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    Kid Detective


    Submission : Volkiller730_KidDetective
    Unreal Team
    1: Volkiller730

    Everything was make or downloaded during the jam
    3rd party content
    floppy disk

    textures from Unreal Engine Content:

    Textures from
    bloody hand
    broken window

    Kid Detective: the case of Manny Quin
    you play as a child detective that has to solve the murder of a man in the neighborhood, but things dont alwas go as you plan.

    Mouse WASD
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      Sue your opponent in this point-and-clicker game!

      DOWNLOAD LINK: TeamAmsanity_TakeItToCourt

      Team Amsanity
      1 Member
      • Amsanity

      Disclosed Content:
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      UE4 Jam Entries:
      March 2016
      September 2016
      Epic MegaJam October 2016
      December 2016


        Robo Revenge

        DOWNLOAD LINK (x64): Clearskygame_RoboRevenge

        2 Members

        Disclosed Content:
        SoundFX: SCE SFX Asset Library. Kim Nordstrom (
        Music: Loopmasters.
        Font: Xolonium & UE4 default font.
        Particles texture: Epic first person shooter sample.

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        Never Give Up


          Settle the score

          Team name psychoROBOT
          Team members 1
          Project name SETTLE THE SCORE
          Pre-made content ue4 mannequin, cloth_ComplexCollision, tutorial particle system, magic sword's sword of truth and in the face of evil.
          Game controls WASD to move, space bar to jump, Q to return to spirit form, esc or O to pause game.

          Link to game



            Return Fire!

            Download Link: Rathimir_ReturnFire

            1 Member:
            • Shaunathon6

            Disclosed content:



              The Blank Arcade

              4 Members
              • Conor Paterson (Programming/Scripting)
              • Conaire Digney (3D Modelling/Game Design)
              • Gerard Lavery (3D Modelling/Game Design)
              • Gordon Thompson (Level Design/Scripting)

              Disclosed Content

              All assets, dialogue, particles and materials developed for Game Jam


              • WASD: Movement
              • P: Pause
              • Left Click: Fire Weapon

              Survive or be Vaporized
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                DOWNLOAD LINK:

                Jazz Cousins, only member.

                Disclosed content:
                Music by Ben Thornton
                Everything else by myself made between the 8th and 13th, missed the start, but pleased with what I managed.
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                  Temple of nemesis

                  DOWNLOAD LINK: AethericGames_TempleOfNemesis

                  Aetheric Games:
                  • just me, Mr_Behemoth

                  Disclosed content:
                  • Modified version of the UE4 templates character model
                  • This font

                  This needs some explanation! It is very much an unfinished prototype, for a gameplay experiment that still needs a lot of work.

                  The idea is that warriors enter the temple seeking the blessing of Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, in order to get revenge on the one who entered before them. Every time one of them dies, a new one comes looking for revenge. The player (as Nemesis) must guide the warriors to their vengeance, and not let anyone escape. The temple/dungeon is procedurally generated. It's possible to end up with 4 or 5 revengers running around.

                  Potential future versions could include more interaction with the dungeon (traps!) as well as better AI and balancing.


                    Team name : Penguinnauts
                    List of team members : Aaron Leaton, Levon Church, Niky Leaton
                    Name of your submission : Bad *** Brad
                    Disclosed Content (Music and Sound aside from voices were licensed through Audioblocks, Font used was Marque-Moon)

                    Download Here

                    Right Mouse Button = Block
                    Left Mouse Button = Attack
                    Spacebar = AOE knockback
                    Shift = Flying Kick
                    Alt+F4 = Let the rage flow.
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                      Food Fight!

                      DOWNLOAD LINK (x64) (zip file) : Peaznchips_FoodFight

                      Team name: Peaznchips
                      Team members: 2 members
                      Submission name: Peaznchips_Food Fight
                      Pre-made content: Models (cake slice, marshmallow sticks, petitfour, cherry, green liquorice sweet). Starter Content (M_Rock_Sandstone , BP_Sky_Sphere)
                      Game controls: XBoxOne controller - Twin stick control for left and right arms , Pick items with left or right arms with Left or Right triggers. Alternately use d-pad and face buttons to move left or right arms. (R) on keyboard - to reset view. (A) button on controller to start game.


                      Pick and match the food item that is displayed on your left. Stop your opponent from picking their food item. You can steal items from your opponent. Place the matched item onto your empty plate in front of you. You can place non matching items on your plate to return them to their original positions. You can only return picked items to their original plate. Place 10 matched items on your plate before your opponent. Carry on playing by placing a matched item on your plate to go to the next wave. Opponents speed will increase after each matched item. Have fun!

