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    Link to a download of your game:
    Windows 32 bit:
    Windows 64 bit:

    Team name: Shankem
    List of team members: Shankem
    Name of your submission: Family Sim


    The purpose of the game is to mate with as many people as you can through the generations. You take on a child of the next generation and try to live for as many generations as possible. Walk up to other people to mate with them, just spend a few seconds near them without leaving their side. Avoid people with infections (white light is good, anything else is bad) and people of the same gender, also don't take too long to mate or you'll slow down and die as well.


    Normal WASD controls, you can also press 'K' to quit.


      Title:The Art Of Spring
      Team Name:Crazy Monkey
      Team member names:Velocityx and pato

      This is a thirdperson multiplayer arena game.All weapons are spring based.
      W/A/S/D movement
      Space Jump
      Left Mouse button weapon hit
      Right Mouse button activates class ability
      M gives class selection
      Class abilities:
      Spear:Replaces on activation replaces the spear and gains it velocity
      Hammer(only works in air):charges a point and damages enemies
      Hammer(Main attack):If you hit the ground you will be springed into the air

      Download Link:
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        Freeze-Frame World
        Team: Cartboard
        Members: cartboard_box
        Game: Cartboard_FreezeFrameWorld

        It's too late to fix anything, but as I've learned in the last half an hour, apparently, physics in UE4 is inconsistent across different machines, in which case some levels could become unbeatable. Hope it's not true.
        Music: "Earth Prelude" by Kevin Macleod (
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          Download: here

          Team name: Victory is Mine
          Team members: Adrian Moore

          Submission: 496MB

          Find the hot spring on each level, jump in to travel through time. Try to Hot Spring into the Future.

          Controls: Standard Third Person

          Short YouTube Previews:

          Sourced Assets
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            Through Time by Imagine Studio.

            Have you ever felt yourself like a planet conqueror, who just wanted to become a hairdresser and make people feel good? Well, this game is not about that. You’ve crashed into unknown planet and your ship is severely damaged. Scout the place to find all the missing parts of your ship, be aware of the creatures, which don’t appreciate that you invaded into their territory.

            Team name: Imagine Studio
            List of Team Members: Kirill Shkarbanenko, Alexey Lipatov, Vlad Nuranov, Elena Riznichenko, Mikhail Bevz.
            Name of submission: Trough Time.

            WASD to move, space to jump.
            LMB to lift objects, LMB + RMB to rotate object.
            While holding F, LMB to order drone to protect the ship and RMB to order drone to repair the ship.
            G to use personal field generators on ship's parts.

            Third party assets.
            None, all the assets are custom made (except for a few materials), including meshes, sound design, soundtrack and our rage, which almost consumed our souls, when we were doing this project.

            Download link:!HBJkGaiA!NPpvVfUaT...Y0AlcfeaVilUdc

            Note: It’s our (as developers) obligation to warn you, that there are a lot of bugs (we didn’t manage to finish everything on time, which is our and only our failure). Although we’re very proud of music, that we created for this game, so you could listen to it and relax for example . At the current state, it's impossible to beat the game :c We decided to post the game here just because it's kinda rude to say that you're participating in something and then quit. We are planning to finish the game next weekends. We would be really grateful, if you shared your opinion about our game with us and told us about possible improvements via e-mail (



              Here is my entry, V.R. 2000

              Download Link

              Team Name: Keyle
              Project Name: V.R. 2000
              Team Member: Nicolas Noben
              Submission: Keyle - VR 2000

              V.R. 2000 is a Retro Satire Action Game, mocking the early days of Virtual Reality.

              The year is 1993. The technology is there. Your body just isn't ready. Collect all the coins and free yourself from Vomitland.
              NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL VR GAME. It hacks the 2 Players split-screens to fake "VR". And it worked out well!

              Third Party assets:
              Royalty Free Music by TeknoAXE (
              Alien Encouters Font By ShyWdge, 1999 (
              (See Credits in game)

              Recorded on Twitch
              Day 1 -
              Day 2 -
              Day 3 -

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                Team name: Alderbit
                Team members: Matt Downey
                Submission name: Alderbit_ChronoHoops

                In Chrono Hoops you travel into the future to position your basketball hoop where it will catch the balls you launch later (or is it earlier?). When a ball rolls over a tile marked with a letter, press that key to knock it into the air. Continue making baskets to keep your ball count high. If you run out the game is over!

                Move hoop: Left/Right arrow
                Hoop turbo speed: Hold Shift
                Activate Letter tiles: Keyboard keys

                Sourced Assets
                Sound effects are from youtube audio library (free license)
                Various textures are from starter content

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                  Title: The Snow Must Go!

                  >>Download <<:

                  Team Name: Timer Games

                  Team Members:
                  Timskijwalker (Tim van Kan)
                  Mirrol (Merel van der Wal)

                  We have each been working for 38 hours and it was a hell of a ride. got to improve on a lot of skills and I am really really proud of our results.

                  The game: The game takes place in a distant future. The place where you live doesn't get any sun because the sun got stuck.
                  Time to travel to the sun and make sure your area can go from winter to spring again.

