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    The Robots Attack to Sky Paradise Game

    The Robots Attack to Sky Paradise Game

    Video Unreal Engine 4.11 The Robots Attack to Sky Paradise Game

    Download link:

    3D Virtualand Team (1 person)

    3D Virtualand Team_The Robots Attack to Sky Paradise Game

    This is a very simple game about The Robots Attack to Sky Paradise Game. It is plenty of trees, bushes, rocks and more.


    M: Menu

    Have Fun.
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    Team Name:
    Baby Busters

    List of Team Members:
    Joseph Azzam

    Game Name:

    About the game:
    The game is a series of puzzle that you need to complete in order.

    Download link:

    Walkthrough, please only use it in case you get completely stuck:

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    Okay I'm done now!

    Get Skyfall!


    List of team members:


    About the Game:
    You are Lucifer, banished from heaven. Oh your way down you lost all your belongings!
    Your tattered wings won't carry you far, so grab a cannon and your yourself up, but kep the wind direction and strength in mind.
    Also don't go too high. The Sky is the Limit!

    I forgot to add that you aim the cannon with the mouse...

    Also here are the twitch VODs if someone wants to skip through it: (Building game logic using Placeholders) ('Finishing up logic' and start of asset creation) (Continuation of Day 2) (Creating more assets and 'polishing')

    All assets are made by me, except for the font.
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    Flight of the Cherry Bomb


    Team Name: Exit Strategy Balloon
    Team Members: Chris Whittaker, Rachel Roxburgh, Lauren Clegg
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    Team: Bohrium
    Game: Archon Deathmatch
    Members: Bohrium

    First time in ages that I've actually had free time for the whole jam duration. Decided to go for a multiplayer first person shooter deathmatch in the skies.
    It is multiplayer only (although you can goof around alone), so bring friends!
    But yeah, I created basically everything myself during the jam.

    * 2 Maps!
    * 3 Weapons! (Including eyeball lasers!)
    * Sound! (And even some music!)
    * Scoreboard!
    * Saved settings!
    * Classy use of depth of field.
    * A hint book (well, it's a bit of text when you press a button)

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    Download (32bit):
    Download (64bit):

    Team name: Shankem
    Team members: Shankem (just me)
    Project name: Sky Tower

    How to Play:
    WASD to move, 'R' to restart a level, 'K' to quit.
    Mouse to look around.

    Try to get to the top of the tower.
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    Benergy - Fly

    Game name: Fly
    Team name: Benergy
    Member: Benergy
    Name of submission: Benergy_Fly

    Original download link (372MB):
    Minimized download link (w/o unneeded starter content but exactly same game) (85MB):

    Category: Puzzle game
    Controls: Mouse only

    Unfortunately I hadn't enough time to add sounds and music. But I think it doesn't harm the game very much.

    Known bug: I've seen in Victor Burgos' stream that sometimes you can push a part over the bottom edge. This is not intended, so make sure every part is eventually completely on the board, otherwise it won't count as a solution.

    Have fun!
    Last edited by Benergy; 03-14-2016, 08:32 AM. Reason: Added known bug

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    Download Link

    Team name: Das Treibende Werk
    Members: VovinHD
    Submission name: InfiniJump

    InfiniJump is an infinite jumper - climb as high as you can, the sky is the limit!

    Third party assets:

    Character Model made with
    MakeHuman - CC0

    Footsteps & Landing
    Ownederd - CC0

    And some StarterContent

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    Cliffhanger by Team Kotany

    Link to a download:
    Team name: Kotany
    List of team members: Druha, Bolotniy_lis, eldaron33
    Name of submission: Kotany_Cliffhanger

    Climb the cliff like you never climbed before. Manage your stamina wisely. Reach the limit of the Sky and discover what's beyond.

    P.S. The ending is not it was supposed to be, so don't mind if it is kinda strange =)

    Last edited by Druha; 03-14-2016, 08:55 AM. Reason: Screenshots and description

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    Team : Soju Submission

    Test your Limit!
    Compare with your friends
    Game Name : Space is the limit
    Team Name : Soju
    Members : 4 people
    Game Link :
    Description : Is sky the limit ?
    The earth came to the end and the last survivors are escaping from the earth.
    You must take our last survivors to Mars safely by avoiding obstacles on your journey.
    Our space shuttle , 'Soju', is the last hope.

    Good Luck!

    Menual : ----Menual----
    Game will automatically be restarted if you are game over.
    W : throttle
    S : slow down
    A : left
    D : right
    R : Restart
    Down cursor : Face up
    Up cursor : Face down
    Space : Super Break
    ESC : Quit the game

    3rd Party : PlanetFormer from Marketplace
    one free BGM from

    Except planets and one BGM, all original (space shuttle, asteroids, goat, tanks... include textures)
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    All Aboard The Motivation Rocket

    Team Name: UpARiver

    Team Members - UpARiver

    Controls - A - Left and D- Right

    Name of Submission: All Aboard The Motivation Rocket

    All Aboard The Motivation Rocket is a endless runner game where you must make it to the end of the Game Jam Deadline. Embark on the UE4 Rocket where clean compilations of your blueprints will give you motivation which is what makes your rocket move! You must avoid the demotivational bugs!

    Note: The letters in hiragana stands for "gambatte" - You can do it!!!

    Many thanks to [MENTION=1240]cd[/MENTION]awgVA ( for providing his voice actor skills!
    Last edited by UpARiver; 03-13-2016, 06:53 PM.

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    Team Name: Just One Games
    List of Team Members: Patrick Murphey (SnuBear)
    Game Name: Fumbling Upwards
    Download Link: FumblingUpwards

    Description: Work with 3 other players to fumble your way to victory! 1 - 4 players, each wielding a controller, must cooperatively pilot the same spaceship as they struggle to move, shoot, dodge, and destroy enemies in an effort to move higher and higher into the magical arcade atmosphere.

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    Team Name: Joke Yeti
    Team Members: Michael Foti (Horusalis), John Yeager (Hyruth)
    Name: Ever Growing Wonder
    Description: Use A and/or D keys to make the tree grow within the time limit

    Last edited by Horusalis; 03-13-2016, 06:30 PM.

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    Team Name: The Monkey Room
    List of team members (3): Matt McDonald, Chris James, Laura Hepburn
    Name of submission: TheMonkeyRoom_Motivational
    Download link

    Description: Play as Hunter Chadman, motivational speaker and all-around awesome dude! Travel the world and help the people! (Assuming those people have paid the $100 (plus tax) for a ticket.)

    Why not try and beat our scores? Matt and Chris scored a pitiful 20,310 and 18,240 respectively, each only managing to complete 4 of the 5 stages. Laura, however, scored 43,180 and completed all 5 stages. Her score is the one to beat, so get playing!
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    Team name: Rainbows
    List of team members: Aaron Leaton, Niky Leaton
    Name of your submission: Balloonie

    Play as a balloon attempting to escape the planet Earth. Use WASD (or arrow keys) to avoid the hazards, grab air bubbles for points and make it all the way to the top!
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