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    Team Name: Broad Strokes

    Game: Grabbity!
    Enjoy your cheerful journey through a floating platform world as the happy robot rabbit called Grabbit, who is trying to find the path back to his mother egg.

    In this game you control a rabbit hopping from platform to platform in an over the shoulder view. Aim carefully and charge your jump, then release the button to take a leap of faith! Can you make it to the exit teleporter in one go?

    Controls explained in-game.

    NOTE: Press Escape, or Select on Gamepad, to quit to title - however, you'll lose all your progress. So only press if you really want to quit!

    Team members:
    Jan Kaluza
    Remi Crespo
    Bartosz Kaminski
    Adrian 'Ad' Martuneac
    Yoeri 'Luos' Vleer

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      Download link

      Team name: Rampaging Blue Whale Games

      Team members:

      Jefferson Pinheiro (Ixiguis)
      Jackson Pinheiro (VelhoeBomJoe)
      Richard Schwambach (gasdo)

      Name of submission: Spring Jumper

      You start inside a lush valley in spring season. Follow the the river that springs nearby towards the mysterious and futuristic "The City", springing through spring-based jump pads.

      You can also move objects ahead or backward in time to put them in or out your way, as needed. But overdo it and they will crumble!

      The game turned out to be too difficult after the first waterfall. We had a lot of work with level design (placing and testing all those jump pads took a lot of time), we should have made a smaller map so we could playtest it better. Lesson learned! So if you manage to finish it, consider yourself l33t (Note: it is possible to finish, we did it, it's just very difficult currently).

      The game plays in first person view. Our opinion is that an immersive first person view would make this game interesting in VR.

      All assets that aren't from Epic samples were made by us, except for the music (which is by Ars Sonor at and a couple sound effects (from

      Controls are presented via in-game tutorial, but if you skip them, here they are:

      - WASD moves.
      - Space bar jumps.
      - Holding space bar uses jetpack. Its fuel is very limited, but some pickups restore it. These pickups do not respawn.
      - Left-click or right-click on a moving platform (jump pad, tunnel, ring, or wall) moves it ahead or backward in time. It loses "health" the longer you do this and eventually crumbles (forever).

      Discussion thread here.
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        Multiplayer game

        note: there's a bug sometimes when hosting as the host client can't see anyone else but everyone else who joins can see each other. A workaround we found is running 2 game clients on the host pc and one of them will work >_<
        Didn't manage to implement winning condition or number of player lives in time so it's an endless slaughter.
        Only the host can see the kill scores.
        Need to use console to join games - type "open (ipaddress)" example open
        The host needs port 7777 open and needs to type in console open?listen

        Download Link:

        NEW download link (5 mins after deadline, added menu and fixed scoreboard) -

        You are an embryo. You are incapable of fighting at the moment so must pass through the magical aging spring in order to spring into your future self. Then fight for your life.

        Will you end up being a young nimble fledgling full of energy, a powerful strapping man at his prime or an elderly wise wizard?

        Team Name: Meatbags V2.0

        List of Team Members:
        Paulius Rumsa (Slapunas)
        Jacqueline King (jakayaki)
        Justinas Sneideris (develop32)

        All content created by us during the jam except:-
        Some infinity blade particles
        Textures for the environment from substance share
        Music by
        Some sound effects
        Blinking sfx -
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          Team: Hako
          Members: Me
          Submission Name: Leap (I'm sorry because another user also used this name)
          Download Link:


          In this game I wanted to represent through the game's mechanics, one of the risks of traveling to the future. And that is, not knowing if you will be safe in it.
          You play as a cube that has the power to advance in time, the power is called Leap and it allows you to heal yourself while you travel a few seconds ahead of the gameplay.

          Content was made by me except particles (edited from starter content), sounds (cc0) and font (tolerant.ttf).

