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    Originally posted by franktech View Post
    1. Add at least 20-30 more Bookmarks utilizing extra keys: Ctrl / Alt / LeftShift / RightShift -> 1-10 etc.
    2. Editor Bookmarks affect all Viewport windows at the same time, please make them all independent.
    3. Add Edit menu -> Goto Co-ordinates X,Y,Z option etc. Like Excel / LibreOffice Jump-to Row-Column.
    4. Fix: Editor -> Right-click on mesh -> Go Here (Always jumps to 'pure blackness' on very large maps).
    5. Add a top Camera-Speed that matches what Alt+C & Alt+X does i.e. 10+ times faster camera speed.
    +1 for these! Especially the bookmaks. I keep having to remove bookmarks I want to continue using because there are so few.


      Texture arrays! It would be a huge boon to landscapes. There's been a PR sitting open with it for a while.


        Further customizing appearance of collapsed nodes

        Click image for larger version

Name:	137938-node+redesign.png
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Size:	72.6 KB
ID:	1129271

        On the collapsed node, in addition to the color it is, a check box to have the color change the entire node color,
        as demonstrated in the above image.


          Unreal Engine 4 Lacks Infinite Terrain. It Would Be Perfect If They Add 16k Terrains.
          and it needs some improvements in the performance regarding the terrain editor.
          An 8k terrain editing is lag compared to unity.


            Originally posted by JamesG View Post
            How would you want this to be exposed? Do you want an array of audio samples each frame? I'd be very worried about Blueprint perf dealing with that much data. Or are you looking for a way to create SoundWave's at runtime from a mic (e.g. 'Begin Recording', 'End Recording')?
            As using "voice as an input" is one of the grails in VR, in my opinion.. I would suggest looking at Voice Attack. Something similar in functionality for using it as a voice input. For voice communications, well, steam voice chat would have that. However, it would need to go sending client -> server -> receiving client(s).

            The sending client would need to either:

            A) When PTT button is pressed, then "Microphone Listen" with Text input "say something here" then do XYZ
            B) If Voice Activated option is enabled, then Microphone Listen should always be turned on

            Performance shouldn't be that bad, as games that would implement this, would have their player's download / use teamspeak / voice attack / skype / whatever, so the overhead cost should be roughly the same.

            Some of the research documents I found when I was completely failing to make a plugin for voice recognition:


            Originally posted by TheJamsh
            Personally I can't think of any situation where Quad or Octuple precision is neccesary, unless you're trying to simulate the universe or something - and at that point you probably know enough to know you aren't meant to be using Unreal Engine for that...
            TBH, I cannot see Epic doing this either. It's actually not for, well, sort of not for, simulations, but more for making an extremely accurate calculator (for the most part)... quantum physics / astronomy math and all. Basically, it would be for 1 person in the world; me. And I have no idea how to program.. soo

            edit: I actually found a short cut to this precision level, and its much more efficient than using that big of float precision's. So much more efficient, that from testing, I can run it on my LG Zone3 phone. Need peer review on it, of course, but eh.. I'm not at that point yet in that project, which is on the shelf atm.
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            WIP: Science Project - A collection of middle school through advanced college level science theory and formula-based functions for use in your own projects
            World Machine to UE4 Export Macro
            WM Folder Generator - Creates a folder that you name with HeightMap, NormalMap, SplatMap, and Tile sub-folders


              Here's my present demands:

              1) A variable property exposed to blueprint that means that variable retains it's value when construction script runs (for example, when moving an actor in the level).

              2) More editor-time events in blueprint; things like 'PostEditProperty' could be invaluable to authoring editor-side scripts.


                I don't know how it would sound but.. Please add an option to move the install directory of Engine to any drive within the launcher. Like we have for steam games and apps.. This would be a great thing because many people face issues my copying and moving the engine folder and from drives and then verifying it from launcher or changing extra settings for which we don't know..




                  Hold P and click for a print string shortcut and more paper 2d support


                    I would love a 'BP Node Contructor' , allowing you to tweak displayed properties on the BP node (eg. depending an EWeaponType, display only relevant property)


                      Originally posted by SilentAndAsleep View Post
                      Sharpening post process. This is very important to achieve more realistic graphics.
                      it's already there!
                      r.ToneMapper.Sharpen = 1 (or whatever value you want)
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