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    DOWNLOAD HERE: Kukon_Bank

    KUKON (1 Member)
    • Carl Findahl

    Disclosed Content:
    - The music was composed before the Jam
    - I used some source textures from and
    - The BG photograph was taken last year
    - Used an HDRI from from
    - 1942 and Kingthings Calligraphic font from
    - Otherwise all created during Jam Timeframe

    - Try to keep your new job as a bank exchange teller
    - You will have to uncover frauds and exchange the correct amount of money
    - The scale is just a tool, you don't need it if you don't want to, but without it you could miss frauds
    - Try to earn the $350 required to pay your rent for the week, or otherwise lose your job
    - Also don't waste the money of the bank, you'll be fired

    - RMB / LMB to pick up weights and coins
    - Mouse wheel to move picked up item closer or further away



      Game Title : Nameless
      Download Link :

      5 Members
      -Nikhil Kedige
      -Rohit Phatak
      -Salonee Das
      -Gagandeep Singh
      -Swapnil Bansal

      Disclosed Content
      - Animations from Mixamo
      -Used starter content for level creation



        Dine Dont Dash
        First you settle the check then you settle the score
        Team Low Expectations

        Team List:
        Richard Stokes
        Will Hume
        Annebel Orson
        Peter Idziaszczyk
        Selina Peart-Pearson

        Disclosed Content:
        Everything was made from scratch except the following:
        Default Unreal Engine 3rd person character movement
        Music: Funky element taken from
        biped from 3ds max?


          EYE FOR AN EYE, by ZINKZONK And Feral Computing.

          2 core members, 1 special thanks.
          Joseph Michael Corbett II, design/level design
          Adam Wolf, Programming and design.

          Thanks to
          Gabriel Regan, Initial concept for game, and helped brainstorm mechanics with us.

          we used:
          Sun Temple project (for walls/pillars)
          security cameras (from blueprints project) Greatly customized i mite add. (shoot lense out, ai path to alarms, ect ect.
          we used limited assets from infinity blade for a door, and maybe a few small props.
          the t-rex from turbosquid. security gun from turbosquid.

          the gun, was premade by a friend (long time ago) but all animations are custom, and done with code and not bones haha.
          the pictures in game, (the famous paintings) are royalty free images (very very old ones)
          we made procedural and destructable picture frames from scratch,
          reload, the sounds, and firing the paintballs all from scratch,
          the security guard was from
          most materials are engine content, unless its a custom mesh like the gun, or paintballs.
          the level was made durring gamejam, all things in this game other than what i have mentions were made during the gamejam, we added a few cutscenes, but did not have time to add them.
          with 1 more week, we would have more sounds, music, more ai, smarter ai, cutscenes, end boss battle, and some other small things..

          this was very fun for us. we learned a lot, and had a good time.

          Right click + ADS (aim down site)
          LEFT CLICK = FIRE
          R key = reload
          Spacebar = jump.
          ESCAPE= quit

          shoot camera lenses to stop cameras, shoot alarms to stop alarms. destroy all the paintings to settle the score.. (there would be a cutscene at end if we did not have 2 hours left O_O....
          there are SMALL known buggs... we could address with more time. and we could also expand obviously with more time.

 <--- this is where game going to be on upload.... EYE FOR AN EYE.

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            FOUR SCORE BRAWL

            DOWNLOAD LINK:

            ASSERTIONFAILED_FSB Project size: 92.4MB


            Four legendary composers go head to head in an epic battle to settle some scores.

            Calm down the overly-emotional notes you need for your magnus opus, and finish that composition whilst there’s still time or before your opponents get the chance.
            Settle those musical scores, and disrupt your opponents with an array of wacky weapons to win the game!

            Online multiplayer (2-4 players) only.


            Mouse to look, left mouse to use carried item / weapon, WSAD to move.

