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What stops Epic from finishing LPV so it works on PC and consoles ?

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    Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
    I think LPV was abandoned because they want to do something better, though I guess by now they could have gotten LPV to a usable state until they could get a good dynamic GI system in.
    This and probabaly lack of company push in this direction (noone is interested and they don't need dynamic GI for their games).

    This topic will be probabaly back at Epic when Fortnite will be under active development again (if ever). Since it's the only game that requires fully dynamic lighting.
    Originally posted by The_Distiller View Post
    Looking at the backlog/missing features I'd say their rendering team is understaffed then.
    And this too. There is how many people working at rendering exclusively ? 3-4 ?
    For engine of this scale is drop in the water. Crytek at their peak had entire R&D section dedicated for real time rendering (and say what you will, but it shows).

    There are some new interesting GI techniques like Point Based Global Illumination (which could partially precomputed for static objects).
    Distance Based GI is probabaly dead end (simply because it have limited range, which is even lower than Voxels). Although reusnig existing data structe instead of introducing new one incompatibile with rest, is always nice.
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      3 years now. I'm guess you guys are looking at otoy and vxgi?


        Originally posted by Raildex_ View Post
        Most of the time GI is overkill. If you have a static daytime, static GI/Lightmass is fine and you can get pretty results with it.
        Yes I agree with this lol.. I suspect that there is no real need for many projects to use GI.. people want GI because they are cool, but it is not really needed. They can just complete the games with static lighting baked. Maybe there are projects that cannot be completed with GI, but the number is very small.


          The guy working on GI was relocated to work on something else;
          GI will always cause bad performance, while they are focusing on increasing engine performance so there's your dilemma...
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