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    Link: Click Here.
    Team Name: Vaporware
    Team Members: Kyle Dunn, Ant Tessitore, Sean Dunn, Todd Giang
    GameJam Name: TowersOFHanoi

    This idea had a bit of inspiration from multiple sources, Hanoi Tower as well as the Crane at the arcades. In fact I originally thought of this as a card game of stacking 52 cards (like playing 52 card pickup) then later more like Tetris.
    It is probably more a prototype at this stage.

    You are the crane and the objective is meant to be to use the claw to put the blocks back into a Tower. There is a platform but it is hard to see (if at all - there is a trace line).

    To navigate the Crane:

    W goes Up
    S goes Down
    A retracts the Crane's Width OR Rotates the Crane depending on angle looking at the Crane Claw
    D expands the Crane Width OR Rotates the Crane depending on angle looking at the Crane Claw
    Left Mouse Button (LMB) makes the Crane's Claw either descend to grab a block or release a currently held block.

    There is room for improvement and I hope to get it completed with an uploaded version including the following features but am unsure as to the amount of time I want to spend on this in comparison with other projects. No guarantees, or worded more fanciful 'know my limits'.

    I know about the trace lines - I kind of felt that they added to the construction aspect rather than detract and I'm happy to see that they make it into a packaged project.

    Here's a list of what the idea should encompass:

    #Main Menu
    #Score / TimeLimit
    #Victory Condition
    #A Recap of your 'constructions in game'

    And the best part of GameJaming; Some learning:
    #I spent quite some time to get the Crane to feel navigable by the user and still do not think it is quite there 100% as rotation is clunky.
    #Technically there is a 'glitch' where you can nest object blocks within others or get a block not quite on the top layer. Playing with Physics objects and object collision with those needed some more understanding on my part as it was not acting as I intuitively would have thought.
    #I may take a look at and join some GameJams that are longer lasting.
    #I'm honestly a bit confused on Child Actor Components versus Spawning Actor Components and attaching them. I feel I get more functionality from Spawning and attaching than simply adding child actor components. I cannot access anything of the child actors in a simple way. From my experience it was more a procedural blueprinting, than a compilation of actors as I originally though I could use Child Actor's functions (and collision). Ended up reworking the crane to spawn actors and attach them so I could access their functions.

    I intend to Edit this post when I get to re-uploading a more advanced version!

    Thank you,
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      Big Wings

      Link: Download for Windows
      Team name: Grow Bit
      Team members: Douglas Flinders, Coleen Gollan, Henry Pullan, Magnus Stone, James Wood
      Submission name: GrowBit_BigWings


      You have fallen down from the stars, now you must return. Swoop low to gain speed and make your way higher. The world around you is filled with interesting things.

      Use the mouse or gamepad joystick to fly, escape to pause (mouse only menu).

      Music by James Buchanan.

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        Hehe, my mind was a bit fuzzy and I couldn't perform some simple math, sorry for being late at the party <3

        Team Name: Vogel im Käfig
        Team Members: Ninjin
        Name of your submission: Major Sharkfish League

        Join the MSFL to compete in a 4 Player Jumpout tournament where only the Sharkfish with the most SWAG can win.

        Controls: Keyboard/ XBox Controller
        Join Game: Enter/ Special Right (Start Button)
        ChargeJump: Spacebar/ Face Button Right (B)
        ChangeMusic: M/ Right Shoudler(RB) (First Controller Only)

        New (32bit):
        New (64bit):

        *I did all the assets during the jam, except for the music, Special Thanks to, you can find every music piece there (will update the game with Credits)
        ** Updated Version, much better camera, higher jumps, longer level, fixed anims, game closes after finishing the level until I fixed some widget stuff when loading the same level again, added Soundeffects, special Thanks to
        *** Changed download files type from .7z to .zip
        **** Added a Screenshot
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          Team Name:
          Team Fun

          Project Name:
          Moving Simulator

          Richmar1, Insanto

          Name of Submission:

          Third Party Assets:
          * UE Third Person Template
          * Music by Benoît Charcosset
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            Ok, after i woke up, i found one buggy bug, so the link below is post jam version for those who want to play in game without bugs

            Team name:
            Joy Collision

            List of team members:

            Name of submission:

