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    A Room Scale Virtual Reality Game (HTC Vive Only)

    Recharge your controllers by touching appropriately coloured lightning while dodging white ones - keep track of their spawns though as coloured lightning commonly "short circuit" and appear white (especially in higher levels), so don't dodge 'em all!

    More info in included Tutorial level. Survive all 8 levels (excluding tutorial) - earphones highly recommended.

    Note: If text appears fuzzy during initial load/tutorial, press (R) TRIGGER or DOWN thumbpad to force a level reload.

    Link to a download of the game:

    Team name:
    Rune Berg

    List of team members:
    Rune Berg

    Name of submission:


    All assets are mine including meshes, materials and particle systems except:

    a. Sound effects licensed under Creative Commons from
    b. Vive controller mesh from SteamVR installation
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    VR Developer (C++ / BP), Room-scale specialist

    Free VR Plugin:

    Udacitty Unreal Nanodegree Mentor & Project Reviewer:



      (image or NO image-that´s the question)

      An asteroid-type of game...

      Not a complete game because of out of time
      But it´s the theme: Things are not always what they appear to be. And this THING is not a complete game.

      Did this just to see if I could do it. Next time I will complete a game.

      Link: (sorry for the WindowsNoEditor - I will name my project next time)
      Packed size 75,3 MB
      Unpacked size 195 MB

      Team name: kaktusbear

      List of team members: kaktusbear


      Chose one of the ships for this. Thanks to Master484 at

      Used the stuff that´s already in the engine: materials etc

      No sound and music - sorry for that

      Let the best game win.

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        Golden Lens by Jan "Allshar" Czarniecki

        Download (GoogleDrive)
        Mirror (DropBox)

        Small bug sneaked it's way in making one of the puzzles way to easy. Here is the updated version:
        Version v2 - Download (GoogleDrive)

        Team name: Team Allshar
        Team members : Jan "Allshar" Czarniecki (solo work)
        Submission name : TeamAllshar_GoldenLens

        You are invited to the lab of a famous scientist...

        WASD to move
        Mouse to look around
        Space to jump
        R to restart a level
        M to show sound options

        Music created by teknoaxe :
        Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
        Gentle Embrace -
        My Little Medley -
        Baby Steps in Reaper -

        Sound effects come from, all under Creative Commons 0 License.

        Font used in game comes from Google Fonts:

        Have fun!
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        Fog of war / line of sight: MARKETPLACE - Support Thread


          Ultimate cube

          In this game, you control a cube...
          But not any cube... the ULTIMATE CUBE!
          The ultimate cube is more than meets the eye. It can transform intoa car, a plane or even a helicopter.

          The game includes a course, that will entertain you for minutes!

          Read the text file, included in the download file for more information and controlls.

          Team Name:

          Rok Podpečan

          Game Title:
          Ultimate Cube

          Download here:

          Have a great day
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            Quantum Factory
            Team: Ludicrous Rex
            Members: Samuel Creelman (EMPBomber)
            Windows Download Link: LudicrousRex_QuantumFactory

            A puzzle game in which you combine two objects in superposition to create a final product. Combine the first object's shape and color with the second's pattern and size to match it with the object you are given. Press the buttons at the pipe or simply look away to determine the two states of each object.

            WASD: Move
            E: Use buttons
            Esc: Quit

            Perhaps I'm crazy to attempt a game jam deep in a college term as a full time student, even more so that this is my first project using Unreal Engine outside of tutorials. But hey, I know more about UE4 than when I started and that was my goal.


              Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

              Download Link

              Submission: LeoCurtss_WolfInSheepsClothing

              Help a farmer get rid of those pesky wolves (dressed up as sheep).

              Tips for spotting the wolf:
              • Disguised wolves don't walk when you look directly at them
              • Keep scanning and don't stare at one area for too long

              Spoilery Pro Tip


                // Download

                Windows 64-bit
                Windows 32-bit

                Name of submission: Turtles_Wipefish

                Game: Wipefish
                Team: Turtles
                Members: Alain Kossen, Jayce Rettob, Coen van Camp
                Jam: #UE4JAM August 2016

                - WASD-key movement (MoveForward/MoveRight input keys, so not sure if joystick will work to...)
                - R-key reset level
                - Falling in black cube means game over and resets level.
                - Checkpoint system is implemented last minute and is not fail proof.
                - NO AUDIO

                Wipefish is a racing game where you are racing to set a fast time, while your obstacles are not visible within a radius. Are you a fast driver who does not crash?

                Future (Possibilities):
                • Better controller support.
                • Menu's.
                • Different cars/ships with different specs.
                • More interaction with the obstacles.
                • Curved and Rotated tracks and able to drive upside down on the track.
                • Drifting and get points for that.
                • Multiplayer as in head-on-head race. Think of drifting with up-hill and down hill races.
                • Environment set dressed in place.
                • Wind gus particles on the ground/track.
                • Light trails.
                • Improved time trail system.

