From what I understand Achievements are supported in BP. However, Leaderboards are not working correctly and it's still hasn't been fixed. This dev provides a fix and I don't see how Epic can't fix it in the stock UE4 ?!

No one really knows if Cloud Saves, Player ID, etc. are supported at all.

Not to mention anything multiplayer related is not working and not even exposed to BP.

The odd thing is that most of, if not all, PC games are distributed via Steam nowadays, and Steamworks is an essential part of the platform. So it's just strange to see Epic neglecting that side of the engine.

Could you guys please fix it by 4.15 - 4.16, at least basics like Leaderboards and Player ID, and provide docs about that?


P.S. Scratch what I said about Achievements - looks like they don't work correctly either