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March #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Old Download link:
    New Download link (an updated version with some bug fixes):
    Team Name: Stefan Raab Entertainment
    List of Team members: iUltimateLP, Ninjin
    Name of submission: StefanRaabEntertainment_LimitedButFree

    W,A,S,D - Movement
    Spacebar - Shoot
    Shift - Faster Speed
    Ctrl - Slower Speed

    Hope you like the submission
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      Game: Angry Duck Diver
      Team: Michael Noland

      Full Disclosure: I actually created this game as part of train jam this weekend, but it was built during the same time period and fits both themes, so I figured why not submit it here too

      It's a bullet-heavy vertical scrolling shmup/STG which contains neither ducks nor diving. Instead you have to constantly balance your avarice and cowardice, building up bonuses and choosing the ideal moment to bank your points before you are destroyed.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot1.png
Views:	1
Size:	647.4 KB
ID:	1102370

      • Move with WASD, ZQSD, or Arrow keys
      • Fire with Space or LMB
      • Bank with Shift or RMB
      • Escape to Quit

      How to play:
      • Enemies are made of delicious coins, so you should shoot them
      • They are very protective of those coins, so avoid touching them or getting shot by them
      • Eating coins increases your bonus gauge but makes you fat
      • Banking protects points at the cost of draining your bonus gauge
      • Aim to beat your own high score and improve your average bonus rating
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        Floor is Lava, Sky is Limit

        Is an endless 2d platform game. You move up the platforms endlessly while new random platforms are generated automatically. The floor is lava and is moving up, so you better move quickly. It gets harder the higher you get.

        Download link:

        Edit: and here's the Github repo if anyone cares:

        Edit2: new binary fixing bugs found by the streamers VictorBurgos and JvtheWanderer: Sorry!

        Team name: Blueprint Warriors

        List of team members: vib (Blueprints), Yaggdryzzill (Gameplay and Level Design)

        Name of your submission: BluePrintWarriors_FloorLavaSkyLimit

        Credits - 1 Sound from All other assets from UE4 Templates

        This was our first Game Jam ever. We did a lot of dumb newbie mistakes. Our game is disgusting compared to others here. I'm not even sure if our submission even qualifies. But it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot from participating, it was well worth our time! Thanks a lot for the opportunity
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          Team name: t3am
          List of team members: blexlol, yj, emipvg
          Name of your submission: Get To The Ground

          Get the island to the ground by loading it up with falling objects. Don't let it float to the sky, or it's game over!

          Sourced assets: Music from Audio Network, low poly trees + mountain created by us (prior to this)

          A and D to move left and right.
          Mouse left and right to roll and balance.

          Link to download:

          EDIT: Link to the packaged game, Image added
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            Fourth Wall Breaking

            Click image for larger version

Name:	5e5fc756f5.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	663.9 KB
ID:	1102513

            Team Name: Unreal Slackers #1
            Team Members: VictorBurgos and Crierr

            Info: Displays on start of game

            Controls: Just use mouse to win, maybe a little bit of brain power also.

            Attached Files
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              Link for game:
              Team name: Coruja Games
              Rene Berwanger

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                Submission Name: DwarfMasters_RocketFun

                Game Tile: Rocket Fun
                Team Name: Dwarf Masters
                Team Members:
                1) krillin6
                That's it!

                Download Link: Download Me

                Basic controls and whatnot are in the game. Just run and have some rocket fun!

                List of things that aren't originally mine:


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                  Submission Name: TunnelBarracuda_Infinidrop

                  Team Name: Tunnel Barracuda
                  Team Members:Marcus Nichols, Parampal Singh, Alyson Sjardijn, Daniel Schofield, Julian Surma

                  Game: InfiniDrop
                  Description: Penguins can't fly and are limited to only looking at the sky. Unfortunately they grew tired of the infinite night and started burrowing underground!

                  Click on switches to toggle traps and help get Dr. Pain deeper underground and away from the limits of the sky!

                  Controls: Click on the buttons to toggle traps
                  Click the left and right arrows on screen to rotate the camera.

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                    Sorry on the Late submission.

                    I got caught up in bug fixing and didn't realise the time. 0.o

                    Biplanes vs Aliens

                    Team: Binary Eclipse
                    - IdleChris
                    - Dave8128


                    The Idea for the game was Bullet Hell/Star Fox type game, and I think some of that comes across even if it's a bit buggy. But that's my fault for trying to add more mechanics super last minute.

                    I recommend using a controller for the game but it does work with mouse and keyboard, I just couldn't bug test it to the same degree.


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                      Sorry I am a bit late this time...

                      Here's my awesome game:

                      The Sky is the Limit: Fish Edition

                      Team name: Tёsha Software
                      Team members: Robert Khalikov
                      Name of submission: TeshaSoftware_TheSkyIsTheLimitFishEdition

                      All instructions are inside the game itself.

                      Download link:

                      High Scores:

                      VictorB: 306
                      JvTheWanderer: 216
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                        Submission Name: Skyfall

                        Game Tile: Skyfall
                        Team Name: NoDreamsOnlyMemes
                        Team Members:
                        1) Darkmoo

                        Download Link: Download Link

                        W/A/S/D to move around when you are ragdoll'd
                        I was out of time so I just uploaded what I had done (no real way to restart or win in its current state... also, theres no menu so you'll probablly have to alt + f4 to quit

                        I ended up scrapping my other idea earlier today so this is pretty much a 1 day game ;.;

                        List of things that aren't originally mine:
                        -Score Font:
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                          Windows 64 bits:

                          Team name:
                          - Imperfect Ideal

                          List of team members:
                          - Brian
                          - Enrique

                          Name of your submission:
                          - ImperfectIdeal_LighInTheSky
                          Description: "Light in the sky" is a third person game where you control a boy who's trapped in the desert of his mind. In order to escape the mirages of comformity, he must use the stairs around him wisely to reach the light in the sky.

                          Controls: wasd/arrow keys/space bar to jump
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                            TeamName: ji3oXx
                            GameName: noLIMIT
                            TeamMember: ji3oXx

                            ji3oXx - think outside the i3oXx


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                              Game Name: The Path of Dolour
                              Team Name: Soporific Team
                              Team Members: DevilArx, Praston Dunn
                              Submission name:: SoporificTeam_ThePathToDolour
                              Download project:

                              In this game you have to collect the cubes to collect some cubes you have to work on gravity. For each raised cube you can unlock the art.

                              P.S. We had problems with the compilation of the game and so we attach the project itself. We hope that you will discover it and appreciate our efforts.

                              W/A/S/D - Moving
                              F - Gravitation
                              Esc - Pause Menu
                              E - Use


                              If you're interested, then this screenshot you can see the error:
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                                I like the look n feel of the environment you created @ DevilArx

                                looks interesting, good job!

                                don't know what is going wrong with your packaging but 7 errors & 544 warnings isn't good. always try to build & save often while you're making something in UE4.
                                sometimes you can catch what's causing the problem quickly & isolate then fix before it becomes a huge problem. & try to allow for a test packaging of your game when time allows. anyway good luck on your work