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    Vescor Games
    3 Members
    • Gabriel Formiga
    • Rodolfo Garcia
    • Patrick Voelz

    Disclosed Content:
    • marketplace asset Nature Mega Pack by Manufactura K4
    • Generator textures from
    • Tire texture from
    • Music from Eric Matyas on
    • UE4 - Free Assets "DR LAND 01" from DevTon Studio Team []
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      Sneak street


      DOWNLOAD LINK: TheAristonaut_SneakStreet

      The Aristonaut
      3 Members:
      Cory Beutler
      Dallin Beutler
      Jeff Stapleton

      Disclosed Content:
      UE4 Extended Library Plugin by Jeff Stapleton
      Olbert's Low Poly Taiga [LINK]
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        Team Name:

        Team Members:
        Thomas Ingham
        Bob Cober
        Alex Sheludchenko
        Matt Woelk
        Jeff Lamarche

        RecursiveBlueprints The Great Train Clobbery

        Pre-existing royalty-free soundtrack files:
        "Gypsy Dance" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
        "Hit the Switch" by Silent Partner
        "If I Had a Chicken" by Kevin MacLeod
        "Right Place Right Time" by Silent Partner

        Post-Processing from Amplify LUT Pack

        Make sure you check out multiplayer using Steam matchmaking.

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        GameDev: The Pipeline



          DOWNLOAD LINK: BlazingBadger_Unsettling

          Blazing Badger
          5 Members
          • Marc Kamradt
          • Quang Huy Nguyen
          • Sebastian Schroeder
          • Sascha Wagentrotz
          • Annalena Weber

          Disclosed Content:
          • Sound effects based on various sampling CDs

          "A little girl, haunted by daily nightmares, decides to face her fear and settle the score once and for all."

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            Settle the Score


            Team Name: Hue-Manatee Productions

            Project Name: Settle The Score

            Some cheeky ******* has knocked over your ice cream. Revenge is a dish best served cold as you plan to get the drop on them in this industrial city.


              The Adventures of Space Nugget

              Download Link:

              Team: Snowfall

              Team Members:
              Rowan McDonald-Nyland
              Nathan Jennings
              Andrew Monte
              Adam Scott-McGuinness
              Steve Kimber

              Submission: Snowfall_TheAdventuresOfSpaceNugget

              Disclosed Content: We used a font called "Riffic Free" ( Everything else was created by the team.

              Misc Notes: Loads of fun on this one, but I'm so tired! As an Australian, these hours aren't great (nearly 4:00 AM here). The team worked really well together, and while we had to kill a fairly large system right in the last few hours, it went well otherwise. Most importantly I learned a whole lot and had fun doing it (and hopefully the rest of the team did too)!

              Controls: WASD for movement and QE for rotation - Alt will toggle between keyboard and mouse controlled rotation. LMB fires cannons, RMB fires missiles. Tab will switch between currently equipped missiles, and Shift is used to boost. The idea is that the player has a set number of days to earn enough money to pay off their debt, with harder missions taking more days but rewarding more money - of course, failing a mission will mean losing those days with no payoff.



                Sorry for no Banner If some one could teach me how to set one up that would be awesome

                Title: Sunny the not so Sunny Sunflower
                by Team RockyourSoxs



                Team Rock Your Soxs
                Members 1

                Daniel Murray email:

                W= Move Forward
                S = Move Backwwards
                Space Bar = Jump
                P = Pause menu
                Mouse = Look around

                Sound Effects pulled from

                I have added a secret area into the game. Please let me know if you can uncover it!!!!!



                  DOWNLOAD LINK:
                  Mc Games Team:

                  Heitor Gonçalves Amor (Programming, Level Designer)
                  Jean Cassio Sardinha (Programming, Level Designer)
                  Jonathan Carlos de Brito (Modeling, Texturing)
                  Jose Vitor Amorozo (Modeling)
                  Lucas Gomes Martins (Rigging, Animation)

                  Disclosed Content:
                  Weapon: Dmnx Hex
                  Blunt Unicorn : Unreal Infinity Blade pack, used just easter egg.
                  Car police: Used just Easter egg, :
                  Material: M_brick_clay: StartContent Unreal


                    Originally had a solid networked game idea which I spent the first 4 days developing, after realizing it would take longer than the jam period, I quickly switched into panick mode and made a single player game with the last two days. If you're one of the unlucky people playing this; please don't hate me

                    Team Name

                    Number of team members : 1

                    Allan Jeremy

                    Game Download link

                    Disclosed Content
                    Animations/Character - Unreal 3rd person character and Unreal starter content
                    Sound effects - under CC-BY-Zero licence
                    Main menu music - Nerd | Geek Music youtube
                    Ingame music - Psivewri youtube channel

                    WASD/Left joystick (xBox pad) - Movement

                    1 / Left mouse Button / X Button (xBox pad) - Throw stink bomb

                    Space bar/A Button(xBox pad) - Jump
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                      DOWNLOAD LINK: FUAS Game Studies_Framed

                      FUAS Game Studies
                      2 Members
                      • Ryan van den Bogaard
                      • Luuk Waarbroek

                      Disclosed Content:
                      • OutlineMat.uasset by Tom Looman source.


