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    Game Download

    Team Sukret

    Team member

    Game name : Head-Butt
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    Link : Download , Download 2
    Team name: JanWlosok
    List of team members : Jan Wlosok
    Name of your submission : JanWlosok_PathOfRevenge

    - moving cards - LMB
    - movement - RMB
    - zoom on card - MMB


    Path of Revenge is a combat card game. There are five levels with increasing difficulty. Every new level will add more powerful cards for you and your enemy. Complete five levels to get your revenge.


    Each card has three properties. Attack (red number), Cover(blue number) and Healing(green number). Attack can be countered by cover (5 attack vs 5 cover = 0 damage). Healing property of cards can restore your health, but if you are attacked while healing, you will only heal 1 health. Cards can also combine different properties (cover attack => 2 cover, 2 attack). Your goal is to kill your enemy before he kills you. Each round has to moves. Offense means, that you place your card first. Defense means that enemy places card first and you can react to it. You end your move by clicking Continue button.

    Used software:

    Blender, Photoshop, Quixel suite 2.0, Adobe Fuse

    Used content not made by myself:

    I used character model created in Adobe Fuse. I also created textures in DDO based on provided base materials (wood texture, metal texture).


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    Random Studio presents H.E.X. Human Evolved Xeno

    Story: A futuristic tomb raiding group finds a destroyed alien ship underground. A priceless artifact is removed leaving you little time to escape and settle the score. Betrayed by your group, you have to use your wits to solve your way out before its too late!


    Team Members:


    Disclosed Assets:s_statis- high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_case - high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_generator- high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_drill-high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_lifesupport-s_drill-high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_lifesupport2-s_drill-high poly made before, low poly made during jam
    s_lifesupport4-s-from model libary
    s_cover- from model libary
    s_fan - from model libary
    s_generatormachine2 -from model libary
    s_generatormachine3 -from model libary
    s_light_medbay2-from model libary
    s_med_equipment4-from model libary
    s_med_equipment6 -from model libary
    s_medlights--from model libary
    s_medsation3 -from model libary
    s_medstation-from model libary
    s_medstation--from model libary
    s-panel1--from model libary
    s-panel2--from model libary
    s-panel3--from model libary
    s-panel4--from model libary
    s-panel5--from model libary
    s-panel6--from model libary
    s_vent-from model libary
    s-treasureroom-- from model libary
    crystal_01-from model libary
    s_alarmlight- from model libary
    rock_01 from model libary
    rock_02-from model libary
    s_onemanship-from model libary


    FX_Map_7 and FX_Pattern_1_dif from The Monolith Pack
    T_Rock_D from Kite Demo Assets Pack


    Steel and Glass from Starter Content


    P_Steam_Lit from Starter Content


    Ambient Sounds from Soniss GDC Bundle 2016
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    Dead by Dawn

    Dead by dawn
    this is a simple wave based survival game, survive as long as possible.

    DL Link:

    this game is a bit of an homage to a classic movie series, and was put together by Tall Ship Studio.

    Team Members :
    • Arckadian
    • Magnetomage
    • markustss

    Story: A group of evil automata attacked you, you friends and you are the sole survivor; they're back, and now you have the opportunity to get some revenge... or you will be dead by dawn.

    Disclosed Assets:
    • Sounds were aquired from
    • AI Enemy Constructor by Void Lantern (ue4 asset, heavily modified)
    • Infinity Blade Grasslands by epic.
    • a total two meshes were use from previous projects.

    a more detailed listing can be found in the credits section of the game.

    Fullscreen play Recommended.

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    WASD - Move
    Space - Shoot

    DownloadLink for no menu, game needs Menu and still some tweaks here and there :3 <3
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    DOWNLOAD LINK: Spitoon_RailcarRevenge

    Spitoon Team
    4 Members
    • Bharat Gudihal
    • Aaron Desin
    • Ruohan Tang
    • Jimmy Kelly

    Disclosed Content:
    • Sourced Sounds (all public domain):
    • Train Whistle: Zozzy on
    • UI Click Sound: Klawykogut on
    • Dice Sound: nettimato on
    • Crate Break Sounds: corkscr3w on
    • Bear Trap Sound: zorrobms1001, thiagoassis82terror, wilhellboy on
    • Explosion Sound: tommccann on
    • Church Bell Sound: klankbeeld on
    • Train Travel Sound: macdaddyno1 on
    • Ricochet sounds: thatSFXguy on YouTube

    Game Instructions:
    1. Unzip the folder and execute the "ProjectSpitoon" Unreal file.
    2. To begin, roll your die by clicking the "Roll" button on the screen. Choose to split your roll between moving spaces (by clicking on consecutive tiles), and an action (for example, click the "Shoot" button and then click on an opponent adjacent to the player).
    3. Complete the level in the allotted amount of turns shown in the bottom left of the screen by moving into the back doorway tile of each car.
    4. Upon completing every few levels, the player gains an additional die.
    5. Opponents do not have to be eliminated - the goal is to make your way to the front car to take over the train.
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    Team Name: Funky Fresh Ninja Bouys

    Project Name: Employee of the Month

    Team Members:
    Dean Sinclair
    Liam Meldrum
    Abbie Smeaton
    Chris McEvoy
    Bryan Adams


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    NOTE: The Scope of the project was sadly a couple hours too big. Scene 3 and Scene 5 are incomplete. Apologies. We will probably release the actual finished version of the game on our website: once its done, so close to finishing but couldnt do any more in the amount of time left.