            TEAM NAME:

            Assertion Failed: FName does not exist

            TEAM SIZE: 5 Members
            • Luke Parkes-Haskell
            • Marc Fraedrich
            • Cedric ‘eXi’ Neukirchen
            • Céleste Peeters
            • Alistair Wood

            Open for contracted work | C++/BP (incl. Multiplayer) | Tutoring | VR

            My UE4 Blog/Page with Tutorials and more: Hit me for ALL the things!
            (Including 100+ Pages Multiplayer Network Compendium to get you started.)


              Doors, No Publisher presents...
              Shadow of the Giant Red Robot

              This is a VR game built to work with the HTC Vive. Sorry, there's really no way to play it without a Vive.
              To launch it correctly, you need to run the shortcut I included (or make your own), which appends "-vr" to the exe, otherwise it won't launch the game into VR mode for reasons unknown.


              That giant robot stepped on your home! Time to settle the score. Climb the robot and knock out all 8 of it's lights in order to destroy it. Try not to look down. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

              Doors, No Publisher consists of one member, me.
              NOTE: I'm sorry that the folder inside the .rar file does not contain the team name, only the game name. I'd rename it but I'd have to repack, and re-upload the file, which would take about 10 hours on my connection.


              On the introduction screen you may press any of the grip buttons to skip past it.

              Once in the primary level:

              Press a grip button on both hands to quickly restart the level.
              Press a grip button on either hand, and a trigger on the opposite hand in order to quit to desktop.

              To climb, reach towards a climbable surface (designated by the little indentations on it) and press and hold the trigger.
              To move around, press and hold the thumbpad in order to select a region, then release to teleport to your targeted destination.

              To draw your weapon, reach behind your head and press and hold the trigger button. You should feel it when you're reaching to the right spot.
              To drop your weapon simply release the trigger at any time and it will go back to it's holster.
              You can do this with either hand, and can do it while climbing.

              Asset Citations

              The red metal material, as well as the materials on the weapon were sourced from the Automotive materials pack.
              The environment textures and trees were from the Landscape Mountain pack.
              The assets that make your destroyed home were from the Infinity Blade Grasslands pack.
              All audio effects are sourced from the GDC 2015 & 2016 free audio bundles.
              The VR hands and teleportation effects are from the base VR starter.
              The two music tracks were produced by Kevin MacLeod (
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                DoomsdayDevices Inc.

                DoomsdayDevices Inc.

                Download Link: Idea-X_DoomsdayDevicesInc.7z Mirror Link

                • Dmitry Labadin
                • Mikhail Savochkin
                • Sofia Zavalnova
                • Ivan Voroshnin

                Disclosed Content:
                • Kevin MacLeod - Dark Classical Music (License: CC)
                • Sound effects from
                • Artwork from Public Domain
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                  DOWNLOAD LINK:

                  Jesse Gibbons (assets)
                  Theo O'Warren (code)

                  Disclosed Content:
                  Background from:

                  Arrows or WASD
                  SHIFT: DASH
                  Space or up for jump
                  jump again for stomp
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                    DOWNLOAD LINK : No Green Screen's Cycle of Hurt (
                    Warning! HTC Vive needed.

                    No Green Screen :
                    1 Member :
                    -Foehn Gallet

                    Disclosed Content :
                    -A Naked Mannequin That I had made before.

                    I'm pretty new to game developement and it's my first finished game ever.
                    So it's pretty brainless.
                    Had to cut corners so no sound.
                    And since I'm not a coder I didn't know how to have 2 player on 2 monitors (1VR and 1 on screen) or it would have been a rail shooter for one player and a sort of tower defense for the other.

                    But it was cool doing this
                    I hope you'll have some fun too.
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                      Link to a download of your game -

                      Team name - ForTheWorld (FTW)

                      List of team members :-
                      Farooq , Aman

                      Name of the submission - ForTheWorld_Sethesco

                      List of content that was created before the jam OR taken from other sources :-

                      Road_Texture , Grass_Texture - from a free source
                      Animations from Mixamo
                      Character Clothes from MakeHuman
                      Everything else was made during the GameJam...