                        You find the game HERE.
                        Team name: JK5000
                        List of team members: JK5000
                        Name of your submission: JK5000_TheConstructorsWar

                        There is a major battle between the city building constructors. They are all convinced that they are the best, so they decided to made a contest between them to find out who actually is the best. The goal of the competition is to make the residens in there houses as happy as possible. They will spend exactly ten years one this competition. So it is now time to settle the score between the city building constructors.
                        The game is a simple board game for 2-4 players, there is also a single player mode, so if you are alone, you can still try the game.

                        The game is controlled with the mouse.
                        - Right mouse button + move mouse: Moves the game camera.
                        - Escape: Pause menu.

                        Used Software:
                        - Unreal engine 4.13
                        - Blender
                        - GIMP 2
                        - Inkscape
                        - Audacity
                        - LMMS

                        I have made everything doing the jam.

                        Good luck and have fun


                          Battle of Spheres

                          Battle of Spheres is a local multiplayer roll-a-ball arena, where players are challenged to settle the score with each other.

                          Windows x64

                          Made by Umbriferous

                          Disclosed Content:
                          • Textures from UE4 Starter Pack
                          • BPmono font from FontSquirrel
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                            Team name: Khayalan
                            Project name: Impossibe (aka. Revenge of Globe)

                            - Khayalan
                            - Xandana
                            - And one other, but he has no epic account

                            Disclosed Content:
                            - Some Infinity Blades Assets
                            - UE4 BaseCube
                            - Rolling BP Template


                            W - Forward
                            A - Left
                            S - Back
                            D - Right

                            Please notice that the moving system is designed to be a little bit difficult
                            It gives the ball a torque so you have to balance it.

                            Cheat Commands:

                            Press + to skip first Level
                            Press # after enter the second Level to give you an succesful round (10 needed to win)
                            Press 1 in third Level to skip Module 1
                            Press 2 in third Level to skip Module 2

                            [Just use these if you really cant do the level]

                            Why is that game difficult =?

                            Because its our game "to settle the score" with the gamers, who say "games are getting easier every year, no challenge".
                            You completed the game? Congratulations... How many tries did it take you?

                            You say the game was too "easy"? Ehhhmmm write me an PM and i will add a new level for you with extra hard difficulty

                            You say the game is too "hard"? We tried everything ourselves and everything worked with the right tactic

                            Why such a "trash"-game?

                            Im myself very new to UE4 (about 1-2 months) so i dont have that much experience. I talked with friends about this contest and they had some interest so i showed them the Engine
                            They had fun and so we decided to do it as a team, i teached them what i know, but because of the huge lack of experience, we couldnt do anything overexciting... So this was pretty much a training/learning game for all of us.
                            I dont say its trash... but dont expect too much
                            Ehhhmmm yep thats the story.

                            Sorry for that bad english (English isnt my native language)



                              High Noon

                              This is VR shooter for HTC Vive. Fight you way through waves of enemies and settle the score with robot cowboys.

                              DOWNLOAD LINK

                              Echo (5 members):
                              • Rogovoy Ivan (code/idea)
                              • Pachin Alexandr (2D)
                              • Samohvalov Alexandr (VFX)
                              • Galeev Alexandr (level design)
                              • Chub Alexandr (3D)


                              Disclosed Content:
                              • Hat static mesh
                              • Default Mannequin
                              • 14 Mannequin animations
                              • UE4Man_Body_Gold material
                              • 14 sounds
                              • 2 music tracks
                              • Colt Python static mesh


                                Find Professor VR (HTC Vive is required)

                                1. Link to a download of your game: Nedul_FindProfessorVR (HTC Vive is required)
                                2. Team name: Nedul
                                3. List of team members:
                                • DMITRY VLASOV
                                • NIKITA KINDT KAMOZIN
                                • VADIM FROLIKOV
                                • ALEKSEY KOROGODIN
                                • OLEG CHUMAKOV

                                4. Name of your submission: Nedul_FindProfessorVR
                                5. List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
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