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    Settlers of the Score

    Download Link:

    The Armory
    Tyler Harper
    Nicholas Curtis

    Overview: Settlers of the Score was intended to be a game where the player escorts a train of wagons and gathers resources in order to create settlements on fonts of musical energy.

    WASD - move character
    Left mouse button - basic spell
    Right mouse button - advanced spell
    1, 2, 3, 4 - select advanced spell
    q, e - hover up and down

    Objective: Guard your wagon train as it moves through the level

    Disclosed Content
    Several rocks from Sculpted Rock Pack by Danny Kauer
    Landscape material from Content Example by Epic Games
    Cloud Particle from Landscape demo by Epic Games
    Lava Texture from Infinity Blade Fire Lands by Epic Games
    Ice texture, rocks, and trees from Infinity Blade Ice lands by Epic Games

    Due to our misjudging the submission deadline, the game is unfinished and you can't actually win or lose.
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    This was my first jam and there was so much more I wanted to do but couldn't figure out! The game is set in a future mars and your job is to settle the planet.

    Here's my submission:

    Team name: Dojo
    List of team members:
    Eric Wagliardo

    List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission:

    - VR Starter Template
    - Starter content like explosions and materials
    - I used trees, rocks and sand effect from the Dirt Track Vehicle Demo Game
    - Music from Youtube's library of free music - My Sad Old Heart by The 126ers - Rights free -

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    Settling The Music Score - Just press E

    Settling The Music Score - Just press E

    So this is the 'game' there you run around and listen to procedural music pace

    Download link

    1 Member
    Alexandr Prokopchul(sZXZ)

    Disclosed Content:
    Textures created in Allegorithmic substance designer
    Characters and Animations Mixamo Fuse
    Music Composed in Fmod
    Base guitar old model i did
    Trees and Stones Brush Models
    Started from Third Person Template

    P.S. I've should have start earlier.
    Last edited by Alexandr_P; 10-13-2016, 03:24 PM. Reason: more Disclosed Content

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    Team Name: DementedPro
    Team Member: DementedPro

    Submission Name: DementedPro_DankShot

    Previously Made Content:
    Crowd image made by Freepik from
    3D Person Player Body modified using a base model from
    Sounds from the SMU Guildhall Sound Library
    Materials from Starter Content and AutomotiveMaterials.

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    no time to make up a Name for a shopping Game

    DOWNLOAD LINK: MeMeMe_no time to make up a Name for a shopping Game

    1 Member

    Peter Jaschkowske(@P_Jaschkowske)

    Disclosed Content:

    The label for the petEnergy can
    was created outside the jams time-frame.
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    Team: Bloodline

    Member: Al Tosto, Adam Tosto, Alex Tosto

    Project Name: Master Of Humanity

    Pre-made Content: Monster Audio Effects were downloaded from
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    Programer: Arongomar Flores Hargrove
    Designer: Michael A. Rodriguez Quiñones


    Shirts Size:


    Download Link:

    The Story is based in a mice family that was been murdered, the only survivor was the Father, he previously was a marine now full of rage and full of regret he went to find the murderer of his family, a cat. The cat hideout was the jail of in Town, full of corrupted police dogs and villains. Now is time to Settle The Score!

    Unfortunally the game is not finished jst a concept but we look forward to it, because thanks to it we learn a lot.
    From: Guaynabo, PR.
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    Wailing Ninja Studios - Overture


    Wailing Ninja Studios
    • Isvulfe
    • Kjelle

    This is the story of an epic battle between musicians, taking place in Ronald Dumps' bathroom.
    The winner gets to create the score for Wailing Ninja’s next video game masterpiece.

    Goal: First to score 10 points

    This is a local multiplayer game. Controllers and minimum 2 players are required. 4 can play! Probably.

    Non-original content
    • We found a toilet, and we liked it.
    • Three animations from Epic's Animation starter pack
    • Xbox controller icons from
    Last edited by Isvulfe; 10-13-2016, 02:57 PM. Reason: Forgot non-original content

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    Link to the game:

    Team Name: Happy Naked Sharks

    Team Members:
    - Adam Dębski
    - Maciej Dębski
    - Marcin Cecot (
    - Zofia Domaradzka (

    Submission name: HappyNakedSharks_OnceAndForAll

    For generations the conflict between the two races has caused people to stand against each other. There is only one way to solve it Once and for All - the future lies in your hands, gamer! Steer Mighty PC and try to survive the invasion of Consoles! Remember - flexibility and ability to upgrade is your power!

