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    Download Link:

    Team Name: Mel&Jake

    Team Members: Melissa Young, Jake Evans

    Submission Name: MelAndJake_Kiwi

    Description: Play as a tiny kiwi, doing what you do best, eating snacks! doot doot!
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      by Team Eannetta

      Members: JB & JLaw


      Submission Name: TeamEannetta_Pull

      A mysterious journey awaits
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        New Version:
        Fixed bugs and illumination in the last puzzle.

        Team name: Imagine
        List of team members: Alexey Lipatov, Vlad Nuranov, Gennadiy Berezhnoy, Anastasia Utina
        Name of your submission: Amisit in Tenebris

        Puzzle game, which takes place in the world, that is deprived of any colors. Your job is to bring colors back by collecting color crystals, which grant you abilities, depending on picked crystal.


        WASD – movement
        1,2,3,4 – select ability (unlocks during game)
        Space – jump
        LMB – use an ability
        E - go through doors, use panels
        Escape - menu (start - start new game, restart - open last checkpoint, exit - quit the game)

        Walkthrough :3

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          Pod Life

          Download link Dropbox

          Team Name: Succubi in Hats
          Team Members: Handkor
          Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_PodLife

          You are stranded in a damaged escape pod, do what you can to survive until rescued and compensate for the broken systems.

          Mouse: Control Camera
          Mouse + Left Click: Select and Toggle
          Mouse + Right Click: Zoom In/Out


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            This Is The Game


            Team Name: Great Filter Games

            Members: SpeedsterZ9000


              Team Fresh Lemonade: The Oasis

              Hello again friends! This month I am excited to bring you, "The Oasis." It is a curious puzzle/action/adventure game, and I am excited to see what everyone thinks of it! There is a lot more going on in this game than depicted in my screenshots. I intentionally left out some (cool) elements because I don't want to ruin any surprises. Take note of your score, and if you have questions about replaying the game hit me up on twitter. Enjoy!

              All content was made during the jam! A couple audio samples were taken from and modified as needed. Shout-out to my friend @smellsblue for help with the character face art!

              Controls: WASD to move, mouse left to interact, right mouse is used later in the game when you... pick up an item. (You'll see!)

              Link to a download of your game: Click here to access download via Google drive.
              Team name: Fresh Lemonade
              List of team members: Graeme Little
              Name of your submission: The Oasis

              Hint: If you are confused on how to find the oasis, pay special attention to your companion.

              p.s. I apologize if later in the game you start to get some fps drops. I know in part of why this is happening but didn't have time to build a workaround.
              (If you're curious, the frame drops I believe are in part because of quickly changing too many instances in large hierarchical instanced meshes.)
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              You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers


                Hatoful UE4 C++ Programmer

                Download Link:

                Team Name: Miroir Industries
                Submission Name: MiroirIndustries_HatofulUE4CppProgrammer
                Member's Real Name: Randolph Espejo

                Test your knowledge of UE4 C++ to find the C++ programmer of your dreams.

                Left click to advance through dialogue. Left click to select correct answer to C++ question when prompted.

                Using Visual Novel Template by Savy Tieng
                Character Sprites by Konett
                Music by Eric Matyas

                Post Jam Build Link:
                v1.1 - now 60+ UE4 C++ Questions, added new character, added original sprites and music, added more pauses, fixed bugs
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                  Download: The Signal
                  Team Name: Team Havoc
                  Team Members: @Havoc
                  Name of Submission: Havoc_The Signal

                  Side scrolling adventure/experiment in ambiance and indirect storytelling. A/D + Mouse. Shift to run. Use 'F' to interact.
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                    Chaotic Neutral - DLsCheme

                    Outsmart the greedy developers and prove you're a strong independent gamer who don't need no Pay2Win

                    Overcome the puzzles through sheer wit or strength of wallet

                    --Download Link--
                    ---CLICK HERE---

                    --Chaotic Neutral--
                    Andrew Seward -@Boatsqt
                    John Sinderman -@JSinderman

                    --Submission Name--

                    Ketsa - Roll On -

                    Negative Warning - Ultranova105 -
                    rbh rope swishes 01 - RHumphries -
                    Cash register - kiddpark -
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                      HOME M.D.

                      Download HERE

                      Team name : Crackpot Gumption
                      List of team members : jwainwright
                      Name of your submission: CrackpotGumption_HomeMD


                      In diagnostic medicine, you typically know exactly what you've got before you can treat it through a battery of tests and least, if you follow the rules.

                      In Home M.D.'s practice, treatment is the only test, and the wrong treatment will kill your patient.

