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    Donwload link:!bVIAFbCI!Yrgr-O_EV...uueVADiiK2eirA

    Team name: fpwong

    Members: Phillip Wong

    Disclosed Content:
    - Map from Infinity Blade Grasslands
    - Grunt character from Infinity Blade Adversaries
    - Sword from Infinity Blade Weapons
    - Skill effects from Infinity Blade Effects
    - Zombie, Knight and Mage characters from Mixamo
    - Mannequin character from Unreal
    - Zombie eat sound effect from
    - Shoot sound effect (mannequin fire) from
    - All other sound effects from and
    - Music (cutscene, menu, in game) from
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      Team name

      List of team members
      Kyle John (only 1)

      Name of submission

      This is Archery CardBoard VR game.

      Touch to shoot arrow~!
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        System Overdrive Squad

        Download Link:
        64 bit version -
        32 bit version -

        Robotic Reversal
        1 Member
        Bad Request

        Disclosed Content

        - Features Tour 2014 (player model, enemy models, sound effects, particles)
        - Silly Geo (enemy model, sound effects, particles, background material)

        - Menu - Psychic-Cm by suchthefool88
        - Level - Dirty Grind by griffon_designs

        - Short Laser
        - Long Laser ( combination of the following sounds )

        - Default UE4 font
        - Default Windows fonts
        - Thin Pixel-7
        - LAZER 84

        Note: scrolling texture and menu title made in Photoshop. Tron like emissive materials made in UE4. Both player and enemy movements were scripted using vectors.


        Keyboard + mouse:
        Move - W, A, S, D
        Rapid Fire - Space
        Laser - Right mouse button
        Teleport - Direction + Left Ctrl
        Pause Game - Esc, P, Pause

        Xbox Controller:

        Move - Left Stick
        Right Trigger - Rapid Fire
        Laser Fire - A
        Teleport - B + Direction
        Pause Game - Special Right Button
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          S'Mores Wars
          Settle The S'more


          Team Name
          Optic Scatter Games

          Shane Reynolds

          Name of Submission

          Disclosed Content
          prStart font by Codeman38 from

          S'mores Wars is Local Multiplayer only and most fun with 4 players!
          Grab a few controllers (I use xbox pads) and battle your rival S'mores to claim the ultimate victory; earning the right to be eaten!
          First to 100 points wins.
          Jump - A
          Kick - X
          Spit - B (need a marshmallow)
          Deflect Spit - Y (need a chocolate)

          Advanced Gameplay
          Hold jump to go higher and kick on the way up for an extra vertical boost.
          Once you have a chocolate and mallow, you can grab a graham cracker for extra armor.
          You can drop down through logs while holding down and pressing jump.
          Don't forget to toast your mallow for extra long spits (don't fall in though!)
          Spit while running for even more distance.
          Beware the awful banjo music. yes, that's me playing :/

          can be played with a keyboard with 1 player (WASD for movement, arrow keys for actions), no fun though, seriously get your buddies in there with some controllers and slay each other! Have fun!
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            Roswell Revengeance


            Defnique - one man team

            Content Disclosure

            Other than fonts, all content was scratch built by me in an empty project since Friday for this jam.


            Gamepad required

            Left Analog XY Rotate the Earth
            Right Analog X Roll the Earth
            Left and Right Triggers Smash Cities

            Very incomplete, barely a game yet, but I figured I'd submit what I got done since I put the effort in.


              Gaia's Wrath

              Gaia's Wrath


              Team Name


              Adam Liepins
              Byron Choy
              Cerina Tahir
              Leeman Garner

              Name of Submission

              Disclosed Content
              All sound effects courtesy of

              Play as Gaia and settle the score with humanity!
              Requires an HTC Vive to play.
              Draw symbols, grab natural disasters, and have fun!



                DOWNLOAD LINK : RageAgainstTheBalls-DodgeBrawl


                Rage Against The Balls
                2 Members
                - Caius Eugene
                - Liam Duncan

                Disclosed Content:
                - Inmate model from motionace3d on 3dTrader
                - Handpainted Textures from BitGem
                - Fonts From Google Fonts
                - Bed model from mojofoz on tf3dm

                Requires 2 or more players both with Gamepads.
                Right trigger to grab and release it to throw.
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                  Download Link :
                  64 bit:
                  32 bit:

                  Team Name: JustEntertainment(JE)

                  Members:[Only One]
                  Keval Shanker Shreyas

                  Project Name: JE_Miximo

                  Content: Most of the assets used were provided by epic itself i.e from:
                  Shooter example
                  Content example
                  Animation started pack.

                  Additional assets from marketplace:
                  Kubold Rifle set pro
                  Kubold Cover set pro
                  Kubold Pistol Set pro
                  Sci-Fi Weapons Dark
                  Military weapon Silver

                  Other Assets:
                  Music : Comp(Composed by my friend 2 years ago as while learning FL studio)
                  Fonts from :
                  GUI Buttons :

                  Game: ‘Miximo-Set the score’ is a special player vs computer Deathmatch game mode. For more info refer to the Rules option in-game.

                  P.S. Please ignore the below statements if deemed unnecessary.

                  Things I did before the jam:
                  I was working on my own project before the jam; Learning online and experimenting stuff; A third person cover shooter. It was still in its basic form not in publishable game state and full of bugs.I decided to use that as a base and develop a whole new playable and a fun game for this Jam.

