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    Download link Dropbox
    Download link Dropbox (>100mb x64 built in case of problems on your computer)

    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
    Team Members: Handkor
    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_FateFuryandJustice

    Enter the offices of Fate, Fury and Justice. Together they just a Curses and Retribution service to help the worlds wrongs and punish bad people. You control Fate and have been handed a case about a slumlord who burns down his building for the insurance money and ends up killing everyone. You job is to modify all the tennants fate by giving them lucky and bad days to change the events of the week and stop the slumlord.

    Mouse: Move cursor
    Mouse + Left Click: Pick up and drop luck or curse tokens
    Mouse + Left Click + Drag: Move camera
    Mouse Wheel: Zoom In/Out


    All assets created during the jam except for Dorkihand font.
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      Link: TimeIsRunningOut_TheArcade
      Additional Link: TimeIsRunningOut_TheArcade(Fixed a game breaking stuff, but 10 min after deadlineActually was posted before thread was locked so I guess it's fine)
      Team name: TimeIsRunningOut
      Team members: ZeOrb
      Submission name: TheArcade

      Disclosed Content:

      Debug build, because did not have time to implement mouse sensitivity, fullscreen, screen resoulution and etc.
      Please, use a console for that stuff
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      SuperGrid: Marketplace Page | Feedback Thread | Demo | Website
      Level design and prototyping for newbies


        Team: Regressive Games
        List of team members: The Passenger
        Name of your submission RegressiveGames_GodThePunisher

        All content is mine.
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        Angry Ginger Santa - 2D Physics Game, UMG, Blueprints only, Android

        CPP Dialogue System with logic in blueprints
        Particles Propagation, Blueprint only



          DOWNLOAD LINK:


          ASWD - Movement
          Space - Jump
          R - Restart Game
          Esc - Quit Game

          Team - One Game Man
          1 Member
          Rafael Dias Sancon

          Disclosed Content:

          Mixamo (used for the main character modeling and base animations):

          Colorama (Color Grading Table):

          Entire Soundtrack:

          Night Scene Setup Tutorial:

          Glass Material Tutorials:

          Epic Games:
          - Stylized Rendering (outlining post process blendable)
          - Effects Cave (blizzard particle effect)
          - Content Example (skin rendering material and dust particle effect)
          - Realistic Rendering (wall material)


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            Download link:
            Alternative link (slightly bigger, with prerequisites included):

            Submission name: MysteriousPhantoms_HousewifeRevenge

            Mysterious Phantoms
            • Joanna Burczyńska
            • Adam Frańczak
            • Piotr Hawryluk

            Disclosed Content:
            - Sound effects downloaded from
            - UI -
            - Boy (only mesh(RIG, textures and materials and animations done ourselves)) -
            - Fonts -
            - Woman (only mesh - (rig, material, texture and animations done ourselves)) -
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              Revenge of the Navra

              DOWNLOAD LINK:

              1 Member
              Hendrik Bonthuys

              Disclosed Content:
              UI SFX Sounds by Little Robot Sound Factory
              Music is called "Sci-Fi" from

              LMB to interact
              AWSD or scroll map to move around
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                DOWNLOAD LINK: CoolVRrliners_CityGuardian

                CITY GUARDIAN (VR / Vive Game)

                Cool VRrliners
                2 Members

                Rune Berg
                Ty Hegner

                A great war devastated your home planet and after decades of seeking a new home, you finally found a planet to seek refuge on. But the natives proved unwelcoming. Running low on resources and with no other nearby alternative, the last scores of your kind aboard your city ship is forced to orbit the planet whilst trying to negotiate a settlement treaty with the natives.

                A deal was struck and your people provided them with technology that helped them build their own city ships to explore the galaxy in exchange for safe haven in their skies. However, they soon used this technology against you and you're forced to defend yourself.

                The directive: Defend your city's power plants helping your city keep afloat from enemy missiles but do not provoke - peacefully settle your people by settling scores without making new ones -- you have at your disposal portals & radial forces to send back your enemy's very own missiles against them.

                Your city's shields can only slow down the native's missiles for so long -- so think quick!


                Your city's shield slows down enemy missiles giving you time to either:

                1. Swat missiles away from your city
                2. Use a special power (Glowing beads on your hands indicate when these powers are fully charged and ready to use):

                Left Trigger - Radial Force
                Right Trigger - Summon Portal

                UP thumbpad: "God Mode" to view the battlefield from above.
                DOWN thumbpad: Fly back down to your city.

