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    Floor is Lava, Sky is Limit

    Is an endless 2d platform game. You move up the platforms endlessly while new random platforms are generated automatically. The floor is lava and is moving up, so you better move quickly. It gets harder the higher you get.

    Download link:

    Edit: and here's the Github repo if anyone cares:

    Edit2: new binary fixing bugs found by the streamers VictorBurgos and JvtheWanderer: Sorry!

    Team name: Blueprint Warriors

    List of team members: vib (Blueprints), Yaggdryzzill (Gameplay and Level Design)

    Name of your submission: BluePrintWarriors_FloorLavaSkyLimit

    Credits - 1 Sound from All other assets from UE4 Templates

    This was our first Game Jam ever. We did a lot of dumb newbie mistakes. Our game is disgusting compared to others here. I'm not even sure if our submission even qualifies. But it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot from participating, it was well worth our time! Thanks a lot for the opportunity
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    Game: Angry Duck Diver
    Team: Michael Noland

    Full Disclosure: I actually created this game as part of train jam this weekend, but it was built during the same time period and fits both themes, so I figured why not submit it here too

    It's a bullet-heavy vertical scrolling shmup/STG which contains neither ducks nor diving. Instead you have to constantly balance your avarice and cowardice, building up bonuses and choosing the ideal moment to bank your points before you are destroyed.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot1.png
Views:	1
Size:	647.4 KB
ID:	1102370

    • Move with WASD, ZQSD, or Arrow keys
    • Fire with Space or LMB
    • Bank with Shift or RMB
    • Escape to Quit

    How to play:
    • Enemies are made of delicious coins, so you should shoot them
    • They are very protective of those coins, so avoid touching them or getting shot by them
    • Eating coins increases your bonus gauge but makes you fat
    • Banking protects points at the cost of draining your bonus gauge
    • Aim to beat your own high score and improve your average bonus rating
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    Old Download link:
    New Download link (an updated version with some bug fixes):
    Team Name: Stefan Raab Entertainment
    List of Team members: iUltimateLP, Ninjin
    Name of submission: StefanRaabEntertainment_LimitedButFree

    W,A,S,D - Movement
    Spacebar - Shoot
    Shift - Faster Speed
    Ctrl - Slower Speed

    Hope you like the submission
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    Download Link: Link
    Team Name: Equinsu Ocha
    Team Members:

    Submission Name:

    What is it?
    Ultra Hyper Sky Defender Alpha Plus is an on rails shooter in the style of Starfox or Space Harrier. Your jetpack has been lost, and you are spiraling towards the ground. Avoid debris and enemies to catch up to your jetpack and take the fight back to the ship that knocked you out of the sky in the first place.
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    Team Black Sail

    Ascension Download (200mb)

    Jack "Captain" Blackshroud

    Description: A 2.5D Platformer. Experience several distinct environments* , make use of interesting abilities* , Most of all - CLIMB THINGS

    *So, things may have not gone quite to plan. Git explosions etc <insert pity party here> - enjoy! (/endure)

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    Download link:!b90yQLKD!zZnaDkHtF...RUvEWhxKuRqw0w
    Team name: Imagine studio
    List of team members:
    Kirill Shkarbanenko, Vlad Nuranov, Alexey Lipatov, Mikhail Bevz.

    Name of your submission: Live

    Info: A small platformer, which tells (or tries to, since we didn't manage to finish everything we wanted, but we'll develop the idea a bit later :3) the story about a guy, who is climbing up to the sky, striving for his life.

    Controls: Aim at platforms and hold mouse 1 to fly to it + standard WASD :3
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    Name: Escape From Prison Planet



    This update makes the game a bit more challenging for those of you who thought the original was too easy

    Team name: Digibotts
    Team Members: Max Bottomley
    Name of submission: DigiBotts_escapeFromPrisonPlanet

    It's a small world, and you're stuck on it! Fly your spaceship and destroy the shield generators keeping you in. Follow the arrow if you're lost and most importantly, do a barrel roll.