                  Things I did during the jam week:
                  • I worked full time for this jam period i.e day and night and added a bunch of lot new whole things such as the ability to differentiate between a single and double handed weapon and act accordingly.
                  • Added a totally new type of weapon system consisting of the conventional weapons as opposed to the original laser weapons; i.e the weapons had ammo and blast radius.
                  • Made The ability for the player to pickup a weapon and swap his current using one with it(This was a nightmare to implement ;and had too many iterations)
                  • Made the main menu more interactive and good looking.
                  • Added melee and reload/auto reload functionality.
                  • Added an entire new cover system consisting of high obstacles.
                  • Sound Effects using the stuff epic has provided.
                  • Fixed a hell lot of bugs.
                  • Made tweaks in ragdoll.
                  • Made Different obstacles for different obstacles( i.e whether the player can use that obstacle to his need or not)
                  • Made the Mannequin look a lot cooler. And responsive with its owners heath
                  • And finally created an entirely new game mode ‘SET THE SCORE’ for this.

                  Things I could not do that I wanted to do because of time and resources:
                  • Add a melee sound
                  • Better particle for spawning effects
                  • Remove health bar and put uncharted like blood effect on screen
                  • Add more types of weapons like sniper rifle conventional and a freaking rocket launcher
                  • Add time pause/Slow time when a button is pressed until certain duration
                  • Make the HUD more attractive
                  • Add game over and fight sound effects (Something like tekken or mortal combat )
                  • Add current equipped weapon icon (I actually did that but it didnt turn out good so I removed it )

                  I am a programmer, not an artist so I’m sorry if the aesthetics and the visually are not upto the mark.

                  NOTE: All control schematics and Game rules/Objectives are mentioned in the game.


                    Before Ossuarium

                    _Bathos Studios


                    VR Spell Shooter - Windows 64bit & HTC Vive & Steam VR (ya need al'em!)
                    Game will explain itself - If you win then exit the .exe manually. Otherwise it's just be a bamf-wizard! (note - you still have HP)

                    Bathos Studios:
                    -Robert J Garcia

                    Disclosed Content:
                    -Marketplace asset Cinematic Orchestra Dark Fantasy by Joe O'Quinn
                    -Animation Starter Pack by Epic Games
                    -Standard Starter Assets
                    -VR Template Hands(not for grabbin stuff here!) + Movement(vive-style)
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                      Download Link (x64):

                      Frobnicated Games
                      • Atheatos

                      Disclosed Content
                      • Roboto font.
                      • Default UE Skybox.
                      • Basic Geometric shapes in UE starter content.
                      • Sounds and music were created by me but samples were taken from, and aggregated/synthesized within, free software (e.g. Fruity Loops).

                      Use the mouse to strafe left and right.
                      LMB: Fire energy beam.
                      RMB(hold): Reverse time.

                      How to Play:
                      You are a being of pure energy. As you progress, your speed will gradually increase. The goal is to avoid the obstacles and attain the highest score possible by moving as quickly as you can. If you crash or believe that you are about to, hold the Right Mouse Button to rewind time so that you can settle the score. This can even be performed after colliding with objects. But, be careful, as firing your beam and rewinding time both require energy and will slow you down. If you collide with an object while your energy bar is at less than 100%, you will be destroyed. Good luck.

                      NB: The game has 7 tested levels, but is virtually infinite. If you make it past level 8, you won, but you can continue to play to your heart's content. However, I can make no claims about the quality of gameplay at higher levels.

                      Known Issues:
                      • One of my play-testers reported the mouse cursor escaping while using multiple monitors, however I was unable to replicate the issue.
                      • Particle effects associated with the player sometimes do not appear at the beginning of the game as intended.
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                        Download link: Rockabit_Equalizer
                        2 members:
                        - AlexanderK
                        - EkaterinaK

                        Disclosed Content:
                        - Pawn from FirstPerson example
                        - Ambient electronic loop 001 by frankumjay. Link:
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                          Note Collector

                          Download link: 1guy_Note Collector

                          Team Name: 1guy
                          One Team Member: Akhil V S

                          Disclosed Content:
                          Cco music:Phat sketch
                          Cco sound effects from:
                          Character Created using Mixamo fuse



                            Download Link

                            2 Members
                            • Chase Comerer
                            • Joseph Oliver

                            Submission Name:

                            Disclosed Content:
                            Bathroom Sign Images
                            Possibly the font

                            Everything else was made for the jam.



                              Attack of The Prisms

                              DOWNLOAD LINK: FlyingSocksGames_AttackOfThePrisms

                              Team name: Flying Socks Games
                              Team members: ZioYuri78

                              Disclosed Content:


                              Commands are listed under "Settings -> Controls", a very short story is under "Play -> Story".

                              If Windows open an alert don't worry
                              Join the Unreal Engine community on Reddit! | Twitter: @ZioYuri78



                                DOWNLOAD LINK:

                                TEAM: Slatey
                                1 Member
                                • Slatey - Scott Campbell

                                DISCLOSED CONTENT:
                                • All sounds except fireball explosion - GDC Free Game Audio Bundle
                                • Animations - Some from ThirdPersonShooter sample project, some from Mixamo sample project
                                • Some Textures - Substance Painter 2 built-in textures. Not sure if this counts since I painted with the textures and modified them a little.

                                OTHER CONTENT:
                                • Gameplay - All using blueprints, no template was used.
                                • All 3D models - Made with MODO Indie 10 and Blender. Had to switch to MODO when I couldn't figure out how to get rigging/retargetting to work in Blender. This wasted 2-3 days.
                                • Textures - Painted using Substance Painter 2.
                                • Sounds - Sounds were edited or created using Adobe Audition.