                City ships can only be destroyed once all power plants are destroyed - either theirs or your own, so protect them and good luck Guardian!

                Disclosed Content:
                NASA for Earth & Moon images
       - select opensource/royalty free clips.
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                VR Developer (C++ / BP), Room-scale specialist

                Free VR Plugin:

                Udacitty Unreal Nanodegree Mentor & Project Reviewer:


                  Download link: [UPLOADING]

                  The mafia killed your cop buddy. Now you gotta settle the score.

                  Branding Iron Games
                  5 members:
                  1. Kevin William
                  2. Bryan Berdecía
                  3. Sergio T Lopez
                  4. Angelica Robles
                  5. Omar Gabriel (Sentoryu)

                  W/A/S/D - Move
                  left click - Shooting
                  W/space - jump
                  G - taunt

                  HUD art, sprites and animation done by Bryan Berdecia
                  Environment (buildings sprites) done by Sergio T

                  Disclosed content:
                  Unreal Engine 4 2D side scrolling template project
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                    SUBTLETY REIGNS

                    You are among the best. You are a world leader. You are a super-capitalist. So get drunk, keep your dignity, and show them who's the best investor.

                    Spam the two keys on the screen while you're drinking, then keep your puke by holding the keys.

                    2 players only!

                    LINK$$: Download (Alternate)
                    (previous build)

                    5 Members :
                    • Freddy Clément
                    • Erwan Devaux
                    • Alix Michel
                    • Simon Mullot
                    • Sylvain Raudrant

                    Music credits :
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                      Download Link:
                      Team name: Random Ghost Panda
                      List of team members: carlestyle
                      Name of your submission: Bouncing Cigars
                      Disclosed Content:
                      Muzzle flash and hit particles from the Simple Cartoon FX Pack
                      Sound effects from

                      WASD to move around the map.
                      Mouse to aim.
                      Left click to shoot.


                        The Riddle
                        DOWNLOAD LINK:
                        Team Name: MN-VLS

                        Team Members:

                        Ivan Ramadan
                        Minja Mirvic
                        Nedzad Sahovic

                        Name of submission: MN_VLS_The_Riddle

                        Disclosed Content:

                        A chair and a couch are from and another chair is from
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                          NG-Sudios_Brobot Run


                          New Generation Studios

                          3 Members

                          Shuken Mondin

                          Ian Thompson

                          Jay Thompson

                          Disclosed Content :
                          We had 5% done before the contest.
                          The sky.
                          The fonts.


                          All of the assets were made during the week.
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                            National Chaseball League


                            Parios team members
                            4 members
                            1. Donnolus
                            2. Dragon Prince
                            3. Dr. Robot Wizard
                            4. Yex

                            Content disclosure:
                            1. “Square One” white font on forum banner by Samyuli on
                            2. Player character animation model and blueprints are ue4 3rd person default
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                              Title: Love Revenge

                              Download link: Jvthewanderer_LoveRevenge

                              Team: JvtheWanderer

                              One man team:

                              WASD - Move Around
                              Mouse - Look Around
                              E - Interact
                              Left mouse button- Fire

                              Disclosed Content:

                              External Assets:
                              SuperGrid Start Pack(marketplace)
                              SciFiWeapon Dark(marketplace)
                              Scifi Bunk skybox by PogoP
                              SciFi Fx (marketplace)
                              Sci FX Music Pack 1 by Polyphlex
                              Voice of AI By Micheal Laws
                              Voice of Core AI By envy
                              PlatformSFX (marketplace)
                              Shizuki Model by Jvthewanderer
                              Last edited by JvtheWanderer; 10-13-2016, 03:12 PM.
                              Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

                              Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer


                                Take Revenge on the dark world king for stealing your energy orbs.

                                WASD for your Movement
                                SPACE for Jump
                                Mouse axis for navigation
                                Left click to perform nearby plane jump(focus the center crosshair)

                                Download Link:

                                Zeno Saviour
                                Aparant Mane
                                Ajay Satish

                                Disclosed Content:
                                Models by Mixamo
                                Underworld image from istockphoto
                                Old Evils font from dafont
                                Particle effects from content examples
                                Third person controller by unreal
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