                  Walk around with: WASD
                  Sprint with: shift
                  Jump/DoubleJump: Spacebar
                  Shout with: E (Later in the game)

                  We hope you have a fun time in our game.

                  More images:

                  A quick video: (Only showing the intro)
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                    Race to the Future by Shadow Ninja Games


                    Race to the Future by Shadow Ninja Games
                    Team member(s): ShadowNinja23

                    Drive through time and save the future!

                    Sourced Assets come from the Open World Demo, Infinity Blade: Grass Lands, and an edited car I got from
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                      Download Link: HERE
                      Team: Crackpot Gumption
                      Team Members: jwainwright
                      Game Name: CrackpotGumption_Generations


                      Help Unreal Man navigate through the annals of time and into the future. Find the temporal springs, and step on them to be thrust forward in time!


                      WASD and space bar. Some mouse interaction in the later generations.


                      If you are stuck on a puzzle, some plumber brothers may have seen it before...


                      Thank you for trying out my game! I had more plans for it (at least another generation plus some narrative pieces) but time, they say, gets the better of us all.

                      It is a complete game, however, and I hope you enjoy all seven levels!


                      I decided to make almost everything this time around. There is some default/starter content in the later levels, and the background music is all sourced from Kevin Macleod at (full attribution can be found in the attribution file in the ZIP). Everything else was made by me (including all 2d assets).

                      Late update!
                      Due to finding out that the game is quite difficult/frustrating, I did a full play through you guys are welcome to watch instead. 10 minutes, 7 deaths

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                        Game Name: LEAP
                        Team Name: Bananabread

                        Members: Kodi Mynatt, Rodrigo Marques Ferreira, DavidA3D, Sy, Jens Roth

                        LEAP Industries is testing people with a special gift, do you have what it takes?

                        T for timewarp, leftclick to pick up items


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                          LINK : DOWNLOAD

                          TITLE: Trials of Parcae

                          TEAM NAME : Inclement Games

                          TEAM MEMBERS : Northern01

                          The Game : You play as Parcae, a mighty warrior with the ability to see several seconds into the future. Parcae is thrust into a deadly gauntlet and needs to find his way out using his strength and special abilities.

                          Quick Note : Only found out about Game Jam on the 16th of April so this is our first submission and we started a bit late so didn't have time for much testing. Apologies if you run into bugs. Also the game is ridiculously hard, and the obvious path is not always the path, (remember, you can jump).
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                            Was told the Dropbox link wasn't working, so here are two alternatives.
                            Direct download
                            Windows, 32bit
                            Windows, 64bit
                            *These two had to be compiled After the deadline, since I didn't keep a copy of the original once I had uploaded it - they contain the corrected typo / missing instruction in the intro but are otherwise identical*

                            At DropBox (win64)

                            Team Name : Cloth Cap Games
                            Team Members : just me, Looniper

                            Name of Submission : CCG_BouncingBack

                            B : Begin Play (skip introduction)
                            Left/Right : Lean the spring
                            Down : Compress the spring
                            Up : Launches the spring if it is compressed
                            Mouse-wheel : Zooms the camera

                            (F11 or Right Trigger to toggle full-screen)
                            Most normal inputs work.
                            ASDW, Arrow keys, Numpad keys, and Gamepad

                            Bounce your way back from the stone age.
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                              2Games Studios submission: Time Rider!

                              Drive your warpdrive vehicle through paths in time, avoid falling off the track and dodge the oppressive anti time travel signs! The passing of time still applies here, and as such the path behind you is collapsing! How long can you survive?


                              Here's a timelapse of some of the development.

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                                Download Links: 64-bit, 32-bit
                                Team name: Shotgun Clown
                                List of team members: Hannah Gamiel, Blake Bjerke, Karl Johnson, Jason Calvert, Joe Perez
                                Name of your submission: ShotgunClown_SpringForward
                                Sourced Materials: Everything was original or from Epic startup packs except for:
                                - Unreal Learning Tab - 'Realistic Rendering'
                                - Unreal Marketplace - 'xoio Berlin Flat'

                                Description: It’s that time of the year again: Daylight savings time! In fact, daylight savings time every year is such a significant day to you, that it’s all you can ever remember. Get a family, watch them grow up, and continue to see your stylish home get more and more stylish over the years -- all while setting your clocks forward by a mere hour. Be careful, though… it would be shameful to be in such a hurry to set those clocks forward that you run into things and break them. It is very important to you that you do not feel shamed in front of your family!

                                You have until midnight to find all of the clocks in your home and make sure they’re set -- before it’s too late. Click on a clock to set it forward in time. Once you have all of the clocks set, you advance to the next round and spring forward to the next daylight savings time that you remember in your life. Avoid running into furniture or your family. Clocks can be on the wall, furniture, or floor in your house.

                                Controls: Use WASD to move forward, left, right, and back. Use LMB to click on clocks and objects. EDIT: Forgot to mention that Left CTRL crouches, and space bar can be used for jumping.
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