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    Introducing... Blazing Heights!

    It's basically just an endless tower climb, but with more fire.

    Team Name: Sypher File Studios
    Team Members: SpeedsterZ9000 (Me)

    Assets Used:
    UE4 Starter Content
    Music by Kevin Macleod and Toby Fox
    Character model and sound effects by me
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      My first game! And my first games jam!
      Game (if its can be so called) title is: Fire in the hole

      Team name: Lonely Student
      Team members: only me
      Assets used:
      Infinity blade effects
      And some free obj files

      Download link:!Ap2K67ttaX-IiLhHbapKPyWmZLd_mQ
      I hope you will enjoy with this game


        Hell Hot Hockey

        Hell Hot Hockey

        Team name: Pyrite Coin
        Team members: MarcelBlanck
        Submission name: PyriteCoin_HellHotHockey

        Assets Used:
        • Particle Effects Demo
        • Water Planes Demo
        • Infinity Blade: Effects
        • Universal Sound FX

        Don't get your fingers burned


          team name wninator inc.
          team memebers: owninator
          Name of submission: mine finder
          info: you defuse mines by walking around in a minefield
          link :
          No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute



            Game name: Infernal Madness
            Team: Laughing Tower
            Members: Bohrium

            A game where you fight hot chillies with milk to survive the heat.
            Standard FPS controls in-game. (LMB, RMB, WASD, Spacebar)
            Console is open so you can cheat if it's too hard.
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              Download: (129MB)
              Team Name: n
              Team Members: andrei009
              Submission name: HEndyMan

              Description: 1 Round of awesome Bomberman.
              (my first game with ue4, i spend lot of time watching tutorial videos so no time for content but i'll continue the project anyway)
              WASD + Mouse click to drop bombs. You can throw them by moving forward
              No menus or exit button (Alt+f4)

              Assets Used:
              - Infinity Blade: Warriors


                Fire in 'The Pit'

                Team Name - Tiredhorse
                Game - Fire in 'The Pit'

                Created by
                Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
                Oscar 'Chosker' Sanz
                Ott Madis 'Oakwarrior' Ozolit

                Game Instructions
                W, A, S, D - Movement
                LMB - Primary Tool use
                RMB - Secondary Tool use
                E - Interact with item
                Space - Jump

                Game has a bug that might stop you from destroying certain objects. If happens restart the map (ESC).

                Downloads [117MB | Windows 64bit | RAR ]

                Used Assets
                Bumping Pup
                Dr. Lovebomb (previous gamejam game, few assets for eastereggs)

                Good luck! ^_^
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                  BMGID: Devastator

                  Team name: Fly Dream Dev
                  List of team members: Pavel Kopnin (programmist), Ksenia Kopnina (3d modeler)
                  Name of your submission: BMGID: Devastator
                  Description: You have to destroy all enemies using different weapons of the robot.

                  At the moment, the multiplayer only works on LAN, we just started developing the game. Multiplayer will work on Steam later.

                  W,A,S,D : Move
                  Space: Flight
                  Key 1-6: Select Weapon

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                    Hungry Hungry POTUS

                    Hungry Hungry POTUS by Lonely Cracker

                    Download Link: GET THE GAME HERE

                    It's election season and we're down to just two candidates... Choose your favorite political party and snatch up voters to earn points. The first candidate to reach 100 points wins the election.
                    Keep an eye out for your own party's agitators! Although they are your die-hard supporters, they will fight with other voters and turn them against you ... So be sure to snatch them off the board for HUGE points! (Tremendous!)
                    Avoid snatching the other party's agitators by accident. Not only are they worth negative points, by keeping them on the board to annoy others they will help turn more voters in your favor.

                    Team Members:
                    Michael Hoag - Animations, AI, Coding
                    Jamie Gibson - Gameplay, Modeling, Coding
                    Sebastian Serrano - Concept Art, Modeling, FX
                    Cesar Suarez - Music, Audio and SFX

                    Press any key or mouse button to scoop voters into your hole.
                    Holding down on an input will hold the arms out before scooping back towards the hole.
                    Note: AI difficulty can be set in the Options menu

                    All dialogue sound assets are public domain. All other assets made from scratch.

