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    Unreal Team:
    3 Members -
    David Bailey (Shivmoo)
    Ross Beardsall (Ross Beardsall)
    Etienne Rocipon (Hayaweh)

    Disclosed Content:
    Sound effects and music from
    Fonts from 1001fonts

    Directions :
    You need a controller for this one, Start to join, A to start the game on player 1's controller when everyone is ready to play.
    Left Stick to move, A to slam, X to plant your seed.

    Under a hundred meg
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      Leave the gun, Take the Tavakkoli - Settle and Score: Love Encore

      Download Link:

      Submission Name: LeaveTheGunTakeTheTavakkoli_SettleAndScoreLoveEncore

      Team: Leave the gun, Take the Tavakkoli (2)
      -Brandon Wilson
      -David McFadden

      Disclosed Content:
      -Various sounds from, Samplephonics Welcome Pack, and Sonniss GDC Pack 1 (All sounds used are free and licensed for commercial use. We didn't create sounds/music from scratch for this project)
      -Character Voices pack from the Epic Marketplace
      -Boogaloo font from

      -A / Space / Left Mouse to choose an ice-breaker and interact with the environment
      -R / Select to reset VR
      -Start / Escape to toggle menus

      Description: Enjoy a casual speed dating session and meal, hosted by your local Love Encore! Engage in conversation with your date by selecting one of six items on the table (an 'ice-breaker') to advance through the dialogue. If you do well, you will 'score' and gain a point! If you do poor, your date will 'settle' for the next date. A more in-depth description is provided by the game's top-quality wait staff upon load. Have Fun!

      Note: A good sense of humor is mandatory, and VR is optional but recommended.
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        Restore The Score
        Cloth Cap Games
        -> Looniper (alone this time)
        Restore The Score

        WASD - movement
        Left Shift - Sprits
        SPACE, Mouse Button, or comparable - 'tap' a rhythm.
        F11 - fullscreen / windowed toggle.
        ESC - Exits
        Mouse Wheel - Zooms the camera and shifts to/from First and Third Person Views.

        Settle the sore notes by matching their rhythm and gradually slowing it down.
        Once they are calmed, they will stop pulsing and follow you - lead them back to the score in the center.

        Settle and return all 20 notes before time runs out.

        Settling them causes hunger, which you recover by running over (eating) the apples and peaches that fall from the trees, and the occasional pumpkin that pops up (it is October after all).

        (Sprinting drains stamina which makes you thirsty, but there wasn't time to balance this, so between rain and water buckets you will rarely see your water levels get low)
        ((If you just can't return them all in time, [ALT-T] will reset your countdown and allow you more time))



          Download Link: CounterPlay_ResidentResolver

          Team Name: Counter Play

          Team Members:
          Ben Sharp
          Eric Seaman
          Jeremy Hodges
          Karan Sequeira
          Jeff Nay

          Name of Submission: CounterPlay_ResidentResolver

          Disclosed Content:


            Hello, we are a group of student from Rubikka Supinfogame INDIA, and here is our submission for the Unreal Megajam 2016: Karma is a batch

            Link for the game:


            Team name:

            Dada's HR

            List of team members:

            Adrien LAURENT (Game-Designer)
            Ashay THUBE (Game-Artist)
            Dipayan PAUL (Game-Designer)
            Hrishikesh VARASKAR (Game-Artist)
            Satya PRATAP DAS (Game-Designer)

            Name of your submission:



            In "Karma is a Batch", the player controls a young boy that enjoy throwing rocks on people from the top of a church's tower. But one day, the Karma decides to punish him for his actions.


            In the game, the Karma is represented by a ghost-form of the character. The goal of the player is to chase and kill the karma by going from floor to floor, but care ! Every time you reach a new floor, another karma's ghost will spawn above you and it will throw the projectiles the exact same way you did before. The young boy must balance his actions to prevent the karma from settling the score with him.

            Conditions of game over.

            - Get killed by the projectiles of the karma's ghost above you
            - Stay more than 20 seconds on the same floor

            Conditions of winning.

            - It's an endless vertical runner, the goal is to reach as many floor as possible.


            - W-A-D = Left - Jump - Right
            - Space = Skip the introduction cutscene
            - Mouse position = Aim
            - Left mouse click = Throw projectiles
            - Alt + Enter = Full screen

            External contents:

            We did everything ourselves during the gamejam time except:

            The Sounds:

            They are all royalty free and from

   (main music)
   (sound effects)

            The Animations:

            Starter Pack

            The Fonts




              Game Jam - June 2016 submission information

              Download link:
              Team name: SmallTitan
              Team members: Small Titan
              Name of your submission: Tarfield_Revenge
              Disclosed Content: MarketPlace asset via leshiy3d
              Marketplace meshes/materials via PolyTurtle


              A: Move left
              W: Move Forward
              S: Move Backward
              D: Move Right

              Space bar: Jump
              T: Attack
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                Pumpkin vs Clown Halloween Warfare

                DOWNLOAD LINK:

                //use this command "r.Tonemapper.GrainQuantization=0" to disable the tonemapper if it is to hard to see.