          This is my first entry. If you download this game have fun playing it and thank you.
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            Hello Friends and competitors! I am happy to bring you a game for this jam! There are few bugs, but it is pretty playable. See how many astronauts you can get! The future of earth is at risk so a mars colony has been sent to form on mars! Manage your resources and your astronauts and prove that it truly is possible to colonize Mars! The future is in your hands!

            All assets included are original. For this jam I challenged myself to only use a single cube mesh for the whole project. I succeeded, with a single exception of a sphere for the bio-domes. I also used no image based textures. All the materials were made with material nodes. All structures etc were made using instanced meshes, and the character animations are just run-time rotation+motion etc.

            Team name: FreshLemonade
            List of team members: Graeme_Crackers
            Name of your submission: FreshLemonade_ColonizeMars


            W/A/S/D - Move Camera
            Q/E - Rotate Camera
            Scroll Wheel - Zoom In/Out
            Left Click + Drag - Select Astronaut(s) (sorry, no visual indicator of being selected)
            Right Click - Move Astronaut(s)/Collect Resources

            Here are some screenshots / gifs!

            Download link:

            I'm sorry, there are some bugs, most notable is that the building's don't properly look for collisions when they are placed. Also, occasionally the astronauts will refuse to mine some rocks. It's probably because they are scared of space spiders.

            (If you get stuck, you can use a free 1 time boost by pressing "K" to reset your resources to a good level. I put this in since i didn't have enough time to fully balance the game through play testing.)

            This will probably be helpful. I didn't have time to add an in-game UI for it, so here are the building costs for constructing the different buildings: (Landing craft was renamed in-game to "Base Camp." This does not include upkeep costs.
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              NohlCraft + Squaky

              Welcome to another episode of "Alexotronic makes something in a few hours that has absolutely zero gameplay."

              I am currently on a futuristic craft - floating through space. soaring the skies. sailing the ocean. spelunking the depths of human existence.
              I re-created my room to scale with BSP. Tried out a technique where I use masked photos instead of geometry for some things. (Visible in screen shot)

              My girlfriend took her first attempt at photogrammetry. VERY cool technique. The model is decimated down to 50k polys, the version with a couple million looks better obviously.
              (I'll include the mesh/textures in the download if anyone wants to poke around with it) (also - the thing in the center of the room is a clay model she made)

              Team name: Alexotronic feat. Britt
              Alexotronic + Britt
              Name of your submission: Alexotronic_NohlCraft


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                Team name: Od1n
                List of team members: VRLtqq
                Name of your submission: Od1n_SpringSavesTheFuture

                When it says 'difficulty increased' it lies. This feature didn't make it.

                Also I didn't have time to create an intro as planned, so here it is in text:

                Spring sits in front of his Futurevision screen, turns it on
                Spring (in a high pitched metallic voice): Look it's me! In the future! But I am all rusty and old. I must do something now to prevent this.

                And then he embarks on his journey through time and space to gather special anti-rust substance and save himself from rusting in the future.
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                  Team name: Tejas Queso
                  Team members: Ian Reichert-Watts, Luiz Kruel
                  Name of submission: Time Balls

                  Sounds are from Sonniss audio bundles.
                  Everything else is made by us!

                  Software Used:
                  UE4, Houdini, Blender, Substance, Photoshop, Audacity

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                    Link to download game: (Probably 6 hours until upload is finished)

                    Team name: Unforgiven

                    List of team members: Ramanand Purizaga (Programmer) / Guillermo Rossell (Artist) / Erik Jimenez (Animator) / Mauriccio Torres (Artist)

                    Name of your submission: Unforgiven_TimeFold

                    How to play?
                    You need to find the one who killed your friend, travel to the future to find clues and to make a decision!
                    WASD to move
                    Mouse to aim
                    Action -> E or Left Click
                    Inventory -> Q or Right Click
                    Travel in time-> Hold Shift
                    Jump-> Space
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                      Crafted Studios

                      Oh look my first jam in a while! Very easy game as I didn't add the planned harder mechanics like buttons / moving blocks / roaming robots.
                      Everything was made during the jam apart from the royalty free music.
                      9 'bits' to find!
                      WASD to move, other controls will be told to you
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                        Link to a download of your game: (~400MB)
                        Team name: Taberu
                        List of team members: Taberu
                        Name of your submission: Taberu_POP.

