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Google/Trimble SketchUp Level design style.

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    Google/Trimble SketchUp Level design style.

    Hello good people!

    I'm a user of Google/Trimble SketchUp software and I find it very satisfying to draw lines and apply textures to my architecture. The way that application makes you create a level/structure is so quick and easy when you have to fix a wall or improve it that I thought...... It would be fantastic if we had such tool in Unreal Engine, drawing lines and extrude walls like we do in SketchUp directly in Unreal Engine 4. Also assigning textures/Materials and setting its position is not that easy in UE4 compared to SketchUp.
    This is just a suggestion and also a little wish of mine. I know I can make the whole level in SketchUp and then export it as FBX and then import it into UE4, but if I have to change a wall or make a window I have to run through the whole process again and this is time wasting. Please consider this idea if it is possible and not expensive.

    I wish to know if there are any other Forum Members / UE4 Subscribers who wish to have the same tool as I do.

    Thank you again.

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    I'm not a SketchUp user, but what you're asking for is a better/faster BSP editing system/tools, like a handful of other game engines have.

    I believe it should be implemented as a 2-step process: Step 1 - traditional Unreal BSP blockout, Step 2 - using a 'fast/live BSP edit tool' to do the smaller details. I agree that 3D/2D tasks/tools need better integration with game engines, absolutely!

    Hi-five to that, by all means.

    Here's some examples of relatively simple things that are practically impossible(or extremely tedious) to do with Unreal BSP tools, that I crave to be possible someday:

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      Thanks for your reply. Those screenshots reminds me such good memories!!!
      Also in Sketchup there are these things called COMPONENTS, for example you make a model like a Pillar, make it into a component. Then after placing like 100 of them, imagine you have to modify them. In Sketchup you edit one component and there you go, every component with the same name/association are updated immediately. I like to think that when we use a Game Engine to make levels, we almost do the same stuff Enginners and Architectural designers do, Except they also make it into real life



        Components sound cool, yeah. Modifying instances/replicas/hierarchies of items would be amazing!

        I have a feeling Epic will never add great BSP functionality like this, simply because the results are not as graphically high-tech as what they want to see out of Unreal, so our simple, fun & useful game tools will forever be slave to graphics in Unreal, it seems. Thus, it also seems they are catering to the market(graphics = $$$), and not the gamers(competitive players who also map) A real shame. They should just make a second, lightweight version of the editor, specialized for BSP-based levels.
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