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    Link: SkyUnlimitedInc_download
    TeamName: Echo
    Members: Leonid Gorbachev, Ivan Rogovoy, Vitaly Tulnikov, Viktor Shepkin, Andrey Velichko
    Name of submission: Echo_SkyUnlimitedInc
    Description: SkyUnlimited Inc. is the perfect place for reaching finincial and proffesional heights. Make unlimited amount of money for yourself and let others do the same if they deserve it.


    Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time for the in-game tutorial, so here are some short written instructions:
    Every employee asks to increase their pay.
    Before making a decision, it's important to consider the following:
    1. Your every answer influences the employees' morale one way or another.
    2. Positive response lowers the employee's efficiency but raises the morale. Negative response only lowers the morale.
    3. Low morale makes the employee quit the company, which in turn lowers the morale of every remaining employee.
    4. Poor efficiency leads to money loss.
    5. The message might contain contradictions or confirmation of the skills and characteristics of the employee which you can find on his card.
    6. A fair decision isn't always beneficial
    Good luck and have fun.
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    Game Name: Make-Believe

    Download Link:-

    Team Name: Wattar
    Team Members: Moe Wattar
    Submission Name: Wattar_MakeBelieve

    -This is my second jam it was pretty hard since it's a physics-based game but it was fun at the end i guess lol

    -Level Design by me. Used's tiles for that.
    -Character is UnrealStickFigure2D from the example.
    -Audio: Soundtrack "Purity - CC0 Pack from HalcyonicFalconX" , SoundEffects "From UniversalSoundFX bought from marketplace".

    -Everything else was made by me.

    -Hope you have fun playing it

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    Wizards Only, Fool

    Link : Download Link Here
    Team : Crackpot Gumption
    Members : jwainwright
    Submission : CrackpotGumption_WizardsOnlyFool

    Info : In a land where magic is sequestered away by wizards and kings, a young sorceress is born once every millennium.

    You are that sorceress.

    Seek training and experience to master magic and reach your unlimited potential.
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    Tame Name: BabyDaddy
    Members: OkayMoz
    Game Name: Kanye's Touch the Sky.
    *Caution Some Explicit Language*

    Get the best score you can in with 3 lives and touch the sky you will know when you have.

    Launch = Spacebar
    Left = A
    Right = D
    *You cant move till after launch*

    If you can't touch the sky Kanye does not love you.
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    Scorched: Shattered Dreams March Gam Jam Submission

    Team Name: Scorched
    List of members: James, Nick
    Game Name: Shattered Dreams

    About the game: The sky is the limit. You're full of potential. You better make the most of your new job as a garbage truck driver, or as the say in the business, garbage truck technician...I guess. You are racing against time to pick up as much trash as possible. Each level has more dumpsters to empty. See how many you can get. Besides picking up trash you can find some hidden jumps. Clear the gaps to get show how BA you are!

    Watch a playthrough here:

    Download it here:
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    Description: A simple one-button local coop game to finally answer the age-old question of who would win in a battle between dino and dragon!

    Team name: Drachentruppe
    Submission name: Drachentruppe_DragonWars
    Team size: 4

    Download (83MB):

    Edit: I recently noticed a game-breaking bug on some machines. An updated version can be downloaded here, but I guess it's a bit too late to count for the jam. D:
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    You can download the game HERE

    And HERE is an bug reduced version

    Team name: JK5000
    List of team members: JK5000
    Name of your submission: JK5000_A building race to the sky

    This is a simple board game for two players. The game is about building skyscrapers. Rules are included in the game.

    The game is controlled with the mouse.
    You can zoom when you push LMB.
    You can turn the camra when you push RMB.

    There are used a few public domain sounds.
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    Download :
    64bits -
    32bits -

    Team name:
    - CellularAmnesia

    List of team members:
    - Raikoh

    Name of your submission:
    - CellularAmnesia_GodVSCube

    This is a 2 players multiplayer game where God(Player1) tries to destroy the cube(player2) by creating and changing the map.

    -Player1: WASD + LeftMouse to select actors + RightMouse to remove UI popups.