                      Note: This is a VR view game tested with Oculus Rift , no motion controls required only xbox controller.
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                        DOWNLOAD LINK: Download Here

                        Walk Spaces
                        1 Members
                        Daniel Gualdron

                        Disclosed Content:
                        Marketplace assets Simple Office Interiors - Synty Studios
                        UE4 Default Hands and mannequin and Font
                        Building textures from

                        NOTE: This is a VR game for the HTC VIVE
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                          Carbonara Penguins' Entry: Katagatsuku

                          *aka The Epic Maze of the Darkest Lost Penguinos of the World

                          Download LINK: (Google Drive)
                          Team name : Carbonara Penguins
                          List of team members :
                          • Aokami
                          • Bashark
                          • Histoplasma
                          • Kaien
                          • BaltH20

                          Name of your submission : CarbonaraPenguins_Katagatsuku

                          All meshes were made by ourselves.
                          Here's the list of the assets we used.
                          Assets and tech used:
                          • Third Person Blueprint Template
                          • Character sprite made from Sprite Creator 3 (Open Source Software by Brian Jensen) (link)

                          Description : In Katagatsuku (方が付く), you have to avenge your brother's death.
                          Find his murderer who's hiding on the other side of that maze.
                          As you kill him, his closest friends or relatives might want to avenge his death as well.
                          And the wheel of vengeance loops forever.

                          Been too ambitious for the first entry of our team..
                          A member had some trouble launching self-compiled editor on Ubuntu. (Graphics card issue it seems).
                          But we managed to create a nice looking procedural maze and some assets.
                          Was a good time for us to learn some concepts and technics.

                          We didn't have time to implement:
                          • Fights with NPCs
                          • Revenge of dead targets relatives (recursion)
                          • Sounds ( Sorry )
                          • Z-axis behaviour
                          • Skills

                          Control Scheme:
                          • WS: Go Up/Down
                          • AD: Go Left/Right
                          • Shift: Dash (can go through barrier)
                          • Space: Jump (useless)
                          • Left Click: Attack
                          • Mouse Wheel Up/Down: Zoom In/Zoom out

                          Difficulties : Inspiration, team organisation (who do what, when, how ?).
                          C++ derived blueprint classes (so many crashes).
                          Code and assets sharing (couldn't set up a github or a Perforce).

                          Other Software Used::
                          • Blender
                          • Gimp
                          • Photoshop CS5
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                            DOWNLOAD LINK (x64): KevinDurantsPillow_StumpTheTrump

                            Team name: Kevin Durant's Pillow
                            Team member: pokedough
                            Name of submission: KevinDurantsPillow_StumpTheTrump

                            Disclosed content:
                            Industrial Area Hangar Map
                            Modular Neighborhood Pack Map
                            Old Train Factory Map
                            Sci Fi Weapons Silver
                            K-SPREE GUI
                            Models from here
                            Player hands from Shooter Game
                            Player character blueprint logic and UI blueprint logic reused from previous projects. Focused on AI, level design, and overall game design/gameplay programming
                            Sounds from
                            Intro: Knife Party - Centipede

                            Gameplay Controls:
                            WASD - Movement
                            Space - Jump/Double Jump
                            Left-Click - Fire Weapon
                            Right-Click - Secondary (on Sniper Rifle)
                            G - Weapon Selection Panel (Sets Game in Slowmo)
                            R - Reload Weapon

                            It's Election 2020 and it's time to finally SETTLE THE SCORE between the forces of the Clinton Foundation and the might of the Trump empire. Your job as the former Secretary of State, encased in a bionic suit to protect you from pneumonia, is to support the renegade Never Trump rebels in taking back the centers of power from the God Emperor himself. America is in dire need of a hegemony; will you be the one to wrest back control of CNN and once again, manufacture the consent of Americans? Will you stifle the allied Russian hackers from obtaining more WikiLeaks emails? Will you...make America great again? Find out in November, after the score is tallied!




                              Team Name: Fun Goose Productions
                              Team Members : jay_adams_11, ag858, kilon
                              Name of Submission: FunGooseProductions_EAT

                              Gameplay Controls: WASD, mouse look //Gamepad joysticks

                              You are tired of all the trolls eating all the mushrooms, it's time for revenge!!! Settle the Score by EATing all the mushrooms you can and stomp out your enemies before they do it to you.
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                                DOWNLOAD LINK:

                                Game Name:Process Killer
                                Team: PrisonColonyDevs
                                2x Members
                                WarpSpasm - Lvl design/BP coding
                                NeuroCase - Models and Materials/Textures

                                Disclosed Content:
                                Cedric Exi's SoundVis PLugin
                                3x Music Tracks from Energy Hard Rock Music Pack on Ue4 Marketplace
                                1x Music track from Nostalgia Dubstep LevelKit on Ue4 Marketplace
                                2x Free Fonts from
                                1x world grid material from silly geo example project
                                1x holocity material from shooter game project
                                1x LUT texture from Colorama Pack On Ue4 Marketplace
                                4x Epic Animation Starter Pack Assets
                                Cube and floor meshes from starter content

                                Theme Connection
                                1.You must settle the score against the evil cpu in a devil daggers inspired fps set inside a computer
                                2.You must survive each level(3 + boss level) until the music score settles, levels use cedric exis great
                                soundvis plugin to pump level with the sound track

                                Game Size:99mb unzipped/46mb zipped