                Development process:
                • Not a full jam session. Worked only in spare time in the weekends of 2 days (8-12 hours max). Hopefully next time we can give our 100%!
                • Only used Coen's pre-made model for the ship. Which is still an awesome model!
                • Wipefish was not meant to be a wipeout-clone or even mentionable. It happend we got caught during research and experimented with various type of ways. Who knew knowing about racing mechanics could ruin your childhood memories of how those systems works. #gamedev "THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY APPEAR".
                • We had lots of ideas to be worked out, but didn't fit in the time we had.
                • This is Alain's first game made with Unreal. He has never worked with it before. Lets hope he will do more Unreal Engine work in the future!
                • Even though this is not near a finished game, we have learned a lot these 12 hours we were able to spend, knowing from here it could go even better on the next one.
                • Time to go back to work!
                • Still not sure if it's a car, plane, hovercraft...

                3rd party assets:
                • TrackGenerator (Mesh and Textures)
                • Coen's ship model

                // Screenshots

                Image 01:

                Image 02:

                GIF 01:

                GIF 02:

                Hovering system (from:
                Jayce Rettob, Technical Programmer at Turtleneck Studios
                Currently working on the game RITE of ILK a co-op exploration game
                Forum thread: RITE of ILK



                  Team Name: Ice
                  Team Members: IcemanX
                  Name of submission: Ice_PrisonBreakers

                  Download Link:

                  Assets are composed of:
                  SuperGrid from the Unreal Marketplace
                  Kubold Moveset from the Unreal Marketplace
                  "If You Were Buried In The Yard" Song by Pee-Bug
                  And a freely available GDC audio bundle.

                  Everything else is Original.
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                  The game I'm currently working on:Commercium



                    Download Link: Click Here
                    Team Name: Ra Studios
                    Team Members: Mahmoud Aladdin (Zexus), Mohamed Yousri (Yosai)
                    Name of submission: RaStudios_DumbDwarfs

                    Wisps are cute creatures that attract dwarfs who follow them blindly, however you're sick of being powerless and decided to seek the sacred power of the dwarfs. In order to do so you will face traps and puzzles that require dwarfs souls sacrifices in order to pass these puzzles.
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                      You find the game HERE.
                      Team name: JK5000
                      List of team members: JK5000
                      Name of your submission: JK5000_WhereIsTheAliens

                      Your are the agent mr. JK, and you are send out to investigate a landed UFO. The game is a simple point and click game.

                      WASD and mouse: move around.
                      LMB: Interact.
                      Escape: Quit

                      Used Software:
                      - Unreal engine 4
                      - Blender
                      - GIMP 2
                      - Inkscape
                      - Audacity

                      Everything is made by me during the jam.

                      Good luck and have fun


                        Stigglewiggle First Game Jam Entry

                        Team Name: Stigglewiggle
                        Members: Zachary Royall
                        Game Name: Stigglewiggle_IceCreamRampage


                          download link :
                          team name: bigtoe rino
                          name of the game: a wink to the past
                          details: its a puzzle game
                          team members : owninator /ricky
                          Name of your submission : bigtoerino_AWink2thepast
                          assets: content examples,
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                          No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute



                            Download Link
                            Team Name: NainTeam
                            Team members:
                            Eslem Alzate
                            Daniil Merkulov

                            You are a sweet little girl who has to escape from your reclusion with extraordinary abilities and use the tactics to modify your environment.

                            wasd: movement
                            mouse: camera
                            LMB: use power
                            LShift: Teletransport
                            E: Absorb walls



                              Team Name: Jor
                              Team members: Jorik van den Bos
                              Name: Jor_ScaffoldingScavenger

                              ScaffoldingScavenger: Your desperate quest for wood has led you to new depths: you are disassembling the scaffolding of an underground mine. You have to listen to the pitch of the wood to prevent the structure from collapsing. Can you tell the difference between sounds?

                              Each round gets more difficult. How much rounds can you survive?




                                Here is my entry, Observant.

                                Download Link

                                Team Name: Keyle
                                Project Name: Observant
                                Team Member: Nicolas Noben
                                Submission: Keyle - Observant

                                Observant is a atmospheric puzzle game set in a strange set of rooms.

                                Move with WASD, interact with the environment holding the TAB key + click.

                                All assets, models, textures are original, created for this jam,
                                except for
                                - some royalty free sounds (footsteps, etc.)
                                - the font (Josefin Slab, Google Fonts).

                                There is about 28 hours of livestream recordings on my livecoding but I don't recommend watching it as it spoils the experience!

                                I had a ton of fun making this one, I hope you finish it!


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