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April #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Zombie Escaper 20XX

    Zombie Escaper 20XX

    Entry by VoBa, consisting of
    VovinHD and DocClack.


      Spring! Into The Future

      Local Multiplayer Coop - Needs two controllers or keyboard/ controller
      Description: One player is in the past, the other in the future. Collect enough energy to open the portal to the next future era. Don't cause paradox situations and play together!

      Download: Link

      Team Name: Aesir Codes
      Project Name: Spring! Into the Future

      - imbakeks
      - Antler


      3rd Party Assets
      - Ultra Dynamic Sky (UE Marketplace,
      - Colorama (UE Marketplace,
      - Bangers Font (Google Fonts,
      - Music - Epic Song (BoxCat Games,
      - Music - Map Theme (BoxCat Games,
      - SFX - DatabeckerSFX (a very old CD with sfx)

      Controls (Keyboard, Xbox One Controller)
      - Walk: WASD, Left Stick
      - Jump: Space Bar, A
      - Use: E, X
      - Menu: Escape, Special Right
      - Restart: Backspace, Special Left
      Aesir Interactive



        Download Link:

        Team Name: Jamming Games
        Team Members: Ed Dearien, Bill Hood, Kevin Kim, Tucker Paxton, Mai Yang
        Name of your submission: JammingGames_Bombbastic

        Local Multiplayer 1 vs. 1 game!

        Spring into action! Fight for the future as the Eco-Terrorists take on the Scientists in the most epic battle for reality the world has ever seen! This game is a 1 VS 1 game, where each player must lob a time-bomb to blow up the other player's reality to substitute their own! Will the Eco-Terrorists claim victory? Or will the Scientists reign supreme? Play to find out!

        All assets created by us for this game jam unless otherwise stated in the credits.
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          Team Name: DigiBotts
          Team Member(s): Max Bottomley
          Submission: digibotts_clickspring


          This is a local multiplayer game that supports 2-4 players. There are 8 control options- 4 on the keyboard and 4 controllers, any combination of these can be used. Be sure to set each player's controls on the play screen.

          In Clickspring you can only move by jumping- hit jump (up or gamepad A) as you contact the ground and you'll jump higher. The aim of the game is to jump over your opponents and use your downwards slam (down or X on gamepad) to smash them!

          EDIT Updated with some minor fixes.
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            Team name: TrustAndLove
            List of team members: Ninjin, Owninator
            Name of your submission: FutureSurf
            Sourced Materials: Everything except Sound is made by us
            Sound by

            How to play: Move with wasd or Left Thumbstick, Jump with Space or Face Bottom Button (A on XBOX Controller), mouse to move your cursor :3
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              Spring 2066

              Team: Boysenberry
              Members: Jack
              Submission Name: Boysenberry_Spring2066
              Download Link:

              This is a VR only game, and requires a Vive to play.

              In the Spring of 2066, robots finally stole every last job. Except one. You are the last employed human and robots are coming to steal your job. If they can sort more packages than you, you're fired. How long can you hold the last remaining job on earth?

              To play the game, sort the colored packages into the correctly colored receptacle. Don't let the robots steal the packages. Shoot them on sight.




                Game Name: Grasshopper
                Team Name: Neon Newt
                Team Members: Thomas Landry

                Hold down "space" to adjust jump power. Press "p" to pause.

                Goal: Jump over the rocks to get to the end.
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                  Team: Woeavatar
                  Members: woeavatar
                  Game: Platforming into the future

                  A platform game about evolution and tradition, if the dungeon is passed too quickly the difficulty increases, if the enemies are killed they are then considered endangered species, your decendency is the one that suffers

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                    Download Links: Fixed 64 bit | Original 64 bit
                    *The fixed version is the most up to date version. We submitted this version after the jam ended to lower the volume on sound effects. (Save the speakers!)
                    Team name: Brogrammers
                    List of team members: Matthew Bounds (Programmer / Designer), Brandon Wilson (Programmer / Designer)
                    Name of your submission: Brogrammers_IJustWannaGoHome
                    Content: We included the UE4 started content and the marketplace content listed below (all other assets were original content):
                    - Infinity Blade: Ice Lands
                    - Infinity Blade: Grass Lands
                    - VFX Impacts
                    - Realistic Rendering
                    - KYmagicFX05
                    - FT Magic Circle Pack 01
                    - Shooter Game
                    - Scifi Hallway
                    - Game Music Mega Pack

                    Description: You have awoken to a mysterious portal in your living room, which has made you stuck far in the past and future! Using similar portals, you can travel far into the cold past and bright and sunny future. With this power, and several tools you uncover throughout both time zones, you just might be able to make it back home in time for a nap!