    I've never attempted spherical worlds before so this jam had no end of technical issues. Didn't have time to add music this time so get something energetic on in the background, this one's pretty hectic
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    Goodbye Icarus - Lavafloor Gaming

    Game: Goodbye Icarus

    DL: Zip , 7z

    Team: Lavafloor Gaming
    Members: Evan Myers (UrLastSight), Kay Mathews
    Submission: LavafloorGaming_GoodbyeIcarus


    You've lived on a Icarus, a floating island heald up by the power of mysterious crystals, since you were a kid.
    The thing is, Icarus' power has been fading and has finally sunk into the sea below. Set off on a journey to find
    a new floating island that can support life for time to come.


    Use your left mouse button to shoot down falling rocks and pirate ships!

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    The Sky is Their Limit

    Team : OverOcean

    Members : islipaway & verisimilicode

    Music : Sirius Beat - Escape

    Game : Hold off Humanity's propagation throughout the Solar System for as long as possible!

    Controls :
    • A and D - Rotate your Celestial Body.
    • Left Shift (tap while moving) - Boost your speed for a short interval.
    • Left Mouse Button - Launch Comets.

    • The game ends when the Solar System is fully colonized. Stop as many ships as possible before that happens!
    • Both Boost and Comet Launch intervals are controlled by a cooldown indicated by the colour of your Celestial Body.
    • Have fun!

    All assets and code created during the jam, some sound effects and font sourced from the internet.
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    Team - Boilerplate
    David Anderson - Coding and small models
    Kurt Weaver - Airship model and scene
    Brian Watson - Concept art
    Nicolas Bolduc - Music

    Project Download:
    Conflict in the Clouds
    Last edited by DavidA3D; 03-14-2016, 01:39 AM. Reason: Added Video

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    Well, I keep getting mysterious build failures so I guess I won't be able to submit my project. Sweet. :/

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    Download link Dropbox

    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
    Team Members: Handkor
    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_PigsCantFly

    You are a pig, you lost your balloon, You must climb higher and higher into the sky to get your balloon back.

    Gamepad Left Joystick/WASD: Move
    Gamepad A/Spacebar: Jump
    Gamepad X/Left Shift: Run


    Last edited by Handkor; 03-14-2016, 12:12 AM. Reason: Zip was no good had to reupload a new one

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    Hi guys! Here's our submission! We used a default UE Mannequin and a few third party sound effects.
    Team Name: Bad Day Games
    Team Members: FreemanNGT, OptimisticMonkey
    Submission Name: Rockety Sky Man

    Download Link


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    Higher - Chaotic Neutral

    Create the mightiest tower you can within the time limit, but make sure it is stable enough to withstand destruction from your opponents in this competitive multiplayer physics game!

    Go head to head against up to three friends and build up the tallest and most stable tower you can! but make sure your tower can also take some hits, because after building, you and your opponents get the opportunity to destroy each other's creations. Points are awarded based on who has the tallest tower both after building and after destruction. The best towers are both tall and stable!

    --Download Link--

    WASD - Movement
    F - Toggle Flight
    Left Click - Place Block / Shoot

    Chaotic Neutral
    Andrew Seward
    Justin Slay
    John Sinderman
    Samantha Eastwood
    Erik Neel

    Submission Name

    3rd Party Assets used
    Epic Games - Starter Content
    Kevin Macleod - Decisions
    Doug Maxwell - Renaissance Castle
    FreeSound User 'LittleRobotSoundFactory' - Jingle_Win_00
    FreeSound User 'HerbertBoland' - PianoMoodSad3

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    Download Link:

    Team Name: Man Dude Studios
    Team Members: Ed Dearien, Tyler George, Kevin Kim, Soraya Abtahi, Ben Parise
    Name of your submission: ManDudeStudios_BorisCanFly

    Boris CAN Fly! is a procedurally generated 3D platforming game where you play as an elephant named Boris who dreams of flying. Jump on clouds, collect coins, and avoid wingsuit mice as you platform your way to the skies!
    Last edited by Clysmic; 03-14-2016, 01:48 AM.

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