                    Note: This game does not support any particular party or view.


                      Genre: 2.5D Platformer
                      Description:You, playing as a leather-clad hipster have to navigate a track of traps to escape certain death.

                      Team name: Thunder Gecko
                      Frozz (Me)
                      Dowload:Dropbox (314 MB)

                      Asset information
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                        Description : Fight for survival in the WW1 trenches as the last standing member of the British Expeditionary Forces.
                        In order to survive the german grenade attack, you must put your Grenade Return Specialist training to good use!

                        Show them who's boss!

                        Link to a download of your game :

                        Team name : Anno 3

                        List of team members :

                        Nitronik - 3D & Animation
                        ilikecorn - Programming
                        TCB - Music, SFX

                        Name of your submission : Anno 3 : Return to Sender.

                        CONTROLS :

                        E to pick up grenades

                        LMB to toss grenades

                        to quit

                        Sources : All art made by hand.

                        Particles taken from UE4 starter content.
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                          Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
                          List of team members: Shatty
                          Name of your submission: Blast!

                          Description: A puzzle game where a player must blow up the floor in order to win. 75% wins the level. Pure level attack. No win screen. Similar to JezzBall, Qix, etc. Avoid the balls!

                          Controls: WASD to move, Space to respawn, Left Click to lay TNT and blow up (double click, once to lay once to blow), Right click to rotate

                          Bonus Controls: P to restart if the game bugs out.

                          Game notes: Can be a little buggy, ball physics, etc.

                          Content Notes: Most content by me, Music by Eric Matyas @ As always special shoutout to the makers of the Supergrid Pack.

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                            Here is my entry, Pounding Piggies.

                            Download Link

                            Team Name: Keyle
                            Project Name: Pounding Piggies
                            Team Member: Nicolas Noben
                            Submission: Keyle_PoundingPiggies

                            The Pig Army is BACK and they're MEAN...
                            They stole the sheeps, our true friends!

                            SAVE the SHEEPS and Squeal out them pigs!

                            Third Party Assets:
                            Font: Jelly Crazies By imagex
                            Music: Sousa - Bullets and Bayonets (Public Domain)
                            (See Credits in game)

                            3 days recorded on Twitch:


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                              Submission: Escape the Flame
                              Download Link: DOWNLOAD HERE
                              Team Name: Crackpot Gumption

                              ** VIVE REQUIRED **

                              Description: Escape the Flame is an experimental escape room-style game made for the Vive. Explore your surroundings, solve the puzzles, and find a way to extinguish the flame in the room before it extinguishes you.

                              Controls: Grip Buttons on motion controllers to grab items (anything that highlights can be grabbed and manipulated). Right Face button and point to teleport (watch for the guide on the ground).

                              Note: Time got the best of me here, as the number of interactable physics assets ate up most of my development time. I hope you still find it fun. Headphones are highly recommended, the radio is on! (try playing with it to find a track you like).

                              MP Assets Used: Modern Furniture, Pantry Stuffers, Cinematic Music Pack, and Environmental Fires. Sourced assets mostly due to time constraints.

                              EDIT: Updated download link at 12:48am. Packaging killed me :P
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                              Crackpot Gumption

                              You can find my blog, development updates, and other random things at my site, Crackpot Gumption.


                                I Lava You

                                Team Name: Beard Envy
                                Team Members: Aaron Coker, Ben Webster, Josiah Ward
                                Submission Name: BeardEnvy_ILavaYou

                                All assets created by ourselves. Music from

                                Download Link:

                                You and your town happen to find themselves the sole subjects of undying lava slime affection. Unfortunately lava slimes are made of lava. They will totally burn you, and all of your stuff if you let them anywhere near the town. Don’t let them near the town. Erect barricades to let the slimes know that you just aren’t ready for this kind of a relationship yet. Its not them, you just value your skin, and your possessions too much right now.
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