            Little explanation:
            I thought about the sun which goes down and comes up every day. So it's game where you must wake up and you must find your pillow for this.
            I do this game in 9 hours or something so that's not the game of the year. And it's really hard to play in it with third person view, but that's all what i got.
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            My pages:



              Link :
              Team Name : The Monkey Room
              Team Members : Skuvnar
              Submission Name : TheMonkeyRoom_SlumberPartyWithTheFishes

              Description :
              As a common city mobster, you often find yourself with a stack of dead bodies all neatly wrapped up in your Grandmother's nice carpets.
              It's OK, she won't miss them. But what to do with these bodies? Simple! Fling them at improbably high speeds out of pipes into a river and hope the police don't find them!

              Instructions :
              Step 1 : Select how many people will fling bodies out of pipes and how many lives each player starts with (2 - 4 player (suitable for all ages))
              Step 2 : Select a pipe to fling a body from
              Step 3 : Hold the left mouse button to aim the body, and release the button when the appropriate body flinging power has been achieved
              Step 4 : Repeat steps 2 and 3
              Step 5 : ???????
              Step 6 : Fling bodies



                The Fallen Shall Rise

                You are the powerful necromancer known as Manny The Mannequin. Your village was attacked by mutant sharks who killed all the villagers. Everyone is dead, all our forces have fallen. Use your powers to raise the dead and fight the invaders. All those who fall, must rise up!

                How to play: Move around with the mouse and press the 1 key near corpse of villagers to resurrect them as zombies that will fight for you. The game has 5 levels.

                Download link: v1.0

                EDIT Latest version: (uploaded after deadline) v1.4

                Source on Github:

                Youtube playlist of development progress:

                Pic of @unrealbot telling me what to do:

                I tried

                Team name: Blueprint Newbies (1)

                List of team members: vib

                Name of your submission: BlueprintNewbies_Rise

                Credits: Started from the UE4 Blueprint Top Down Template
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                  Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
                  Name of submission: nagashi soumen
                  Mouse Left Button:Mark&Teleport
                  Mouse Right Button:Mark released
                  Space key:Jump

                  COIN GOES DOWN MUST COME UP!

                  download link

                  NVIDIA GPU is necessary

                  new version

                  new version download link
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                    A game by:
                    Aaron Coker
                    Ben Webster
                    Josiah Ward

                    You inhabit a large hourglass, each end of which contains a town. Whilst in either town you should locate and solve puzzles in order to collect crystals. Be sure to make haste, as the town will be rapidly filling with sand, quickly making areas unavailable. Once all the sand has fallen the hourglass will turn, giving you the same amount of time to solve puzzles in the opposite town.
                    All crystals must be returned to the large central crystals in the same town in which you collected them.

                    Everything except sound was made by us


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                    Artist at Beard Envy, follow us on: Twitter - Facebook - Youtube


                      Terminal Philosophy

                      Download link Dropbox

                      Team Name: ThanksTips!
                      Team Members: Thankstipscom
                      Name of your submission: ThanksTips_TerminalPhilosophy

                      In the near future or something, there's a need for an elite squad of airborne rescuers. You're a new recruit, learning how to maneuver in the air in order to save lives.
                      People get stranded in places or fall from places and you need to go down and bring them back up!

                      Q - grab victim
                      C - radio to helicopter to pick up victim
                      right click mouse - shoot invisible hook at helicopter to send victim up
                      spacebar -jump (double tab is running dive roll)
                      f - switch to skydive modes
                      e - to dive while in skydive mode
                      1 - toggle between third and first person camera
                      hold shift to run
                      ALT - deploy parachute (and releases it )
                      TAB is menu

                      Environmental assets used from marketplace/community.

                      More Info:
                      I didn't have much time to do levels. Spent a lot of time trying to get the controls down and the air maneuvering. They're still not perfect, it took longer than I thought but will keep workin on it.
                      Theres two playable maps. One is a training map and the other is a "mission". The training map doesnt have a win condition, but if you hit the ground, you'll move on. There's 'victims' scattered throughout you can 'save'.
                      The premise is to save the trapped people and send them up to the chopper. Grab a victim and jump off the ledge... press C to request the chopper and look up for it. Shoot it with right click and send the victim up.