                      What could we do if we had more time ?
                      We could have implemented a better AI and a more interactive world , filled with more kind of objects and would be more realistic with better fluid animations. More over it would be tons of times more fun than it already is.
                      (There are a lot of bugs and considering the fact that this is out first and only completed game project till date ; we can definetly hope to do better... )

                      Characters : Toshi , our main/only character AND Sethesco , our main/only villain.

                      How does it relate to the topic ?
                      A silent day , a normal day ; a relaxing breeze of air whiffs through the balcony...
                      Toshi ( Looking at Sethesco ) :- Hello Sethesco , It's time for payback.
                      Sethesco (Turns and grins ) ; a brief pause , Sethesco jumps off the balcony.


                      Now ask the question again....

                      Easter Eggs & Miscellaneous stuff :-

                      The Game is partially procedurally generated with beautiful-ish visuals...
                      The Idea for Names :-
                      Toshi - from one of our developer's Laptops (Toshiba)
                      Sethesco - Se(ttle)theSco(re)

                      ALSO, if you want the whole project file , don't hesitate to message OR mail us (at
                      Also Visit : For The World and like our Facebook Page
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                        Carrot Attack 4 - Settle the score, one carrot at a time - [MULTIPLAYER][SPLITSCREEN][CROSSPLATFORM]

                        Windows Download Here! - 36mb - Version

                        Team Name:
                        Richard Boegli's game studio for people who want to make games and want to do other stuff good too.
                        Abbreviated to richardboegli

                        Game Name:
                        Carrot Attack 4 -

                        Team Members:
                        Richard Boegli, Universal Problem Solver

                        Game Description:
                        Simple 2d shooter, single weapon, single goal. Last Sam Smile (man) standing.

                        Theme Usage:
                        Settle the Score - Two parts
                        1) Last man Standing
                        2) Couldn't get 4P local play to work in my first GameJam, so I started from scratch for this one

                        Special Category Entry:
                        "Best Game Under 100mb" for the best game that doesn't take up too much space - 67.1mb
                        "Army of One" for the best game made by a team comprised of only one person

                        How to Play:
                        Need 4 controllers - Tested with XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE controllers
                        Left Thumbstick - Left and Right
                        A - Jump
                        Right Trigger - Shoot Carrots

                        Known Issues:
                        Player movements is not tweaked yet
                        Only able to spend a few hours on this in total, so not very polished....
                        Health doesn't rotate correctly
                        Map doesn't restart when single player remaining

                        3rd Party
                        2d Side Scroller - Epic Games
                        Sam Smile - Richard Boegli
                        Carrot Projectile - Previous GameJam Entry - Nov 2015

                        Release History
                        Future releases here:
               - 2016-10-13 - Changed spawn locations
               - 2016-10-13 - Initial Release - Less than 100mb
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                          Download link:!AtBTJIJr9koMqBwilvJcD8fVtjMp

                          This game is built for HTC Vive, running with Steam VR. It's a boxing game where you can fight against an AI opponent.

                          Team Name: Stone Razor
                          - 1 Member: Stone Razor

                          Name of Submission: StoneRazor_Blocky

                          Disclosed Content:
                          - All sounds are royalty free sounds downloaded from and


                            The Settlers Of Xoth

                            Download Link: Download from Itch.IO
                            Direct Download: 64 bit Windows
                            Direct Download: Windows

                            The Settler's of Xoth is a strategy game done in a visual novel style.
                            Players must carefully manage resources and make choices about which resources to sacrifice based on need and projected remaining game time.
                            The difficulty starts off relatively easy, and gets progressively more difficult the closer the player gets to the end.
                            Those that are well versed in the works of H.P. Lovecraft may enjoy some of the event flavoring, it was my favorite part of planning the game and I wish I could add more of them.

