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    Chastise - IronBoundManzer


    Unreal Team
    1 Members
    • IronBoundManzer

    Disclosed Content:

    • Epic Wall mesh and Procedural Rooms (modified heavily to suit needs)
    • Music from

    Can use Gamepad with the game but Mouse has to be used when in menus.

    Other controls in game mentioned.
    Left shift / Right Trigger To Run.

    You are a gorilla who is trying to escape from the zoo.
    The game has 35 procedurally generated levels, which represent a Zoo but also are a maze and you have to find a "Zoo Exit" to get to the next level.
    There are male and female visitors also there are Guards who will shoot you down.

    P.S. : This is just a game and the write up in game is just for information and factual knowledge. Please don't get hurt or take it personally.
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    Check out Survivalizm. Animal Adventure game. Save the animals.
    Arcade satellite shooter - Protect Thy Sphere thingy


      Just Revenge

      Download Link:

      Team: Funkiness Factor
      Members (1): Graham Chow

      Disclosed content:
      Ambulance siren
      Bevan Font

      Unfortunately the game "Just Revenge" crashes showing the help screen...

      It would have said this...

      A great non-specific crime has been committed by the evil Willy Wagon tribe. You Need to Settle the Score by revenge killing a specific number of their people.
      Firstly, you destroy their homes to reveal these nasty terrorists and their moderately belligerent spawn! Then hit them again for the kill.
      But be wary of their pesky ambulance that will try to save them. Fortunately the patients can still be killed until they reach the UN sanctioned indestructible hospital.
      Your commander has given you a fixed amount of ammo each level that is further reduced by the number of excess people you kill. Run out of ammo and you get the sack!
      Complete as many levels as possible for the highest score

      "Q/E: Tank's range Power W/S: Tank's turrent Pitch\n"
      "Z/X: Tank's ammo burst radius A/D: Move horizontally\n"
      "TAB: Toggle between tank and spectator mode Enter: Cannon fire\n"
      "F: Toggle track ammo or not Esc/T: Quit or return to main menu\n"
      "+/-: Zoom in and Out O: Conced Level"

      In shipping mode, if there is not enough space for the text, the game crashes, but in dev mode it did not
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      Graham Chow
      Strange Orbitz (


        [IMG]C:\Users\shashank\Documents\Unreal Projects\PANK_V_Revenge\Saved\Screenshots\Windows\PANK-V PACKAGED 64-BIT[/IMG]

        team members of lightification:



        Textures from various websites and premade also
        HUD Textures
        Unreal Engine default font


          DRONE WAR
          Settle the score in the Drone War


          Team: Raincoatz Hood
          One Team Member: Lincoln Margison

          Submission Name: DroneWar_RaincoatzHood

          Disclosed Content: Explosion sound effect was created for a previous project, font used in banner/images is "Gadugi". All other content created by me within the GameJam timeframe (including video/music)

          Controls: Mouse to look. W to fly 'forward'. You may need to double click the menu items

          More info:

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            Link: Cyberz_Civil_Liberty
            Team name: Cyberz
            Team members: parker67, dgouk
            Name of your submission: Cyberz_Civil_Liberty
            Imported Content:
            * Brute character (mixamo) - retextured
            * Carpet (ArchVis)
            * Coffee table (ArchVis)
            * Couch (ArchVis)
            * Door (ArchVis) - With post editing
            * Lamp (ArchVis)
            * Potplant (ArchVis)
            * Ceiling light (ArchVis)
            * Television (ArchVis)
            * Player model (FirstPerson) - retextured
            * Player weapon (FirstPerson)
            * weapon fire sounds (FirstPerson)
            * cube (FirstPerson) - retextured
            * Car sounds (freesound) - post edited
            * 4x low poly houses (Turbosquid)
            * Bed (sweethome3d)
            * Bedside (sweethome3d)
            * Broom (sweethome3d)
            * Clothes basket (sweethome3d)
            * Desk (sweethome3d)
            * fence (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * fridge (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Garage door (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Oven/Cooktop (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Laptop (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Mailbox (sweethome3d)
            * Microwave (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Porch Light (sweethome3d) - retextured
            * Staircase (sweethome3d)
            * Table/Chairs (sweethome3d)
            * Window (sweethome3d) - remodelled, retextured
            * 2x low poly trees (KiteDemo)
            * low poly grass (KiteDemo)
            * landscape materials (2secnds)

            == Game instructions ==
            Defend against waves of enemies who are out settle the score with you for your gambling past.

            Key bindings
            1. upgrades weapon with available cash.
            2. Revitalises health with available cash.
            e. to initiate gamble.
            LMB. Fire gun.
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            Youtube:<br />



              DOWNLOAD LINK: (64 bit) (114 MB)

              Team Name: Atoi Team
              Members (2): GHAR & ANTONIOE

              Submission Name: AtoiTeam_TheKickback
              All assets were created by us for this jam, except for the sounds that were downloaded from,, and from UniversalSoundFX pack. Music by Kevin McLeod.

              Gamepad is highly recomended, but it is also playable with keyboard and mouse, or keyboard only.

              Controls: ASWD or Left Stick to move, Spacebar or (A) to Kick.
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                DOWNLOAD LINK: BackwashStudio_SpinZ
                (Edited !)

