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April #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Game Jam Entry Time Pirates by Vindicate Interactive

    Vindicate Interactive
    Members: Garrett Gloomfield
    Time Pirates

    Info: You are a Time Pirate that can travel to all sorts of futures to steal priceless items and devices! Remember you have a Spring Accelerator Pack, Use it!
    Assets are from Starter Content, Learning Projects, Marketplace, or I made myself.
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      Title: Cyber Wolf Shaman: Guardian of the future nature
      Team Name: xixgames
      Team Members: Juan Belón

      Objective: Kill cyber enemies in the right shape

      Description: You are a techno-shaman with the ability of shape-shift, you can turn into a super-high-tech soldier (not done yet), a wolf or your natural shape (shaman). It's spring a it's the worst time to receive these exo-skeletons from other tribes to get your cave wonders!. Protect it.
      Use the cave to recover your health, achieve the better score you can

      Download Game

      Sound assets acquired from and unreal tutorials
      Char mesh assets : arteria3d
      Cave from Luos


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        Thanks at all for your works, it's so cool and beautyful
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