                        This is my first game jam and actually, my first game. It's not finished so let me explain my idea behind this project. It's quite mataphorical. I associated the spring with corkscrew and the name is from sound of opening a bottle. Our main hero would wake up every day with uncontrolled desire for wine. The very decision to drink wine though, I would leave it to the player. If only I could get so far I would make a timer (some kind of clock + current day) which would grow slowly (till the FUTURE on the end of an axis). However, waiting isn't playing so I guess most people would try to lavishly treat the main hero with wine, which would make a timer rush forward. The next day hero and player would struggle with consequences. The essence of that contemplating is about that weird interest about unknown and wish to focus only on it. A progress bar to "future" would intentionally tempt the player, probably never achievable.
                        Ok, idea sounds cool as always but I couldn't manage to make it, even though I thought I simplified it as possible and I spent quite a long time for that. It's my first fight with UE4, I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun! See you soon.

                        I know it's Wednesday already but I finally added the link to download my project. I figured out how to pack the project so it would work outside the editor. I haven't changed anything since the Sunday's midnight, I just had no time. I'm uploading it here just for the record because I guess I'm not even considered as participant anyway. Next time I promise I will try to upload it in time, haha.
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                          Here you go:


                          Link to a download of your game: Uploading to Google Drive
                          Team name: Black Sails
                          List of team members: [MENTION=32543]JackBlackshroud[/MENTION] [MENTION=65048]RedFox[/MENTION]
                          Name of your submission: Alza

                          Assets: A few assets used from (Elemental Demo, Infinity Blade Packs, A couple of base materials from Speedtree that were modified). Sound from ??

                          EDIT: We found a pretty major bug that we cant fix in time; so we pulled the download.

                          Good luck to everyone else.
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                            Blast Me Naut

                            Download Here.

                            (Download Patched @ 1:58 AM Pacific)

                            Team Name: Blue Magic

                            Team Members:

                            Nick Pfisterer

                            Kevin Bryant (Narlyteeth)

                            Michelle Morger (DeadlyFrogsBreath)

                            Jess L

                            Name of Submission: Blast Me Naut

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                            Nelo: UnrealForumThread
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                              Spring Of Time
                              Made By: Team HeadFarmers

                              Tylan Limb - 3D Artist
                              William Paschall - 3D Artist
                              Stephanie Traska - 3D Artist
                              Brian Frank - Sound Designer
                              Bryan Layman - Programmer

                              Puzzle game for the HTC Vive, explore the past and travel to the future! To fly the platform in the updated version you must turn off the lasers and press the grip button while overlapping the controller with the sphere. Press the trigger button to turn on and off laser. Touchpad resets the puzzle, menu button cheats and solves the puzzle. Have fun!

                              Old Version: Download Spring Of Time


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                                At Your Service - LeoCurtss

                                Link (654mb) Sorry for the large file size. Didn't have time to trim excess content.
                                Team member: LeoCurtss
                                Submission Name: LeoCurtss_AtYourService

                                You are a robot servant. Complete tasks as they are laid out for you.

                                A good robot does what he programmed to do.

                                WASD/Mouse to move
                                E to interact

                                SPOILER (highlight text below)
                                There is a way to escape.

                                EDIT: I misread the submission rules and thought it could be submitted up until the morning of the 18th. It took a while to get it cooked, packaged, and uploaded, so I had to stay up until 4 am (mountain time) for that to be completed. I hope this game can still be considered since I poured in 35+ hours getting it done. Thanks!
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