    -Player2: WASD + Space(Jump) + LeftMouse(Fire)

    Steam should work, if not there is the option to use "open ip" inside the main menu.
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    Here is my entry, UpHigh.

    Download Link

    Team Name: Keyle
    Project Name: UpHigh
    Team Member: Nicolas Noben
    Submission: Keyle_UpHigh

    When the sky's the limit, you've got to shoot for the stars!
    Graphics/Gameplay/Dev/Sounds 100% original, created by me for this Jam.

    Third Party Assets:
    Font: Candy Shop By imagex
    Music: Sousa - With Pleasure (Public Domain)

    Full Making of:
    Day 1 -
    Day 2 -
    Day 3 -


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    Sphere Swervers

    Team Name: Ribkat Games
    Team Members: Jordan Bolton, Matt Bingham, Lewis Charles
    Submission Name: RibkatGames_SphereSwervers

    Description: Goal is to dodge the incoming spheres, seems easy enough right?

    Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move, Space Bar to restart.

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    Balloons, Bombs, A Boy, and An Alien


    Team: Ayretek
    Wolf Dragoon


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    Team name: Alderbit
    Members: Alderbit
    Submission name: Alderbit_SkyLimit

    Your mission is to transport valuable resources to the cargo ship Titania which is stationed in low orbit. The shipment is contained within an anti-gravity field. You have been provided a drone fitted with a repulsion beam to keep the resources within the field's boundary.

    --- Controls ---
    MouseXY: Rotate drone
    Left Mouse Button: Fire repulsion beam
    Right Mouse Button: Fire tractor beam

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    Download link

    For most people "sky's the limit", but not for everyone. Play this mini puzzle game to get another perspective on some people's everyday problems.

    Team name: Katilio
    List of team members: Katilio
    Name of the submission: Katilio_Limits

    Keyboard tested, gamepad should also work.

    Graphics settings/pause menu: escape/p, start button
    Jump: spacebar/A button
    Interact: E/X button

    Used stairs and "couch" from starter content. Open and locked door sounds are from, I made the rest with Bfxr.

    PS: Make sure to "play twice" until you see the ending screen!!
    PS2: omg my first jam!! Good luck everyone!
    PS3: I hope I've done everything right. :P
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    Game: Stop the Stupid Circles From Going Up
    Team: Drektopia
    Member: Drekmonger

    Outside assets used: Puzzle Audio Bundle from the Marketplace. All of the sound and music in the game came from this.

    This is my sixth game jam entry.

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    Sky Climb

    Sky Climb

    Download Link:
    Google Drive (64-bit | 132 MB zipped | ~350 MB unzipped)
    Google Drive (32-bit | 113 MB zipped | ~312 MB unzipped) for if there's any problem with the 64-bit build (I haven't tested this one too much though!)

    Team name: Master Kenth
    List of team members: Master Kenth (Kenth Ljung)
    Name of your submission: MasterKenth_SkyClimb

    In Sky Climb your goal is to reach the sky! To achieve that you traverse the environment, grab and place objects to act as platforms and rocket-jump your way to the goal. There are 3 levels in total, each with varying challenges.

    It supports both keyboard/mouse and gamepad (however menu navigation doesn't work with the gamepad). The controls are outlined both in the included readme within the download as well as in-game through the pause menu (ESC).

    The full game takes about 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on how much you experiment and play around. Of course, with optimal strategies, you can complete all levels in about 3-4 minutes .


    The levels are designed to allow for a variety of solutions to reach the sky. I'm well aware that you can simply grab and jump with an object infinitely to reach the sky (similarly to Half-Life 2) and that's a flaw on the mechanics design. I wanted to solve that with challenges but ran out of time. There is a ton of features that I wanted to have (challenges, ladder-mechanic, etc.) but ultimately you can only do so much in a game jam . At least it was an extremely fun project and I hope you all had fun as well! This was also my first UE4 game jam .

    All asset were made by myself during the jam except for two icon images, two fonts, the sky sphere (from the engine content) and all music and sound effects. Not sure if this breaks any rules but they aren't "core" to the game and can be dismissed if they need to be. The exact authors of each asset are outlined in a readme inside the download, as well as within the "about" section of the start menu.
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