    Team: Cybernaut Games

    Team Members:
    - Duncan Bunting
    - John Bruce
    - Sarah Shahzad

    Name Of Game: HER NAME WAS KATIE

    Disclosed Content:
    - Used Several Assets provided in the UE4 StarterContent folder
    - Used Moon Texture Provided by:
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    Battle of the Ages

    Settle the score with your mar-b-elous historical enemies in this free-for-all multiplayer game!


    • AngryHead (Blueprints)
    • Devin (Music&SFX)
    • El Fuego (LevelDesign&Textures)
    • RedFox (NATSessionServer&MainMenu)
    • TiO2 (StatueModels&Textures)


    All content was made during the jam, including music, sound effects, statue models, textures and the NAT punching backend session server.

    Warning: This is a multiplayer game, so you need several people to enjoy it! Get 4 friends together OR contact us via PM for a game session.

    Main Menu Lobby: Chat with other waiting players. Change your name, pick a game and join.
    In Game Controls:
    WASD for movement
    Space to jump
    Left Mouse Button to swing your weapon
    Right Mouse Button & hold to "grab" a throwable actor (works when close to them)
    E to throw the item if "grabbing" an item (holding RMB)
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    Team: RichardNazarian
    1 Member
    Richard Nazarian

    An Online Multiplayer FPS (LAN and IP connect), Best to play with at least 3 people. Host must have port 7777UDP forwarded.
    Get 20 kills. Once in a while the Equalizer weapon will spawn in the middle. It's a one shot one kill weapon with 1 ammo. Killing your last killer will give you 2 kills instead of 1.
    At the end of the game, the game will automatically restart after 15 seconds.

    Bugs: Firerate is not consistent on each machine

    Tab - Scoreboard
    WASD - Movement
    Left mouse - Fire / Ready / Respawn
    Space - Jump
    LeftCtrl - Crouch
    MouseWheel - Change weapon
    Escape - Leave match (Host dont ragequit abuse this please )

    Disclosed Content:
    UE4 Starter Content
    Weapon model from
    Music from
    "Male Scream" by aldenroth2:
    "Grunts" by bennychico11:
    "Gun shot sound 01" by GregsMedia:
    "Weapon swap" by twisterman:
    "Change weapon sound" by knova:
    "Sci fi glitch sound" by waterboy920:
    "Energy Gloves" by ejfortin:
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    Link: 64Bit / 32Bit
    Team name: ILLUMINE GAMES
    List of team members: Forcedown, Megpixels
    Name of your submission: ILLUMINEGAMES_SCORERESTORE

    Notes: All assets were made from scratch during the 6 day time period. Unfortunately, the sound stopped working right before packaging everything, which is extremely sad, but we hope you enjoy anyways!

    WASD + spacebar
    Left thumbstick + A button
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    Règlement de Comptes

    Reglement de Comptes

    Team Name : ./fun
    Member : 1 - Ludovic Aubertin

    download link :

    Disclosed Content: everything was created by me during this jam

    A bad student is going to have to be better to get back his freedom...

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    RoboDude Miami

    Name: RoboDude Miami

    Download link: (windows)

    Team: Barocon
    Members: Barocon

    KB/Mouse: WASD movement and left click attack
    Gamepad: Left stick moves, Right stick rotates, Attack with A

    Disclosed Content:
    Swooshing sound from
    Some materials and textures from Starterpack

    Tools used:
    Blender, Krita and ChipTone

    I'm a UE4 newbie so most of my time was spent watching tutorials, reading guides and hunting for the right checkboxes.

    I was wondering whether I should submit the game at all. Game has just 3 tiny levels very little content. I didn't have time to make everything I wanted to make.

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    Pluck off my Island

    Download Folder: Download Here
    (direct link)
    Team name: Moonbeam
    List of team members: NellG, orts, gabrielnv
    Name of your submission: moonbeam_PluckOffMyIsland

    Controls: Mouse - Hold left mouse button down and move mouse over island to roll it around.

    The sound and the water are from unreal. Everything else has been made during the jam.

    Due to life (work) commitments, we were unable to spend much time on this jam as wanted to, and we so haven't been able to finish it. Submitted where we got to. The idea came from settling an island, with the islands being numbers which when viewed from above would be the score. The score was due to be based on the number of pink creatures alive, with the islands continually rising up and falling down into the water as the score changed (if you can get 10 pink creatures alive the first number will pop up). The creatures eat pumpkins and when full they spawn new creatures. There are rogue creatures which eat them. The game is controlled by holding the left mouse button down and rolling the island around. The creatures are supposed to avoid the water and head for the pumpkins!
    Future ideas were to use the rocks to throw at the bad guys, and for birds to fly by and occasionally eat the creatures.

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    DOWNLOAD LINK: Quadknot_AttunedGame

    TEAM: Quadknot
    1 Member
    • Daniel Figueroa

    Disclosed Content:
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