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[Twitch] WWDC recap, Zen Garden & Metal API for iOS 8 - June 5, 2014

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    [Twitch] WWDC recap, Zen Garden & Metal API for iOS 8 - June 5, 2014

    Hey everyone, tell us what you want to know about this week's WWDC news here!

    We'll walk through the Zen Garden demo Epic created for the new Metal API.

    UE4 Twitch Stream – WWDC recap, Zen Garden & Metal API for iOS 8
    Let's talk about everything happening this week, from the big 4.2 release to Epic's keynote appearance at WWDC. We'll go into detail on Zen Garden, the pretty high-end demo using Metal API for iOS 8. There will be discussions, demos, community spotlights and Q&A right here!

    Thursday, June 5, 2pm ET [countdown clock]

    Josh Adams, Platform Team Lead
    Ryan Brucks, Senior Environment Artist
    Ray Davis, General Manager

    - Welcome, Intros & News
    - Community Spotlight
    - WWDC Recap
    - Zen Garden Art & Content
    - Metal API Discussion
    - Live Q&A


    Your questions are welcome below. Thanks!
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    Will current devices climb in Performance Tiers (lighting) as a result of Metal integration in UE4?

    When can we expect access to Metal for iOS?
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      Is integrating to Metal level of iOS going to be handled by the engine automatically, where we would possibly only have to change options in build configuration, config files, etc., or will we need to change up the way we approach development for the Metal enabled devices?

      Can we leverage the new technology in projects built using only blueprints?

      Any way we can get some specifics on real time stats of Zen Garden ( draw calls, frame rate, etc. ) to know what sort of gains we might be looking at? Lots of compromises made in mobile due to performance constraints. I want to know what I can have back by leveraging Metal



        not a iOS or mobile related question but is a landscape indiependent spline actor planned ? just like the one in ue3


          Originally posted by Xces View Post
          not a iOS or mobile related question but is a landscape indiependent spline actor planned ? just like the one in ue3
          Just spotted this on JamesG's twitter, so the answer is yes.
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            Will the Zen Garden demo be released on the marketplace at some point?


              Congrats on the Zen Demo. Watched the keynote live and was delighted to see something from Epic!


              Do you think APIs like Metal and Mantle will replace higher level graphics libraries like OpenGL and DirectX over time?

              What does Metal mean for the users of engine besides the significant performance increase? Will anything change or is the integration "hidden" in the engine?

              Is there any feature that suddenly became viable on mobile that wasn't before or is it "just" a nice performance boost (still hoping for dynamic shadows sometimes )?

              Thanks! Looking forward to the stream!
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                What are the technical advances and limitations on the new iOS Metal implementation?

                i.e. What are we gaining here besides better graphics? What are all of the features that are essentially unlocked here and what will still be a limitation for iOS games?
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                  - Can we enable AdMob on iOS or it will only work on Android?
                  - What about Nvidia K1 support when it will be finished and if it's using PC shaders?
                  - Any performance optimizations are planned on iOS/Android?
                  - Will you create more AAA sample game and update it like Tappy Chicken? I think that there is a lot of developers who chose UE3 on mobile because of good performance and UE4 shouldn't be worse.
                  - When Mobile Temple will work with good performance on iOS/Android? I remember that only the first build had good performance.

                  So basically when you think we will be able to ship AAA game using UE4 on Mobile with stable fps?
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                    Can you make documentation/tutorial on how to package online multiplayer server and client? Currently the documentation is nonexistent. It would be useful if you want to test your game with people who don't have the editor.


                      so Apple only today? -meh no thank u! see u next week


                        Question for the Stream: Will there there be support for Twitch Streaming and YouTube

                        Games are moving to "everyone is a content creator" I was wondering if the UE team will take a step into that direction by adding support for the Twitch Streaming SDK and the YouTube Upload and Live Streaming SDK, to enable the gamers to be more than gamers to be content creators?


                          Now I know this is a bit open ended question, but I think it would be useful to know how well it stacks up against other platforms...

                          With your insight into Apple 'v' <other platforms> what sort of power are we saying that a iPhone/iPad has in regards to a common house-hold desktop PC?. (What spec PC would you say it is!)


                            [QUESTION FOR STREAM]
                            Can you publish to multiple platforms with the same project and tag certain things for each target or do you need separate projects? For example the set of maps may be different on a pc build then on the mobile build, the player model may be different on each but the blueprints controlling the gameplay rules would be the same, but the user controls different ect.

                            Is there a good way to share common game items between builds to different targets such as pc and iOS?
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                              What is the main theme of 4.3 update?
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