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    Positive survey feedback

    Hi all.

    We all know that 'good' feedback rarely gets much attention since it's not typically actionable, but I believe it deserves attention too. For that reason, I'd like to start sharing some of the positive responses we get from our user surveys. Even internally here at Epic these positive responses don't tend to get much visibility since we focus on our areas of improvement. Of course we also value the constructive (and even negative) feedback that we receive, and I assure you we're listening; but sometimes it's nice to hear what you all feel is being done well too.

    I'll update periodically with new responses. Thanks to everyone below who shared their thoughts!


    Unreal engine 4 has opened up a new way of executing my animations, going against the norms and using a game engine to render a movie in mere minutes as what it would take me weeks to do in other programs. It's also sparked a research project for my honors year into why game engines be the future of animation shorts. Thanks again for the awesome tool.
    Flexibility, ease of use for non programmers and support for additional devices such as vr plus a great community and support.
    The flexibility of the engine and editor is extremely high. The power and performance is also very high, the efficiency of the engine is such that I compiled and ran it it using an Athlon X4 640 and a Geforce GT 640, and although the editor is a little bit slow, it performed well enough for me to work with it. I don't think you should lower your minimum system requirements, but you definitely need to keep the platforms you support! Great job on Unreal Engine, I have helped spread the word about it already!
    Intuitive and sleek user interface pleases me the most.Makes a big impression on my visual writing logic,because it allows you to create,even without knowing any programming language.A broad range of platforms and support the latest technologies makes me stop your choice on the UE4. Many thanks to the developers for their great work
    The support is excellent and the willing user will be able to get started right away. It enables creative people to bring their digital ideas into reality. It's limitless, and that's something to be shared.
    Powerful yet surprisingly easy for newbies like myself. Great VR support.
    -Elvis H.
    Best engine out there, a lot of useful tools integrated, open source, C++, supports 2D games too and its performance is amazing.
    Outstanding community support helps newcomers as well as seasoned vets. Really nice documentation supporting the engine.
    As a multimedia developer ( but having NO practical experience with game design )....I have found it very easy to use - and yet POWERFUL enough to do anything I need to do. The tutorial support is massive, the system itself is not too steep - and the results are simply stunning! - I HIGHLY recommend this to others in my industry as a perfect way to design & build projects used in the field of education as course designers and facilitators alike. - KUDOS!...well DONE guys!
    -Rick P.
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    Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator

    Thanks to everyone below for the great feedback!

    as a animation student and a game fan i have enjoyed learning about game design and unreal engine has been a very usefull and enjoyable way to learn.
    I've been using it for teaching with great success...
    At work we're using {other engine} and I would never, ever, recommend it to anyone, even my greatest enemy. I had a chance to work with UE4 for some time at my previous workplace and must say the technology is great. Good job!
    Access to source, performance of engine, stability of engine, range of supported platforms, blueprints/editor, all great!
    A childhood dream is about to come true thanks to you guys at UNREAL engine. It's easy to understand the logic in this program and it offers amazing opportunities. And thanks to some really good guides on youtube which I found really helpful it's easy to say that I will recommend this engine to friends and colleagues.
    I really like Unreal Engine. I just get it. I've tried to use {other engine} like six times, and I always forget how it works and get lost in the workflow.
    Graphics and the scripting system are amazing. And of course, because it's free for us hobbyists. And because I've met you guys at the Gamescon and you people were awesome
    -Martin S.
    Unreal Engine provides people from all around the world with the opportunity to learn one of the best game engines. There are lots of documentation, tutorials, and a helpful user community which motivates the first time aspiring game designers like myself. It is free, easily accessible, and makes it even easier for complete beginners to learn programming by visualizing it with the Blueprints system. I have completed a few tutorials which were motivating for future development ideas.
    UE4 is so flexible and easy to use. I started on the Unreal Engine on my undergraduate course (12 years ago) and apart from a brief stint making my own engines I've used it in all of my professional life.
    -Phil M.
    In my artistic work, graphical excellence is very important. I feel that only UE4 can give me the quality I need in terms of lighting and rendering.
    Clearly it's built to get things done without ******** around with amateurish lazy tool design nonsense.
    -Jeremy H.
    It's a phenomenal engine. As an audio designer I find it pretty nice to work with. Can't really argue with the results.
    -Kierra L.
    I started to get inside the Engine a few weeks ago. With every additional day I learn more about it and managed to finish some smaller goals I planned to reach. My main goal is to use it for archiViz and the stronger I get in using Unreal, the more amazing are the result of my work. The Engine looks amazing and in connection with Blender there seems to be no limit in crafting my ideas. Thanks a lot for this great tool guys
    -Simon D.
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    Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator


