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Your claims of Android compatibility seems like false advertising.

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    Hi Folks,

    Quick note : hopefully in the next week or two we can get more information out exactly which android devices we have tested internally, and which devices we plan to test for future builds posted on the wiki.

    We intend to provide the community with information about which devices we run on today, and what we intend to ensure work over the next few months. We hope to also line this up with basic information on what the capabilities of Unreal Engine is on the various types of devices.

    We want to make android development fun and easy, however there will still be some work required of folks who ship on android to research and understand what the various features they need to enable / disable on the full range of devices, since there is a HUGE range of android devices all with different capabilities.



      Here is our newly created Wiki page for Android Compatibility for the devices that have been tested.
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