                      The rest of the stuff in the training level is just to have fun with, flying through tunnels and stuff... try the FPS mode with the dive(E key) enabled. I wonder if it works in VR?

                      The mission level, I didn't have time to try before uploading it. Not sure if its beatable. Hopefully.
                      There are 5 victims on the small pillars. Once you land on the pillar you have between 4-8 seconds to get off before it explodes. Send the victim up to the chopper. The big octogons will launch you back up in the air to get around. Theres a win condition if you manage to save all 5.

                      I was trying last minute to make the parachute math slow you down a ton to make it "easier" but it broke a few things around the parachuting it seems, didnt realize. You can still use it, but it glitches out in the wrong angles at times or locks movement. You should only be able to use it in one mode but some bug there.

                      Have fun.

                      Last edited by thankstipscom; 05-16-2016, 03:57 AM. Reason: didnt have time to write up any in-game instuctions --added gameplay info here.
                      Snap-In Systems: <<< CLICK
                      | Inventory (Battle Royale) |Smart Select Box | Ready Game Modes | Handy Macros | Gun Weapon System |Simple Mesh Outliner |


                        Children of the Sun

                        Team Name: Afterwork Cult
                        List of team members: Xp, Honya, Greg, Vero, Nock
                        Name of submission: Afterwork_Cult_ChildrenOfTheSun

                        Submission link:

                        You must manage your aztec people to make the sun rise and stop the world from ending.


                          Abyss Rush

                          Download Here

                          Team Name

                          Team Members
                          Kevin Kuegler (TrinityGER)
                          Franklin Iheanacho (LordIheanacho)
                          Landon Peters


                          How fast and how deep can you reach with your drop pod shuttle? In this game, Depth & Speed are the key!

                          Additional Info
                          Copyright Dotcam - Water shader from his Ocean Project

                          There was meant to be more added which we actually have done but due to the time schedule, we were not able to have it setup on time so we had to fallback from using them for the while. Eventually this game will be updated to it's fullest after some bug tweaking and such.


                          [WORK IN PROGRESS]

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                          Lord Iheanacho
                          - The Founder

                          Néotl Empire
                          Maze Qore
                          2D Top Down Shooter


                            Dig'em Up (Windows 64 version)

                            Team Name : Cloth Cap Games
                            Team Members : Looniper, Hornsbuck, Trazjem, LLuv
                            Submission Name : Dig'em Up

                            Description : INCOMPLETE (but working) - An alien race has decided to evict you by 'Planting' themselves in your back yard.

                            Movement is standard.
                            Place Harvesters on the buried 'eggs' to gather Matter, and pick up gyros for Power while avoiding the hatched aliens.
                            With 5000 of each you can place a Teleport tube which traps nearby aliens and sends them home. (the scoring goal - and the "Must come up" part of the theme)

                            Note : The hovering "terminator" construct was not completed in time, nor was the solar power collector - and while the game keeps score, it does not display any.
                            The 'training' stage, volume slider, and screen settings were worked on but not finished in time either.

                            -- Edit : Forgot to list 3rd party content.

                            Unreal Engine 4 - Sparks and Fire emitters, sparks and explosion sound.
                            (they were placeholders like much other starter-content, but replacements were not ready by the submission deadline)
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                              Kitty Bounce

                              From sick minds of Perforce Jockeys, comes the much anticipated Virtual world of "Kitty Bounce" Save the cats as they are flung by Esmeralda, the insane cat lady. Redirect them with your hand held trampoline into the safety of awaiting bales of hay.

                              Game link:

                              Team: Perforce Jonkeys
                              Team Members: Bananaking932, SterlingY
                              Game Title: Kitty Bounce

                              *note VR game requires Vive set to Room Space


                              -Push left touch button on the left controller to start game
                              -Right Controller Trigger to grab trampoline
                              -When game ends, push down touch button on the left controller to restart
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                              Run with the flock, end up a lamb chop!

                              Unreal 4 in 30 Days - An Unreal Experience:


                                Team Oliphaunt Game Submission

                                Team Oliphaunt
                                I'm Not Dead Yet

                                Rune Berg
                                Ty Hegner
                                Mario Janiszewski


                                We used some materials from the starter content (concrete tiles, cobble and bricks) and water from the 'water planes' template. All of them we manipulated in our own way though.
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