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    Epic MegaJam! Oct. 6-13th, 2016

    Project name: How I settle the score
    we messed up with builds here is reuploaded

    W,A,S,D - movement
    E - hit with stick
    MOUSE - to look around

    perfect design team
    2 Members
    - Kasimov Alexander
    - Nagaev Artyom
    Disclosed Content:
    UE First person project BP FirstPersonCharacter
    UE First person project BP FirstPersonGameMode
    UE First person project BP FirstPersonHUD
    Open sans font
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      Team: Salty Panda
      Team Members (5):
      Spencer Nelson - Producer
      Krishna Salimeda - Engineer
      Shuo Shan - Engineer
      Isaac Kellis - Tech Artist
      Vega Bai - Tech Artist

      Disclosed Content:
      Mixamo animations
      Unreal starter content skybox (*texture is our own)
      Some particle textures found online
      Audio from
      1 material function from Unreal kite demo
      2 textures from Unreal kite demo


        Link to download: Have A Good Day!

        Team Name: doyak
        Members (1): Brandon Bredda
        Game Name: Have A Good Day
        This is a VR title that requires the HTC Vive (Make sure SteamVR is started before launching the game)

        Assets not created during Jam:
        Mask texture:
        Music created by: Patrick Lieberkind. Changes were made by me to make loopable. Link to CC Attribution license: Link to content:
        Assets from Simple Office, Town, & House from Synty Studios: (Modified many of the assets to fit uv's/shape/interiors)
        Trees I have created before this project (needed some adjustments to fit).
        Various audio assets from GDC 2016 Game Audio Bundle & audio created with
        Vive controllers from this community project:
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        Spline-Enabled Fence Pack - "Great pack, huge time-saver, top quality and enough variety to really make the assets unique." -Dark Acre Jack
        Destructible Road Signs - "Seriously awesome. Single blueprint for pretty much all the road signs you'll ever need." -thankstipscom
        Zipline/Teleporter/JumpPad - "This is a very flexible system for any project, and really simple to implement." -lunyBunny
        Wooden Storage Pack - "Very good high quality assets and well worth it." -Deathweave
        Digital Portfolio


          Tim's Revenge

          DOWNLOAD LINK:

          1 member team

          Disclosed Content:
          All assets from Unreal Learning content or made by me.

          100mb project category

          WASD to move around
          [SPACE] sprint
          [Q] Toggle Weapon
          [R] Reload

          Run around, survive and take revenge on Tim's Killer

          No time to make win condition in the end.


            Death Reported

            DOWNLOAD LINK:

            Schwifty Same Saved Shades of Shaved Shame
            5 Members
            • Advait Dhumne
            • Iman Syed
            • Hussain Dabhiya
            • Pulkit Singh
            • Shirish Shukla

            Disclosed Content:
            Sound Assets from
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              DOWNLOAD LINK: HeadsAndBrains_EndlessDebtsAndMoney

              Endless debts and money
              2 Members
              Nicat Mammadov
              Tural Mammadov

              Disclosed Content: some sounds from (will update later with links), and some substance materials.

              Story: You owe endless debt to people . Fortunately you have a money making machine .

              Controls: Trigger or Grip buttons to pick up object. To press ingame buttons just touch to it with your ingame hand.

              Game mechanisms:
              TV - shows debt amount, person you owe that amount to and your reputation. Can change person by pressing left and right arrows on the left side of TV.
              Debt - Amount you owe to the person seen on the TV.
              Reputation - Can be increased by successfully paying debt. Changes between 0-100. If reaches 0 they will probably kill you!
              Patience - People will have different patience. Their face will become more red as patience goes down. They'll leave if they can't wait any longer and your reputation will go down based on that person's patience. (the less patience they have, the less reputation will be lost. The more patience they have left, the more reputation will be gained)
              Basket - You can put and discard money from basket. Money must be in the basket for some reason... .

              Requires motion controllers.
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              MARKETPLACE | YouTube


                Pumpkin Hack

                DOWNLOAD LINK:

                Controls, W,A,S,D Space-Jump, CTRL/C-Transform, Shift-Sprint, L Mouse button-Attack, Tab-Fullscreen.

                Hide and go seek with a deadly twist, wield your scythe to take out other players but choose your attacks wisely as a miss will get you stuck.

                Once upon a time there was a village of farmers. Their love for growing pumpkins was as big as their pride and while they were friends, they
                were also rivals.
                Everyday they would compete against each other, trying to out grow one another, for the scent of
                victory was sweet.
                But envy brings a bitter taste and decades passed with no clear outcome in sight, until one sorrowful Halloween night, it was death's turn to reap the harvest.
                Rumor has it that as their competition was never completed, their rivalry and grudge cheated death and their spirits would appear every Halloween night to decide once and for all, who's the best pumpkin farmer.
                Tonight, in the cursed graveyard they're buried where pumpkins mysteriously grow, they would meet once again.