                            1 Members
                            • Alice Robinson (Valkrysa)

                            Disclosed Content:

                            Unsure Of Needs To Be Disclosed Content:
                            • Took Starter Content dirt texture and messed with it a bunch to make red planet texture
                            • Took fire texture and messed with it a bunch to make star texture

                            Known Issues: There exists a possibility that players will get too many Calm Event's near the beginning of the game, making late game progression trivial in difficulty, sorry. This does not happen very often, but does occasionally happen.


                            My goal going into this was to make a game that would force me to learn new topics rather than fall back on what I already knew, dedicating half the time to topic learning. In this way it has been a great success and very rewarding, it was totally worth every minute.

                            Some highlights include:
                            - Used Blueprint debugging for the first time, goodbye Print nodes forever!
                            - Learned how cubemaps work and how they can be used to make a skybox.
                            - Learned a ton about how materials work and how to layer them and get panning and other effects.
                            - Opened Blender for the first time and made a 3D model (I also spent a day learning Blender materials, only to realize that Unreal materials are way better and redo them in UE4)
                            - Learned how UV wrapping and unwrapping works
                            - Learned how to make fully event based games while figuring out how to do turn based games, and how to completely throw away OnTick (yay! performance!)
                            - Learned how to make a game in which the UMG contains only front end logic and all actual game logic is fully contained within the appropriate places
                            - Learned how to make a settings screen and let the players pick their own settings

                            This jam has been incredibly valuable and UE4 has been a pleasure to work with the whole time <3
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                            A proud and noble software developer


                              #HurricaneMatthewRuinedMyPlans_The Terror Of Matthew

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	TerrorOfMatthew.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	230.0 KB
ID:	1116610

                              Download Links:

                              Team Name: #HurricaneMatthewRuinedMyPlans

                              Solo Dev: Victor Burgos
                              Under 100MB Packaged Game

                              This is a text adventure. So you'll have to actually read and figure out the words to proceed. There are tips inside each passage, and around here as well, there are Easter Eggs if you dare to take the time to find them. There are multiple ways to win, and even more ways to lose. Good luck!

                              Some "hints":
                              Use only single (not just singular) words
                              Hit Enter after each word
                              You will probably die a lot
                              Remember to check inventory by typing "inventory"

                              Everything was created within the past 24 hours
                              Last edited by VictorBurgos; 10-13-2016, 01:45 PM. Reason: 16:10 folks alerted me to some issues :)

                              Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

                              Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :


                                Ctrl Alt DELETE

                                Download here

                                Game Name: CtrlAltDELETE


                                Movement: WASD
                                Use Key/Pickup/Drop item: E
                                Extend held item forward (so you can smash it into other items): Right-MouseButton
                                Throw held item: Left-MouseButton

                                You can also open some doors and the beginning interactions are done with the E key.
                                Generally, Pick up items with E. Then Hold RMB and hit other objects with the one you're holding by swinging around your mouse.

                                Goal of the game:

                                Use the other items to break the various electronics around the office. They did you wrong by purposely failing on you!
                                You have a set amount of time to rack up points, afterwards you advance up a floor. There are 3 floors total.
                                There's also a good weapon that you can find on the second floor in the janitor's closet .

                                Team: Binary titans
                                Team Members:
                                • Alavanh Chanthasaly (Level Designer, Material Designer, Management stuff, misc)
                                • Eric Nethery (Sound engineer/Composer)
                                • John Beatty Jr. (Programmer, Gameplay Design)
                                • James Curtis (3D Artist)


                                Art: There is a handful of the standard ue4 assets in the game. However, aside from those all art in the game was created originally by James.
                                Sound: Most audio in the game had been remixed/remastered by Eric. He also has some original recordings as well. Most non-original samples came from Studio Box Mark III (But were generally mixed afterwards) with some coming from

                                Other notes:

                                One of the things we didn't have time to implement/polish was the intro. The idea we went with was that all the machines in the office were obviously sentient (in a sci-fi way not spooky) and mostly were just being giant jerks to the main character. We sort of touched on this but I wanted to clarify that here. Thanks for taking interest!