest obvious node or nodes which- so it then auto changes it to backward vector. We can say the engine is one step ahead. UE needs to have A.I.

    It then kind of highlights the changes maybe with bright yellow moving circles around the nodes that were automatically changed so the developer doesn't get surprised (especially when he or she is used to older versions).

    We must make the engine as transparent, smart as possible so developers can focus on being creative, being artists without losing the advanced features. It should be able to automatically do things for you, the obvious things the developer would do manually later.

    Thank you. God bless. Proverbs 31
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    I would say that as you get more familiar with using Blueprints, you will realise these features are unnecessary. There's a lot more you could be doing with a forward vector than controlling the player. The engine can't know what you want to do, but the context sensitive search is an adequate start. I think a sort of "autocorrect" in engine would be extremely annoying. Would you really expect Epic to write artificial intelligence into Blueprints that surpasses your own intelligence


      The engine should never exercise executive control or take action on anything!
      It'd be a farce. Most predictive / AI bot / Assistants get things horribly wrong.
      But what'd help a lot would be Right-Click-on-Node context-sensitive menus.
      Offering replace options for close or alternate Nodes that do the same thing.


        Feedback: UE4 docs are lousy at differentiating between similar nodes & what the nuances are

        After a while you get stuff that works and you build off that using it as a template etc.
        However that doesn't bring a whole lot of depth of new knowledge. Its too trial & error:

        Which is best move whole Actor or Move-by-Component:
        AddActorWorldOffset vs Move-Component-To etc?

        Which is best if moving whole Actors:
        All the choices available from interping and the classic SetActorLocation to AddActorWorldOffset.

        Move actor by Interping or Physics, Pros / Cons... And how about all the ambiguous Physics options:
        Add Force vs. Add Impulse vs. vs Add Torque vs. Set Physics Linear Velocity vs. Angular Velocity