                    Controls: WASD or right thumb-stick to move
                    Mouse or left thumb-stick to look around
                    Scroll, D-Pad Left/Right or 1-4 keys to select your ability (if unlocked)
                    Spacebar or Bottom Face Button to jump
                    LMB or right trigger to use your selected ability
                    Escape or Start button to pause the game and restart the level or quit the game

                    How to play: Get to each purple portal to go to the next level. Use each blue and orange portal to travel between winter and spring, which alters the level and allows you to progress. In addition, you must use all of your abilities to alter your surroundings to beat each level! Each ability is listed below:
                    - Earth: use to spawn platforms in certain locations.
                    - Fire: use to destroy weaker terrain, such as ice and plant life.
                    - Water: shoot certain areas such as mini blizzards or seeds to spawn bridges.
                    - Air: Use to push / levitate boulders.
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                      Team name: Enter studio
                      Team member: Marius Irgens
                      Name of submission: Spring into the future!

                      Sourced materials:
                      Cat model -
                      Jet engine -
                      FX Alpha Textures from Epic markedplace
                      Stylized Low Poly Environment from Epic Markedplace
                      Pro Sound Collection from markedplace
                      Intro music by myself

                      When I was a kid, my absolute favourite game was Track and Field on the Commodore 64. Not a lot of fun to play on your own, but a hell of a game in 2 player mode. I learned to open and repair my joysticks because of that game.
                      This game is a homage to that game.

                      This game is 2 player mode only, with 2 gamepads. Preferably xbox controllers.
                      Instructions in game.
                      This is the first game I ever made!

                      Download link:
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                        Download link Dropbox

                        Team Name: Succubi in Hats
                        Team Members: Handkor
                        Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_Rumble

                        Using a springy floor, send out pulse waves to trigger the chimes on the goal posts and play the right melody.

                        Left-Click to pick up and move the pulse generators
                        Left-Click on the Sequencer bar to create the pulse pattern.


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                          Stormbrew Studios - The Lost Cave

                          Title: The Lost Cave
                          Team Name: Stormbrew Studios
                          Team Members: Maduke, JBrestel, Sagrdon

                          Objective: Grapple your way through a dangerous cave to find a mysterious spring that can take you to the year 3000!

                          Description: An average day of spelunking suddenly turned for the worst when you stepped on a loose rock. You’re stranded, and your only possible escape is through a strange glowing spring. After passing through, you realize that everything around you has changed, you’ve stumbled upon the fabled “Spring of the Future!” Equipped with only a grappling hook and determination, you must slingshot yourself through dark and dangerous caves.

                          Game Download Here

                          All sound assets were acquired from
                          All meshes and other assets were created by the team during the duration of the jam

                          note: year 3000 is the final level and it loops when you beat it.
                          Also not all of the screen resolution buttons work
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                            Spring It On

                            Team Name: TinkurIt

                            Tommy Smith

                            Submission: TinkurIt_SpringItOn

                            There are two white boards in the level that represent the two zombies that i was going to add to the level, for no reason other than to have some zombies. I didn't have time to add the zombies :/, but the boards are still there.

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                              Spring Into The Future

                              Team Name: V for Victory
                              Team Member: Victor Burgos
                              Assets used: Extended from Twin Stick Project and I also modified water material from StarterContent, everything else is 100% original sexiness.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Banner.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	452.5 KB
ID:	1104760

                              Download here:

                              Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

                              Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :



                                Team Name: Broad Strokes

                                Game: Grabbity!
                                Enjoy your cheerful journey through a floating platform world as the happy robot rabbit called Grabbit, who is trying to find the path back to his mother egg.

                                In this game you control a rabbit hopping from platform to platform in an over the shoulder view. Aim carefully and charge your jump, then release the button to take a leap of faith! Can you make it to the exit teleporter in one go?

                                Controls explained in-game.

                                NOTE: Press Escape, or Select on Gamepad, to quit to title - however, you'll lose all your progress. So only press if you really want to quit!

                                Team members:
                                Jan Kaluza
                                Remi Crespo
                                Bartosz Kaminski
                                Adrian 'Ad' Martuneac
                                Yoeri 'Luos' Vleer

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                                Broad Strokes | Jan Kaluza | Marketplace Release: 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System
                                Currently not available for freelance work
                                Dev Blog & Tutorials | Twitter