                1 member

                Disclosed Content:
                ambient sound >

                WASD move camera
                left mouse button to move player
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                  DOWNLOAD LINK:

                  Team Name
                  - Black Rat

                  1 Member - Dragan Maric

                  Disclosed Content:
                  - Main Character (I was maded it before)
                  - Audio is from Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series


                    sakura Adventure 2

                    Team name: sleepingdragon

                    Members: sleepingdragon


                    shot:mouse left button
                    skill:mouse right button

                    camera zoom:mouse wheel

                    It is re-challenge.
                    Please look for the exit.

                    Disclosed Content:

                    texture:The Perfect Tile System

                    Turret Kit
                    Ultra Dynamic Sky
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                      download link :
                      2 members

                      content: example content.
                      water planes.
             for riggin unreal anims to main char
                      i think some mats from substance atlantis pack.
                      menu from previous jam.
                      free audio pack from
                      prolly other stuff too
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                      No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute




                        Settle the score with your enemies (or Steam friends) in OctoPods where you pilot an eight-legged-hover-pod-thing!
                        The rules are simple:
                        1. You need to settle the score with your last killer before eliminating anyone else or you'll lose 3 points per kill.
                        2. Once you get your revenge, all further eliminations will give you 2 points
                        3. Oh btw, you also have a grenade launcher, smart mines and a holographic shield that converts incoming damage to hit points!

                        You can play against bots, LAN players or Steam friends!
                        Here's what the action looks like:

                        DOWNLOAD LINK:

                        Disclosed Assets:
                        Ballistics FX - Cubit Studios
                        SciFi Props Pack - Olivier Garrigue
                        Animation Starter Pack - Epic Games
                        Future Weapons Vol.1 - PRINCIPLE Sound Design
                        Pro Sound Collection - Game Master Audio

                        EXTERNAL ASSETS
                        Advanced Sessions Plugin - mordentral // link:
                        Post Process Material - Tom Looman //link:

                        The menu (options, key bindings etc.) was migrated from one of my previous projects.


                          DOWNLOAD LINK:

                          4 Members
                          Marcus Apfel
                          Gerardo Valerio
                          Rachel Cronk
                          Zack Keosaian

                          Disclosed Content:

                          I'm dying and I've been up for about 2 days straight and I need to sleep for a minute cause I work in like 3 hours overnight so I'm gonna copy and past the description off my page:

                          Voidshift places players in the role of a soldier scavenging the wastes of a city that was once great, in search of supplies that could help their group survive against terrible creatures and an unforgiving apocalypse. Adding to the never-ending struggle is a vendetta against a great beast, the Archangel of The Maw who wiped out your family before your eyes, leaving you the only survivor. Will you last long enough to make it through the city, secure supplies, and exact revenge? Better save those bullets cause once you cross the threshold of the void, there's no turning back, and vengeance is the only option..

                          So a week to make a game doesn't allow you enough time to make System Shock 3 that's all I'm gonna say. I put little lights on the weapons in the beginning so you're a dingbat if you walk by them haha good luck killing the Archangel with a can of tuna.

                          Anyways much love 2 u all, this was wicked fun, and hell yeah we hit a lot of bumps along the way like what happened half that time? Is it still October?


                            Game Jame Entry - TinyOctopus_OfficeSquareOff

                            Office Square Off

                            Download link:

                            Team Name: TinyOctopus
                            Team Members: SleepingBear (1)
                            Submission Title: TinyOctopus_OfficeSquareOff

                            Description: Settle the score in this 2 player hot seat game. Produce more charts that your competing manager to rise up in the rat race to produce even more pointless charts.

                            WASD the scroll the camera.
                            Left Mouse button to select characters.
                            Mouse Scroll to zoom.
                            Spacebar to end turn.

                            All content created by team.


                              ATILLA THE GORILLA

                              Download: DigiBotts_AtillaTheGorilla

                              Atilla's tired of sitting in a zoo being stared at by humans, and dreams of his vengeful breakout. When the moment comes, the zookeeper, Atilla's least favourite human, will have to face him head on.

                              Atilla the Gorilla is a 2-player game, where one player (using the gamepad) controls Atilla and the other player (keyboard and mouse) controls the Zookeeper. Atilla must smash down the doors (and humans) in his way and escape, whilst the zookeeper must tranquillise Atilla before he does so.

                              Team: (one man)
                              • DigiBotts

                              Disclosed Content:
                              Several samples from used in audio mixes. The brick and grass textures were made prior to the jam.
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                                Opus - A Beard Envy Production

                                Opus is a music based puzzle game. Perform the world's musical score to be granted passage through the landscape, learning about yourself in the process.

                                Team Beard Envy:

                                Aaron Coker
                                Ben Webster
                                Josiah Ward

                                Download Link: (wouldn't be a game jam without last minute compiling issues )

                                All assets created by us within the game jam.

                                Controller highly recommended.


                                Movement - WASD/analogue stick
                                Jump - Space/ RT (bare with me, i know it sounds weird)
                                Musical Notes - 1,2,3,4,5,6 (keyboard)/ x,c,v,b,n,m (keyboard) / a,x,y,b,LB,LT (controller)
                                Pause - ESC / P / START

                                Have a great day!
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                                One third of the bearded trio currently working on Filament.

                                Facebook - Website - Youtube - Twitter