                This time to finally
                SETTLE THE SCORE.

                NOT Blizzard
                5 Members
                Venci Nachev
                Adrian .M
                Lance Baker
                Danaos Christopoulos
                Jonathon Riley

                Disclosed Content:
                Infinity Blade assets 5 foliage, 2 Vines, 2 Grass
                Marketplace assets Quantum meta clouds by quantum theory.


                  Crowbar games - the dolliseum

                  DOWNLOAD LINK:

                  Game Name: THE DOLLISEUM – (Needs two controllers. Local versus.)

                  Team Name: CROWBAR GAMES

                  5 Members:
                  Mark Cully (Programmer)
                  Chris D’Arcy (Sound)
                  Erin Stevenson (Technical Artist)
                  Harry Haston-Dougan (Programmer)
                  Sam Donaghey (Artist)

                  Disclosed Content:
                  Fonts from Dafont

                  NOTE: If the camera bugs out or anything else breaks, press the ‘T’ key to reset the game.


                    Robotic Grudge


                    3 Members
                    • Anton Sidorenko (ProgFZ23 here)
                    • Alex Mel'kin
                    • Ksionda Eugen (vedgi here)

                    Disclosed Content:
                    • Materials and textures from Automotive Materials example project
                    • Default engine font and other default engine content


                      • BanBros
                      • 2 Members:
                      o derko666
                      o therko

                      • Great Neighbours
                      • Disclosed Content:
                      o Music „Hunting the Cockroach”

                      1 player:
                      W,S,A,D - moving
                      Left Shift - taking object
                      Left Control - attack

                      2 player:
                      arrows - moving
                      num8 - taking object
                      num7 - attack

                      If input is not working properly, please use this link:
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                        DOWNLOAD LINK: Quadknot_AttunedGame

                        TEAM: Quadknot
                        1 Member
                        • Daniel Figueroa

                        Disclosed Content:
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                          Pluck off my Island

                          Download Folder: Download Here
                          (direct link)
                          Team name: Moonbeam
                          List of team members: NellG, orts, gabrielnv
                          Name of your submission: moonbeam_PluckOffMyIsland

                          Controls: Mouse - Hold left mouse button down and move mouse over island to roll it around.

                          The sound and the water are from unreal. Everything else has been made during the jam.

                          Due to life (work) commitments, we were unable to spend much time on this jam as wanted to, and we so haven't been able to finish it. Submitted where we got to. The idea came from settling an island, with the islands being numbers which when viewed from above would be the score. The score was due to be based on the number of pink creatures alive, with the islands continually rising up and falling down into the water as the score changed (if you can get 10 pink creatures alive the first number will pop up). The creatures eat pumpkins and when full they spawn new creatures. There are rogue creatures which eat them. The game is controlled by holding the left mouse button down and rolling the island around. The creatures are supposed to avoid the water and head for the pumpkins!
                          Future ideas were to use the rocks to throw at the bad guys, and for birds to fly by and occasionally eat the creatures.

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                            RoboDude Miami

                            Name: RoboDude Miami

                            Download link: (windows)

                            Team: Barocon
                            Members: Barocon

                            KB/Mouse: WASD movement and left click attack
                            Gamepad: Left stick moves, Right stick rotates, Attack with A

                            Disclosed Content:
                            Swooshing sound from
                            Some materials and textures from Starterpack

                            Tools used:
                            Blender, Krita and ChipTone

                            I'm a UE4 newbie so most of my time was spent watching tutorials, reading guides and hunting for the right checkboxes.

                            I was wondering whether I should submit the game at all. Game has just 3 tiny levels very little content. I didn't have time to make everything I wanted to make.


                              Règlement de Comptes

                              Reglement de Comptes

                              Team Name : ./fun
                              Member : 1 - Ludovic Aubertin

                              download link :

                              Disclosed Content: everything was created by me during this jam

                              A bad student is going to have to be better to get back his freedom...


                                Link: 64Bit / 32Bit
                                Team name: ILLUMINE GAMES
                                List of team members: Forcedown, Megpixels
                                Name of your submission: ILLUMINEGAMES_SCORERESTORE

                                Notes: All assets were made from scratch during the 6 day time period. Unfortunately, the sound stopped working right before packaging everything, which is extremely sad, but we hope you enjoy anyways!

                                WASD + spacebar
                                Left thumbstick + A button
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