                BACKWASH STUDIO
                2 Members
                Sarah JOLY
                Jean CHARPENTIER

                Disclosed Content:
                Background menu image / Logo : made by Jean CHARPENTIER a few months ago
                Tree models : made by Jean CHARPENTIER a few months ago [LINK]
                Music : Famine by WaveWorm [LINK]
                ThirdPersonTemplate : Epic Games
                Zombie's animations : Mixamo

                97 % of the game assets where made during this Epic Megajam (all done in livestream).
                Robot's sounds recorded with our daughter Sirine, Zombie's voices, hit sounds and wind, by us.
                The map is based on a real location, Luçon, a nice little city in France, using OpenStreetMap and Blender.

                Pitch :
                You have to kill as much zombies as possible and reach the extraction point. Use your boost, but beware of the streets ! Watch your structure and energy to complete your mission !
                Don't want to clean out Earth alone ? Grab a friend, and do it together ! Or just race for the best zombie-killer.

                Controls :
                We're french so we use ZQSD instead of WASD, sorry for that, but you can play with a gamepad, or just Alt+Shift .

                Keyboard :
                ZQSD : Movements
                Mouse : Look and turn
                « P » : Pause
                « Space » : Jump
                « Shift » : Boost

                Gamepad :
                Left thumbstick : Movements
                Right thumbstick : Look and turn
                « Start » : Pause
                « A » : Jump
                « X » : Boost

                Known Issues:
                Dark buttons
                640*360 is disabled
                Some collisions with the baseball bat
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                - Tutos vidéos en francais - My website -


                  TeamAllshar - Score Strike

                  SCORE STRIKE

                  Download Link:

                  -Google Drive :

                  Team Allshar

                  -Jan "Allshar" Czarniecki

                  Disclosed Content:
                  -Music by Rhapshody Productions. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
                  -Animations are sourced (with some modifications) from Animation Starter Pack and Third Person Template.
                  -Sound effects were created using
                  -EPIC Leaderboard plugin from
                  -Icons (music,volume,twitter) come from
                  -Font from

                  Under 100MB - Check!
                  Single developer - Check!


                  First Person Shooter arena with slow-mo!
                  Survive for as long as you can. Kill enemies to gain more time.

                  WASD and mouse to move. LMB to shoot, RMB to slow down time.
                  Space to jump, Shift to dodge. F to drop weapon.
                  ESC to pause, and for audio settings.


                  This wasn't my first idea for this jam and I wasted more than a day on something else that I ultimately decided to scrap.
                  I run out of time to properly balance the game so its not as good in long term as it should have been.

                  You can visit my website at, where I will post some notes about the design of the game if you are interested.

                  Note to Allar and all other streamers/players:
                  I welcome all criticism. I would like to know what you all think about the game. You can even PM me your opinions.

                  Have Fun!
                  Fog of war / line of sight: MARKETPLACE - Support Thread


                    On Your Own
                    DOWNLOAD LINK: Gilded8_OnYourOwn

                    Gilded8 Team
                    2 members
                    • Alex K.
                    • Anna Z.

                    Disclosed Content:


                      Virtually Done - Partial Recall

                      Partial Recall

                      DOWNLOAD LINK: VirtuallyDone_PartialRecall

                      Virtually Done
                      • 1 Member : Morgan Page

                      Disclosed Content:
                      • Some sound effects from
                      • Starter content but mostly heavily modified

                      A VR game for the HTC Vive, trapped in cyberspace, you must cooperate with yourself to escape...
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                        Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
                        List of team members: Shatty
                        Name of your submission: JC's Revenge
                        Bonus: Under 100 MB category, Single Developer

                        Description: Our hero JC has been left for dead in a cave. Platform your way out of the cave, and beat em up through the countryside to settle the score with those that have wronged you.

                        Controls: GAMEPAD ONLY - Triggers to jump, A to attack, B for powerup

                        Disclosed Content:
                        Various Sprites from Kenney "Asset Jesus" (seems appropriate): Rock, dirt, spikes, base for character (reskinned) http://
                        Sound effects/Ambient Sounds from
                        Riffic Free Bold Font from

                        Level 1:


                        Jam Notes:
                        As always ran out of time. Game is a little short, but playable. Definitely needs more game. Had a lot of fun on this one. The last Mega Jam was my first attempt at a game jam. I failed miserably not even coming close to finishing something, but I really enjoyed the game jam process. Managed to finish 8 jam games since the last mega jam, slowly getting better. Will I ever win? Probably not. But as a wise man once said, one of the most important rules of a game jam is to have fun, and I have been having a blast making them. Check them all out at


                          Late For Work

                          Don't you just hate when this happens? You are late for work! Get there fast, but don't run anyone over
                          Time was always an issue, that's why the game is definitley not really polished, but you should get the idea of what it could become.


                          - 1 member (Linus Walden)

                          Disclosed content:
                          - Music: Kevin MacLeod, Incomptech
                          - Models: Blue guy from Epic aswell as some buildings I made for an earlier Project.
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                            A Spark From Space

                            DOWNLOAD LINK:
                            Team: Entity Games
                            Members (1): Ayan Shaikh
                            Project name: EntityGames_ASparkFromSpace

                            Disclosed Content:
                            Everything was made by me from scratch.


                              MegaJam Submission

                              Download Link:

                              Team Name: Ra Studios
                              Members: Zexus, Mohamed Yousri
                              Project Name: RaStudios_Popmerged

                              A puzzle game where you pop and merge bubbles to make them have the same number.

                              Contains 10 levels

                              Controls: Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button
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                                Raps' Revenge

                                DOWNLOAD LINK: DanielSkipper_RapsRevenge

                                Daniel Skipper
                                • 1 Member: Daniel Skipper

                                Disclosed Content/Additional Credits:
                                • 2d Side Scroller Template by Epic Games.
                                • 2d AI Move to Location Example by 1l2Hawk[LINK]