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    Team name: N.Stolle
    List of team members:
    Eugene "Uegene" Pedan
    Tony "Dandelion" Babichev

    If download page is not in English, language switch is in bottom right corner.
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      Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
      Name of submission: Stick World

      move :mouse
      target & hit :mouse left button
      skill :mouse right button
      camera zoom :wheel
      pause :esc

      Annihilate the enemy .

      Bug Fix Down Load

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        Team Name: GalaxyMan
        Submission Name: Operation Big Stick

        All artwork is custom made (or UE4 default, such as UMG widgets), the 3d models the artwork is based on are from iClone and TF3DM.

        You are a secret agent, infiltrating companies to upload the BigStick (tm) virus onto the companies mainframe to steal all their secrets. Key bindings are specified on the first level of the game.

        Best ran in VR. Keyboard support only.


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        NVIDIA GameWorks merged branch (v4.9.2) (v4.12.5) (v4.13 p2)
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          ~~~Leaderboard! Can you beat the devs?~~

          Log softly and carry the big stick.

          Using speed and grace, navigate the world's most famous inanimate hero out of it's most recent crisis!
          Get the best time and challenge your friends on the global leaderboard!

          --Download Link--

          --Chaotic Neutral--
          Andrew Seward -@Boatsqt- Programming and Art
          John Sinderman -@JSinderman- Level Design

          --Submission Name--

          --Music credits--
          Exotics - Kevin Macleod
          Fig Leaf Times Two - Kevin Macleod
          Future Gladiator - Kevin Macleod
          Black Vortex Login Cut - Kevin Macleod

          --SFX credits--
          adamgryu - Rocks.wav -
          pscsound - Indy Rocks Falling Cue 4 Ve.wav -
          distillerystudio - Error_01.wav -

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            He is back! Mr. Boustache had enough of his physical experiments and now he is back at EpicAcademy to teach you all some proper French. To accomplish his goal, he needs to teach some of the lazy folks some lessons!

            Controls (Keyboard and Mouse/ xBox Controller)
            Run faster (Care, teaching bar only fills half as fast): Shift / Right Trigger
            Use your baguette to wake up sleeping students (long range, can hit multiple students with 1 swing): Left Mouse Button / X
            Flip back tables (stand near a flipped table): Spacebar / A
            Use EMP against Smartphone users (they are looking down, hard to detect! 4sec cooldown AOE): Right Mouse Button / B

            Goal: Try to fill your teaching bar as fast as possible by maintaining the concentration of your students!

            Team name: Hexenjäger
            Name of Submission: Classes avec Mr. Boustache

            Download Link:
            new (compiled with nativize blueprint feature):
            old (baguette weapon):
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              Game Name: Highschool 101
              Download Link:

              POST JAM LINK:
              lots of bug fixes, multiple levels, better visual indication of what to do, scoring system + lots of optimisation

              Suuuuper late entry ;( had lots of bugs and packaging issues! But it's here >_<!!!

              Problem is it is reverted to an older version with no winning condition so it's kinda endless. But get everyone to pass the exam before the timer (on the bottom left) runs out and you win! If not you lose.

              EDIT:- Controls/Rules
              guys with HATS have smartphones <- use these first to search for answers
              Middle mouse button = rotates the camera
              When whispering (must be someone who knows the answer) left click the student, then left click on the student you want to whisper to
              When throwing a paper plane (only students with headphones can do this), right click on the student and right click on the target

              Team name: Team Noidea
              List of team members:



              The Show Must Be Go
              Marty Got a Plan

              Kevin MacLeod (
              Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


              Lots of substance materials from substance share


              The rest of the content was created by us during the span of the jam.
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                Hey gang. I posted the vid of our game jam game last week, but we couldn't get it to build so that's ALL we posted. Well, we've got it to build. I know the judging and all that is over, but I wanted to share the game link anyway because it was our first game jam game! We didn't tweek this at all - everything is as it was in that video (for better or worse!)

                Behold: Teddy's Revenge!



                  congragulations all the winners