      Thanks again for all the great feedback. Very much appreciated.

      Easy to use, fun experience, intuitive, straight forward. Visual programming is a plus for artists! Love you guys
      -A Flynn
      Unreal is the best for many reasons, awesome community and Support, and quick prototyping with blueprints just to name a few
      -Hutton K
      It's flexible, easy to learn, powerful, popular, translates easily to consoles, etc., and it's free, along with many learning resources fully detailing it's basic use. Very much worth 10/10!
      -Marcus R.
      Unreal Engine 4 is currently the best option for me as a future indie game creator, and the options available just amaze me.
      The unreal engine is a perfect tool for our virtual reality projects. I even got our product designers to work with ue4.
      -Ron D
      Blueprint, capabilities, intuitive interface good support, good community, lots of example content and resource from Unreal. Easy access, uncomplicated setup, fun to play with, generally feels enjoyable.
      Unreal Engine is a great program for rookies and experts to develop games! The shaders and tools for Unreal are also much better than other programs
      -Daryl A
      It is easy to use and learn you can do anything you can think of with it, mostly free and the community and support is the best ive experienced in any walk of life, thank you.
      I am a 3rd year student in 3d animation over in Quebec city. I am currently working on my final project which is a video game. My main focus is 2d. I first chose {other engine} in order to do my work. The more I worked with it the less useful it was. I tried importing some of my assets over in Unreal and it gave me a great result with half the efforts. As an artist I am not very good with programming. When I used the blueprints it allowed me to understand concepts much quicker and be able to speed through what I had to do. Even though I can find some problems inside the paper 2d system, this engine is very powerful and allows people like me to build their own projects without the intervention of a entire team.
      -Nicolas D
      Architecture visualization. New way to show projects, i think this is the future in architecture. I left {other software} for unreal without doubt. The clients demands this way of see and live their project.
      -Victor C
      The Unreal Engine is arguably the most incredible technological feat in the digital industry. The widespread nature of its potential applications is just beginning to be discovered. Thanks for to Epic and Tim Sweeney for this awesome toolset!
      I chose to switch from {other engine} to Unreal Engine because of the simplicity of the Unreal Engine. I am not the best when it comes to the programming but the blueprints makes thing so much more easier. I need to say the tutorials in the engine is a great support when you're a first time devoloper. When dealing with files like FBX files it is easy to import into the Unreal Engine. Overall the Engine is great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
      -Jacob K
      I've never seen before such a simple and powerful engine. Performance is magnificent, terms of use are good, tutorials are everywhere and blueprints is a real magic! The best of the best.
      The engine provides easy access to the tools necessary for professional production at an affordable cost. The forums that are available are also of a fantastic benefit. Combined with the developer streams, all of these resources provide development opportunities previously unavailable to indie and smaller scale developers.
      -Dimitri R
      My related industry experience has shown me that its by far the best engine. I am also currently working on a retail VR project, supported by Unreal, and once again it has proven to be the best of breed.
      1. Its Free unless you are good enough to make $, and at that point you already won.
      2. If you're looking for the best quality, you already know unreal engine.
      3. VR ready
      4. Plenty of training out there to learn
      5. Thank you EPIC and by extension Tim Sweeney for consistently being a voice of logic and reason
      -Brian S
      Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator