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Has Paper2D development stopped?

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    Originally posted by paragonx9 View Post
    Should've asked this earlier, are there any forum rules against derailing from the thread topic? I like this thread but it's become unrelated to Paper2D, is that against the forum rules? Since we keep bumping it and stuff LOL
    May be because Paper2D is pretty much dead and there's not much to talk about it anymore...
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      Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
      May be because Paper2D is pretty much dead and there's not much to talk about it anymore...
      I know, I don't have anything against it, I'm just wondering if we're allowed to do that or not lol


        Technically speaking, rule 5 states that discussions must be on topic, and I assume general derailment conflicts with that. On the other hand, it is unclear if discussions must stay on the original thread topic. Since the OP doesn't seem to have any issues with the derailment, I can't see any problems here.

        It's off-topic as far as 'Feedback for Epic' goes however, so if you want to keep talking about Kojima, Paragon, etcetera, better do that in a different thread. Since there's some legitimate feedback in the first few posts I'll leave the thread here however, but do not bump it again unless you have something to add regarding the original topic (Paper2D development).


          On a topic of 2D, I'm not an expert on unreal render pipeline, but I imagine camera trace for objects in 3d world and stuff, so how much worse this approach compare to 2d layered rendered for 2d only games?


            I think Unreal has just too many features (even in the render pipeline alone) to justify using it for a 2D game.
            If you make a 2D game I believe you aim to make it as light as possible to run on absolutely every device out there; even unity is bad for this, I would look into a dedicated blazing fast 2D engine instead as a serious option.
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              I would look into a dedicated blazing fast 2D engine instead as a serious option.
              What could be a point is that those engines usually dont feature such a nifty visual interface as Blueprints.


                Our game runs at a solid 1080p 60fps for both PS4 and XB1! On pc it can run on a 5 year old system no problem.
                Paper2d is kickass and you can do CRAZY stuff when mix and matching sprites with mesh tweening and particles.
                Even as it stands it is super awesome.
                Imagine what would happen if they spend some more time with it.
                It would make all other 2d and 3d engines obsolete for cross platform 2d development.

                The few people that have seen our game cannot believe how buttery smooth it is running and the visual fidelity that unreal can offer.

                Performance is not an issue if you know what you are doing which applies to 3d development as well.

                Hopefully when we release our game in a few months and they see it, they will realize how much potential this thing has.
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                  Honestly, i don't think 2d game doing 1080p 60fps on ps4 its that big of an achievement.


                    Originally posted by CriErr View Post
                    Honestly, i don't think 2d game doing 1080p 60fps on ps4 its that big of an achievement.
                    And honestly i do not understand the philosophy behind these statements.

                    This is the internet, but because you are an answer sage and i respect the fact that you help people out more than you can imagine, i will try to address this.

                    Are you actively developing a Paper2d game?

                    Do you have the devkits in your workplace and have you tried to run the above project in them?

                    Do you believe that all games regardless genre , have the same amount of actors, animations, effects and so on that would justify your statement?

                    Does Rayman has the same requirements as Super Distro (from an awesome dude that i have supported by buying his book)?

                    Why if it is so easy to run 60fps on a console, then Tembo the Badass Elephant has some horrific frame rate issues?
                    Mind you that this was created with unity (a "lighter" engine from what people say) Published by SEGA and created by an experienced studio.
                    It was also 3d which means that GPU's are infinitely better optimized for polygons than flipbooks that require draw calls and a ton of textures.

                    What i am trying to say is that the above statement is ignorant and stereotypical by downgrading the hard effort that we put behind our game (and other peoples games) by labeling all 2d as "easy", just because you think that the only REAL challenge in game development is creating the next 3D gazzilionpolytresfx blockbuster. If everything is so easy , then why 99% of the people in here will never release a game let alone for the consoles?

                    This thread was created by someone that is worried about the development of this awesome plugin.
                    A few posts later people were talking about metal gear solid , Bruno was saying that the engine is too complicated for 2d and so on...

                    We are living proof that the engine is suitable for this sort of games (even though the lack of development is slowing us down) and our game is 5x times better now than the 2 year old trailer that we have.
                    That was the only reason i replied to Bruno just to let him know that it is possible and the work of Noland is exceptional and also to inform people that they can use it and create a game.

                    Dont you understand that you are scarring people of with your half ***** knowledge of the subject? Do you not understand that you are killing the hopes and dreams of new comers by stating things that are not true? Why is it so bad to let people play around with 2d and when they involve or get tired of it to move to something else? Will you win something if you thin down the user base of paper2d and unreal pulls the plug to it??

                    Have you ever seen me participating in multiplayer threads? No. Do you know why? Because i know nothing about it. Playing with it for a week does not mean that you know what is really going on and its potential.They have a diamond in their hands, they only need to polish it.

                    We are going against all odds, we have zero help from the community because at the level we are now no one is even close to us regarding 2d, we are using Creature (that i helped the author to make it work with the UE4 pipeline regarding features and functionality) to bring our characters to life and all that with many things broken or half finished regarding the plugin.

                    That is why it is not wise to do statements that disrespect others people's hard work and struggles, especially when you have no metrics to back them up.

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                      I don't care about how much effort you put into your living proof, the wall of worthless text to boost self-esteem is not interesting as well. Also, the amount of conclusions you made from my simple post is insane and sound more like you had to tell those stuff someone (because of internal pain or something) than an actual response to some post.

                      "I'm scaring people because of lack of knowledge"? Do you feel this statement being a little bit hypocritical? Your knowledge and experience really help to promote 2d on ue4, it made me want to do paper2d stuff, especially this story helps.

                      One day I will challenge that awesome dude, Mike Friker ( a genius with the impulse of a 5 year old! XD) to come and work with me for a day, to create multi layer levels with Paper2d.
                      I can almost taste the salt from his tears coming down his cheek while he rage quits the 25th time he tries to click select one of the assets..!!
                      What I was saying, that 60fps doesn't sound even remotely good for 2d game, because I understood your statement as the mark you working on, basically your game avg frame time, which you could answer with something like "we limit it and never drop below 60fps" or whatever. My crash course on 2d engines like year ago by dev which actually had publishing experience with most of them left knowledge of game scenes running 600+ frames per sec (up to 1ms frame time) on Ok pc setup, that's what my judgment was based on.


                        Let me break it down to you so maybe this time you will understand what i am trying to say

                        You make a bold statement that 2d games can run easily on PS4.

                        I asked you a few questions that you did not answer. Let me help you with this and please correct me if i made i mistake.

                        Are you creating a FULL Paper2d game? No
                        Are you a PS4 developer?No
                        Do you have access to the platform to know its limitations? No
                        Have you released a game on a console that runs 60fps? No
                        Did i give you an example of a game with fps issues? Yes
                        Did i try to explain to you that Super Distro would run at 2000fps but Rayman for example ,wouldnt? Yes

                        And so on, but yet you claim that you know what you are talking about and i have self esteem issues.
                        This is not a matter who has the biggest ... but mere facts. It is very unprofessional and not polite to try to enforce an opinion when that opinion is based on nothing.

                        This is a game engine forum and not steam that every 12 year old can call GTA5 graphics trash and get away with it.

                        You are giving the false impression to people that game development is easy, and everyone can run whatever they want on the framerate they want (i am talking about 2d) and you are dissing hard work from devs that tried hard to optimize.

                        In every post that i have made in all these years i praise Paper2d and its infinite capabilities. And on the same time i give them hell for not fixing something as easy as layers. But UE4 is not hard and complicated for 2d development and it is fast enough to rival competitive engines.And we need more people to adapt it because it is a lot more realistic for an indie to create a 2d game than a 3d one.

                        Bottom line is that unless you have concrete knowledge on what you are talking about, you should refrain from posting such diminishing statements. And even then, a good professional would try to explain, correct and educate .

                        I wish you great success in whatever you are working on , and i will support you when you release it.



                          2D in UE4 was a gimmick.

                          If EPIC really wanted to support 2d games they would add a new renderer along with other 2d features that every other 2d engine has.


                            Originally posted by Errvald View Post
                            2D in UE4 was a gimmick.

                            If EPIC really wanted to support 2d games they would add a new renderer along with other 2d features that every other 2d engine has.
                            They responded to this long ago stating that 2D is a fully supported engine feature. I just think the VR hype ruined things up with the Paragon getting in the way aswell as they took the 2D developer to help on that game. :P
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                              I would love to see some more Paper2D progress. I care more about basic features (like fully-supported orthographic camera) and stability.


                                I'd love to see more Paper2D progress to