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    by Team Eannetta

    Members: JB & JLaw


    Submission Name: TeamEannetta_Pull

    A mysterious journey awaits
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    Download Link:

    Team Name: Mel&Jake

    Team Members: Melissa Young, Jake Evans

    Submission Name: MelAndJake_Kiwi

    Description: Play as a tiny kiwi, doing what you do best, eating snacks! doot doot!
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    Drop it or not, here I come, you can't hide!

    Link to a download of the game:

    Team name: Noble Crocoz

    List of team numbers: Jessie, Tuhono, Evans, Manoa, Moerani

    Name of your submission: NobleCrocoz_DropItOrNot

    About game: this is Mo, trying to escape from an island full of zombies... and he can only use one weapon at a time!

    Everything was made by us entirely during the game jam by us, except for some sound effects. They were mostly found on Youtube.

    WASD to move
    R to reload gun
    Left mouse click: use weapon
    Right mouse click: Pick up / Drop weapon
    Spacebar: build raft to escape the island
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    Hero To Zero


    MissingAFewHeads (Bryan Layman)
    Micah "IrishKilter" Parker

    They say a man is only as good as his gear, and Sir Knight has plenty. With his Sword of Destiny and Shield of Shieldiness goblins are no match. But what would happen if he were to lose it? Play as Sir Knight on his quest to destroy the Goblin Giant. Run through woods. Run through the Goblin Fort. Run through... corn. A wacky, paper styled fighter game with a twist at the end you won't want to miss!


    Gamepad: A button jumps. B button attacks. Shoulder buttons block.
    Keyboard + Mouse: Space jumps. Left click attack. Right click block.


    VR support experimental! Press O key to turn on headset. May crash if you move back and forth between monitor and VR.

    Warning: If you have a VR headset plugged in, audio may play on the VR headset rather than your main speakers/headphones.

    Special thanks to Russell Robinson and Morgan Booksh for ideas and testing. The following were sources I used for audio:

    Download Link:

    Updated version with proper slicing physics
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    Team Name: The Architechs
    List of Team Members: Elliott Wheat, Jamie Hulse, Ryan Kirkwood and William Langley

    With music from Kyle Krejci

    Name of Submission: Architech_Misfortune

    Download links:
    With 4 minutes to spare! :O

    Interaction is a part of everyday life but empathy is seldom seen. Will you help others in times of need or think only of yourself. Talk to everyone. Ignore everyone and go home. Your choice.

    Our theme interpretation:
    The theme was “You don't know what you have got, until it's gone.” giving us the chance to think outside the box. Therefore, we came up with the idea: “What would the world be like without Empathy?”.

    Cursor and Click in the menus and UI
    WASD to move. Mouse to look
    P to Pause
    E to interact.

    - NPC’s that have a “?” over their head need your help. Press E to talk to them!
    - Development wasn't able to start until Saturday, expect bugs :P

    Trees, Clouds and Grass - Landscape Mountains Starter
    Animations from Mixamo and Adobe Fuse
    Brick texture -
    Everything else is done by us.
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    The Monkey Room submission

    Download link
    Team Name The Monkey Room
    List of team members Skuvnar
    Submission Name TheMonkeyRoom_Momentum

    Hope it doesn't completely suck!

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    Superego - Enigma

    Discover the truth in this adventure inspired by the classic Myst.
    Solve all the puzzles in order to discover what brought you in this mystical place.

    Team : Superego

    Submission : Enigma

    Music By : Mattia Cupelli
    We based our bridges on link
    Some of the real-life photos used in the puzzles were taken from public domain, others were shot by us with a camera.
    The rest of the game (all 3d models, grass and flowers, textures, materials and code used) has been made by us.

    WASD to move, mouse to look around.
    E/Q to interact

    Some users found issues with the bridges (on a machine they were'nt working properly) so we patched it.


    Solutions to the puzzles
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    Team name: funkinessfactor
    Members: graham and elizabeth chow
    submission: funkinessfactor_whodesignedthis aka butterflys vs orcs

    wasd to move around. (gamepad left thumb stick)
    mouse cursor to look (gamepad right thumb stick)
    left mouse button to fire. (gamepad face button right)
    up and down keys to change elevation. (gamepad D-pad)
    f to toggle flying (gamepad face button top)
    q/esc to quit

    I've being working on a spherical system for SpaceOrbiz (really about gravity and hexagons) and I thought I might use the bones of it as our entry into this game jam. Nothing like developing something playable to bring out short comings and bugs.

    We have been learning about root motion and materials so great to be able to put these into use.

    zip file located here.

    REALLY SORRY, but i found a bug in the shipping version that caused the bombs not to explode on impact. Pro tip - you need to use the up and down keys to change elevation.
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    Team Name: Nifty Productions
    Team Members: lkav, HenMao, stahlbeton
    Name of your submission: NiftyProductions_CubicSenses

    Move your cube while trying to match the colors under you!

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    Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
    List of team members: Shatty
    Name of your submission: Groupie Dash

    Description: After a long night of shredding and power ballads, Rockerman

    is looking to get back to the hotel. Watch out for groupies and people on

    the street.

    Controls: A & D to move left to right

    Content Notes: Most content by me, some textures from the usual suspects

    (opengameart, unreal paks). As always special shoutout to the makers of

    the Supergrid Pack.


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    Game Name: The Things I Do For Love

    Download Link:-

    Team Name: Wattar
    Team Members: Moe Wattar
    Submission Name: Wattar_TheThingsIDoForLove

    -Character and some tiles are from
    -Audio: Soundtrack "Lost and Forgotten - CC0 Pack from HalcyonicFalconX" , SoundEffects "From UniversalSoundFX bought from marketplace".
    -Everything else was made by me.
    -Info and controls are explained as you play.

    Hope you have fun playing it

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    Team name: TiMer Games
    List of team members:
    - Tim Skijwalker (Tim van Kan)
    - Mirrol (Merel van der Wal)
    - (Eric Kerkhoven.)

    Someone has ruined all the toilets in school and you still have to go,
    where do you go?! what do you do!?
    When you have to go... number 2.

    How To play:
    WASD to move and Spacebar to jump
    Press E to poop in designated locations.

    Name of your submission: TiMerGames_ I_Must_Go_Nr_2

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    Rainbow Hoarder
    Team Name: Whoosh Squad
    Team Members: MishkaLaser
    Name of submission: WhooshSquad_RainbowHoarder

    A Vive Game

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    You find the game HERE.
    Team name: JK5000
    List of team members: JK5000
    Name of your submission: JK5000_TheManSurvival

    You are in this game a hopeless loser named mr. M. Mr. M's wife has left him and now is the question can he survive on his own. The game is a crazy simulation game.

    Point an click with the mouse.
    Mouse + a mouse button: Moves the camera.
    WSAD: Moves the camera.
    Escape: Quit

    Used Software:
    - Unreal engine 4
    - Blender
    - GIMP 2
    - Inkscape
    - Audacity
    - LMMS

    Everything is made doing the jam. Have fun playing the game.

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    Download link:


    Team: LosTecleiros

    Members: Mateus "MrMatt" de Quadros, Paulo Alba, Ygor dos Santos

    About Game:
    Try to remember the days that you play games to challenge you and not just to pass your time.

    Walk: WASD / Jump: Space Bar / Shoot: Left Mouse Button

    Obs: If you don't manage to reach the boss, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT before starting the game (pressing "Enter") to go directly to the boss stage, if The Clock appears you did the right sequence.

    Some assets are from "ContentExamples" and "RealisticRendering" and the sounds from
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