                      Take the role of Home MD's new protege, diagnose and treat your patients before they flatline and die. You'll know they've been cured when you haven't killed them!

                      How to play:
                      EACH PATIENT HAS EXPRESSLY UNIQUE SYMPTOMS AND PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS (save for the first level, where all patients have the same pre-existing condition). You will need to solve which patient has which disease through logic and intuition.

                      Left click and hold to pick up medicines and shock paddles.

                      Left click to read the charts, which give valuable information required to diagnose your patients. Left click again to put the charts down.

                      Hit 'E' in front of the white board to use it to take notes (this is very useful!)

                      Hit 'E' next to a patient to use whatever is in your hands on them.

                      ASSETS USED:

                      PUPI (UE Marketplace, to save some time)
                      Background music from, full attribution can be found in the attribution file.

                      Everything else was me!

                      EDIT: Note that the whiteboard may have issues with AMD video cards. I'm not quite sure, but it seems there is some issue with them on other rigs.
                      EDIT2: LAST EDIT, I PROMISE. Fixed the Error with the whiteboards. The original link will stay for judging. For everyone else, here is a working build :

                      EDIT3: I lied, I'm adding a link to the itch page for the most recent build. NOW the whiteboard should be fixed (this was a pain to troubleshoot) Itch link
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                        This is a narrative adventure made using Paper 2D and a bunch of online resources from Deviant Art and DL-Sounds.

                        Link to a download of "The Light" -

                        Renn and Nyxi

                        Renn Farnell
                        Nicola Bednarz


                        P.S Late Entry

                        I forgot to actually sign up to this one, it was my bday over the weekend and I was all over the place.
                        Also, just as I started my export around an hour before the deadline. I started to experience a really odd UMG issue with DPI scaling when adding to the viewport, and discrepencies between appearance in play editor, and seperate window to when i actually launched it, which set me back about 3 hours, and now I have 1 hour until work, so, no sleep :P

                        Happy Bday me

                        Really liked the theme, cheers!

                        @agamedevguy twitter
                        Renn Farnell Website


                          The Guardian

                          Original Download Link: Dropbox x64
                          Post-JAM bugfixed version: Dropbox x86 (updated on 13th)

                          Team Name:

                          List of Team Members:

                          Name of submission:

                          Johnny is a sleepwalker. You are his guardian.. ..thing.
                          Keep Johnny safe from dangers as he's not aware of you or
                          anything that happens around him!

                          WASD or Arrow Keys / Gamepad Left Stick to move the guardian
                          Space or Gamepad A to jump
                          E / F / Enter or Gamepad B to do action

                          This UE4 Game Jam Entry was built using following sourced assets:

                          - One Mixamo Fuse character + one Mixamo animation
                          - UE4 Third Person template character + animation
                          - Background music: Ominous Threat by Stephen Lu
                          - Random textures from UE4 "Engine Content" folder

                          All other content, including original models and UE4 Materials
                          were handcrafted for this entry by me.

                          PS. Sorry about late entry!

                          edit-> Added quick bugfixes to the first puzzle and added instructions on title screen that didn't make into the initial entry due to being late already Updated version is below the original entry.

                          Also made a quick playthrough with post-jam fixed version:
                          Last edited by 0lento; 09-13-2016, 11:44 AM. Reason: additional polish on separate download + posted playthrough video
                 (GameWorks tech merges & upgrades, UE4 physics modifications)



                            Game Name: Beer Run
                            Team name: nanovoxel
                            Members: Kodi Mynatt
                            all assets are original

                            Controls: ASWD to move, Left Mouse / Right Mouse to grab

                            Description: ue4 man is drunk and you need to buy as many correct bottles as you can. try not to break bottles because that will make finding more bottles that much harder! the person who breaks the record for most bottles collected can submit a youtube video code to change the music video playing for EVERYONE!

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                            Advanced 3d Footprints | Videos | Open Source Mine Sweeper



                              A bit late, we finished at midnight PST last night, but I'd still like to throw the game on here for anyone who would like to play. If you have any feedback, drop a comment on our page!

                              Link to a download of your game:
                              Team name: Umbral Knight Studios
                              List of team members: Christina D'Attomo and Cary Jasinski


                                Originally posted by MelY22 View Post

                                Download Link:

                                Team Name: Mel&Jake

                                Team Members: Melissa Young, Jake Evans

                                Submission Name: MelAndJake_Kiwi

                                Description: Play as a tiny kiwi, doing what you do best, eating snacks! doot doot!
                                Awesome, hello from NZ