    -- Resemblance to any existing trademarks is accidental and not intentional (oh, duh! :P) --

    Content not created during jam:

    Sfx from

    Player Shot
    Title: Gun Silencer
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Mike Koenig
    Modification: edited (shortened)

    Enemy shot
    Title: Bullet Whizzing By
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Mike Koenig
    Modification: edited (shortened)

    Player punch
    Title: Realistic Punch
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Mark DiAngelo
    Modification: edited (shortened)

    Title: Blast
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Source: t
    Creator: Mike Koenig
    Modification: speeded up

    Included in the project but not implemented into the game:

    Boss shot
    Title: Alien Machine Gun
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Matt Cutillo
    Modification: edited

    Title: Decapitation
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Mike Koenig
    Modification: edited (shortened)

    Tracking down
    Title: Censor Beep
    License: Attribution 3.0
    Creator: Mike Koenig
    Modification: edited (shortened)
    Last edited by Nox_A15; 10-13-2016, 03:17 PM.

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    Download Link>>>

    Electric Hotdog
    Patrick Loughman, Design, Code, FX, Lighting

    Todd Colby, Graphic Design/Infographics

    Nathan Brandes, Environment Art

    fluffy music


    Spoooky Sushi is a VR game about tallying up stacks of conveyor belt sushi plates at a sushi joint for ghosts. When the customers finish their meals, the player must teleport to their tables (you cannot just walk up to the tables, yay deadlines) and do quick mental math inorder to select the correct price from the Add-O-Matic tablet. Doing this fast will earn you the most tips.

    The idea, design, code, art and music were all done within the time-frame of this jam with the exception of the soundFX(Arcadia) and the VR Hand (Hands for VR: Basic) both purchased from the Epic store.
    Last edited by Spectronaut; 10-13-2016, 02:45 PM.

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    Team name: Ottsel
    Members(1): Nise
    Submission: Ottsel_Exterminate
    Prepped content prior to jam: -All meshes, animations, and materials were purchased or created before the jam.
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    Split The Bill is a monetary puzzle game where you have to settle the bill at the end of a meal. The goal is to make sure everybody has paid their correct share while trying not to make anybody unhappy with the contributions. You can’t please everybody! But you have to try your best. Or you can play dirty and try and pocket leftover change for yourself.

    TEAM NAME: Trash Pandas
    PROJECT NAME: Split The Bill!

    James Broderick - technical and gameplay
    Dominic Mathuse - technical and gameplay
    Amber Jamieson - environment assets
    Zhane James-Marshall - characters

    NAME OF SUBMISSION: TrashPandas_SplitTheBill
    Precontent: Some start content cubes, plus a simple master material asset I have made previously, stylized rendering demo post process that I forgot to remove from a level. :/



    It's a bit cobbled together but it's all our first attempt at a proper game jam and we had all just started our masters degree this week haha, we plan on doing a lot more throughout the year to get better at the process though as it's pretty much completely new to us, was great fun! Some notes: The third level is unfinished so I apologise for that, and the gameplay needed some work.. I will be watching [MENTION=1222]Allar[/MENTION] play all the entries and it will be great to see if there are a critiques or advice for when we do it next time.
    Last edited by JBroderick; 10-13-2016, 02:47 PM. Reason: Because panicking over Gamejam deadine bro! :P

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    In Reveggie, you are the italian policeman Frank Brocco, who is going for a revenge rampage after some vegetarians that kidnapped his son.

    Azoth Studio
    List of team members: Lucas Foganholi and Juan Monteiro
    Name of your submission: AzothStudio_Reveggie
    Non-original content: One song (Electro Funk) from DL Sounds, and another one (8 Bit Electro) from Electro Baptist. Also, a Font (8Bit Wonder) from Joiro Hatagaya.

    Can you inform if I made it in time? I had problems with my internet connection, poor signal in Brazil, only succeeded in upload it, now. Thank you!

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    Game name:
    The Silencer

    ver. 1.1 quick fix (still before deadline) :

    ver. 1.0

    BUG: Game doesn't reset if you got fired/lose. Restart the game please!

    Digital Hussars

    - Michal Orzelek
    - Mateusz Więch
    - Pawel Miniszewski
    - Előd Somogyi
    - Peter Balogh

    WSAD - move
    E - pickup / use item
    ESC - pause

    Disclosed Content
    - Scavenger's Loot Pack (our content)
    - Interactive Lights System (our content)
    - Realistic Rendering Template content
    - Bed from Xoio Berlin Flat
    - Mannequin Starter Animations
    - Music: Our own + Drum And Bass Dnb Neurofunk Techstep August 2016 (Free)

    Last edited by m.orzelek; 10-13-2016, 03:18 PM. Reason: quick fix before deadline

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    Sweet Revenge

    DOWNLOAD LINK: SethPDA_SweetRevenge

    SethPDA Team
    1 Member
    Csősz Gergő Levente (SethPDA)

    Disclosed Content:
    Everything is self-made: sounds, textures, models, animations, UI etc.

    Story in one picture: (What the game is about)
    Last edited by SethPDA; 10-13-2016, 02:27 PM.

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