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Epic MegaJam Submission Thread

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    Pixels & Polygons - Trumpeteers


    DOWNLOAD LINK: Pixels&Polygons-Trumpeteers

    Pixels & Polygons Team:
    1 Member
    Connor Thompson

    Disclosed Content:
    Whiplash - Song by Hank Levy:

    Thanks for a fun first UE4 Game Jam guys!

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    Western Revenge

    Team: Biomatic Studios
    Members (1): Robert342
    Project name: Western Revenge

    Disclosed Content:
    Some textures form Epic
    Audio files from (

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    HammelGammel Submission


    Team Hammelsmack (1 member):

    - HammelGammel

    Project name: "Hammelsmack_Spacejumping"

    Disclosed content:

    - All of the photos for the textures were taken from
    - I didn't create the font. It's called SIMPLIFICA.
    - All of the sounds and music-pieces were taken either from or from
    - The particlesystems are the startercontent-ones.
    Last edited by HammelGammel; 10-13-2016, 10:00 AM.

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    Bouncy Ball

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bouncyball_logo.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	52.1 KB
ID:	1116576


    Team Name:
    Members: fighter5347
    Project Name: fighter5347_Bouncy Ball
    Content: some assets from the Realistic Rendering Demo + the explosion sound from the starter content

    Unfortunately I had not enough time to create some more 3d assets (had to go to work ), but it's fun to play + I was able to stay under 100mb

    The goal is to hit the bookshelf with the ball till one player has 10 points. There are two types of pickups -> green = ball gets bigger, red = ball gets smaller

    Player 1:
    left: A
    right: D
    jump: W
    "attack": Space

    Player 2:
    left: left arrow
    right: right arrow
    jump: up arrow
    "attack": enter
    Last edited by fighter5347; 10-13-2016, 10:44 AM. Reason: New Downloadlink

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    Download Link(Google Drive)

    Team: Overcaffeine
    - No7

    Disclosed Content:
    - 3 Animations from Mixamo
    - 3 Audio assets from GDC 2016 Game Audio Bundle
    (Licence included in files, free to use without attribution)
    - 3 Static mesh assets from Unreal Stylized rendering example
    - 1 or 2 Material from Starter content

    Note: Game is multiplayer only(Requires Steam)
    (only confirmed working when host and client are in same LAN signed in with different steamIDs)

    Known Issues:
    - know
    - Connecting to games takes quite long and has no visual indicator, be patient
    - Requires restart if connection fails
    - Scoring may be inaccurate
    Last edited by ctzn_no7; 10-13-2016, 02:57 PM.

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    Shatter Field
    Download: RoseMD_ShatterField

    1 Member:
    • Kira Karanik

    Disclosed Content:

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    Download Link :

    1 Member :
    • Param21

    Submission Name : Imcrede_Even

    Disclosed Content :
    • Marketplace asset Animation Starter Pack by Epic Games

    The cruelty of Hunter's have been increasing everyday and more and more animals are being hunted for various reasons. As everything has its ending. The time has come when animals will take their turn.
    This game is just an impression on how a deer make things 'Even' with a hunter.

    Note : Act (Left click) as soon as countdown ends or get killed.
    Last edited by Param21; 10-13-2016, 03:14 AM.

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    1 Member
    • 1 Aleksandr Zukov

    Content :

    Music from my 2015 year album.
    Fonts downloaded from various free sources.

    Story : You are revived by Professor Dou after attack on your HQ and now you have to chase your killer to settle the score and retrieve stolen equipment!

    Hint : Game is endless until you win!

    Known Issues :

    bug with Pal Animation [if you press spacebar couple times really fast it gonna play jump or run animation constantly]
    forgot to fix it but everything else works as i planned!

    p.s. sorry i didn't have time to make more locations and cutscenes =(
    Last edited by Akio Kami; 10-13-2016, 12:03 PM.

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    1 Member:

    Disclosed Content:
    3D Graphic Assets from Various Synty Studio packs
    Sounds from Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia
    Mobile Game GUI Pack 5 by yurakr
    Font Fontopo by Yoshihisa Nakai
    3 Mixamo animations
    Basically judge my game on design & programming only, all assets were purchased

    v1.1 update
    -bug fixes, slow down notice to pick up passengers, failure state /w sound, replaced triangle that wasnt working with a mesh, better car braking
    Last edited by BPANDREW; 10-13-2016, 11:28 AM.

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    (Banner is optional, but looks nice)
    DOWNLOAD LINK: UnrealTeam_GameTitle

    Unreal Team
    3 Members
    • Ryan Brucks
    • Alan Noon
    • Alan Willard

    Disclosed Content:
    • marketplace asset Super Grid by zeOrb
    • Grass textures from Texture Warehouse [LINK]
    • Music from Artist-X on Soundcloud [LINK]
    Last edited by Alexander Paschall; 10-07-2016, 11:15 AM.

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